Upgrade Your Summer Grilling With These 12 Must-Have Barbecue Accessories

Written by Jacob Farmer | June 26, 2021

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Summer is here, which means it’s the perfect time to dust off (or maybe scrape) that grill of yours and get back to mastering the barbecue. Don’t worry if it’s been a while since you fired up the charcoal — there’s still plenty of time to brush up on your technique before the Fourth of July cookouts roll around. Just remember that old or inferior tools can limit even a seasoned pitmaster from achieving legend-status. With that in mind, we’ve selected 12 awesome items with an eye on improving both your barbecue kit and your culinary skills!

Weber BBQ Mitt

1. Weber BBQ Mitt

Price: $10.49 at Home Depot

If you’re dealing with high heat and open flames, you need protection, and we’re not talking about a dish towel or your crusty baking mitt. This BBQ Mitt from Weber is made from 100% cotton, has a heat-resistant liner, and is long enough to cover you beyond the wrist. It also comes with a foldable cuff to adjust the length, so it’s perfect if you’ve got multiple people working the grill throughout the day.

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Hudson Durable Goods Professional Grade Chef Apron

2. Hudson Durable Goods Professional Grade Chef Apron

Price: $29.95 at Walmart

Barbecuing is messy work. That’s why having a go-to apron is essential for handling meat, sauce, grease, or any food item you plan on grilling. A well-crafted apron not only makes you look the part of a serious pitmaster, but it also acts as a critical layer of protection between the grill and your clothes. This apron made by Hudson Durable Goods has everything you need to work your station, including a towel loop and a number of pockets to fit your tools, phone, and other utensils. Look good, cook good.

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Cuisinart Deluxe Grilling Tool Set with Aluminum Storage Case

3. Cuisinart Deluxe Grilling Tool Set with Aluminum Storage Case

Price: $48.98 at Home Depot

If you’ve been getting by with the same random spatula, worn-out brush, and mismatched skewers for years, it’s time to invest in a whole new set. Cuisinart makes a 20-piece grilling set with tools crafted from long-lasting stainless steel. All the essentials are here, plus eight corn holders and a digital temperature fork with an LED light that will allow you to check your food well into the night. After you’ve wowed your guests with your new set, pack it all up in the handy aluminum storage case.

Great Scrape Woody Paddle

4. Great Scrape Woody Paddle

Price: $29.99 at Home Depot

Old metal wire brushes don’t just look haggard, they might actually be a safety hazard. As metal brushes wear down, the wires can break off and stick to your grill. Worse, they can end up in your food. First things first, throw out your old wire brush right now. Next, consider an alternative like the Woody Paddle from Great Scrape. This eco-friendly wooden paddle not only eliminates the concern for loose metal, but it also customizes the grates of your grill.

ThermoPro Rectangle Grill Thermometer

5. ThermoPro Rectangle Grill Thermometer

Price: $29.98 at Lowe’s

Anyone who’s spent time on the grill knows that the difference between a juicy cut of meat and something that resembles a hockey puck is sometimes seconds. That’s why a true grill boss needs a fast and reliable thermometer at their disposal. This no-frills ThermoPro electric meat thermometer delivers an accurate temperature in just two to three seconds and is waterproof, making it safe to use and easy to clean.

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Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

6. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Price: $49.90 at Walmart

Lodge has been making premier cast iron cookware for over 100 years, and this pre-seasoned reversible griddle is no exception. Why do we like it so much? Because of its versatility. Say you want to simulate a barbecue experience for your friends and family on Independence Day but you don’t actually own a grill. Simply put this griddle on your stove and start cooking tender, grill-marked chicken or veggie skewers. Or, if you do own a grill, place the smooth side on the grates for burgers or asparagus that retain all of the juices and flavor. Cast iron is renowned for its even heating, and this griddle can be used to do it all: sear, sauté, grill, bake, or broil.

Grillaholics Heavy-Duty Non-Stick Grill Mats

7. Grillaholics Heavy-Duty Non-Stick Grill Mats

Price: $21.95 at Walmart

We know how demoralizing it is to cook a perfect salmon filet only to see half of it fall into the flames and the other half stick to the grill. That’s why you always need to have a few grill mats in your collection, like this heavy-duty, non-stick mat from Grillaholics. They not only help protect your food from sticking or flare-ups, but they make cleaning a breeze. Just rinse it off and place it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Weber Stainless Steel Grill Basket

8. Weber Stainless Steel Grill Basket

Price: $24.99 at Home Depot

A grill basket is a must for grilling vegetables, fruits, and even breads. It’s also great for cooking smaller pieces of meat. This one from Weber is made from sturdy stainless steel and has wide handles for easy carrying. A little soap and water will do the cleaning, or you can toss it in the dishwasher.

Kingsford BBQ Apple Wood Chunks

9. Kingsford BBQ Apple Wood Chunks

Price: $17.97 at Home Depot

Wood chunks are a safe and healthy way to enhance the flavor of your food. If you’re looking to up your BBQ game, try using these apple wood chunks from Kingsford. The smoke created from the wood adds a distinctly sweet and fruity flavor to your meat or veggies. It’s a natural and calorie-free way to put a signature on your barbecued dishes.

Bad Byron’s Butt Rub Barbecue Seasoning

10. Bad Byron’s Butt Rub Barbecue Seasoning

Price: $18.99 at Walmart

Rubs are often considered the secret ingredients that turn good barbecue into great barbecue. If you consider yourself a seasoned pitmaster, chances are you’ve spent years tinkering with your ratio of spices. For the rest of us, having a good rub in your pantry is a no-brainer. There are many options out there, but Bad Byron’s Butt Rub delivers an authentically Texas-style flavor that pairs well with a smoked brisket (and any other type of meat, too).

Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ: Every Day is a Good Day (Hardcover)

11. Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ: Every Day is a Good Day (Hardcover)

Price: $29.99 $22.15 at Amazon

Learn from one of the best in this new cookbook by award-winning pitmaster Rodney Scott and co-writer Lolis Eric Elie. Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ has recipes for mouth-watering staples like spare ribs and smoked chicken wings, and he even walks you through making your own pit. Recognized as the first cookbook by a Black pitmaster, Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ is both a timely and long overdue celebration of a cuisine with rich African American history.

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Cuisinart Alfrescamoré Pizza Grilling Pack

12. Cuisinart Alfrescamoré Pizza Grilling Pack

Price: $39.73 at Walmart

We get it: not everyone loves the classic burger and dogs. So why not surprise your backyard guests with a grilled pizza option this summer? This pizza stone pack from Cuisinart gives you all the tools to make delicious, grill-fired pizza. It’s easy too. Just heat the stone on the grill and you’ll have a fresh grilled pie in minutes.

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