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Shop the Best Black Friday 2020 Deals at Best Buy

Written by Deanna Nguyen | November 24, 2020

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November kicks off the holiday season with the highly anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Although many retailers are still keeping quiet about their offerings, Best Buy has already released the details of their discounts — with an early start date of November 22, also known as their “Cyber Week." From home appliances like refrigerators and washing machines to electronic devices like smartphones and gaming headsets, the electronics retailer has plenty to give in savings — and then some. Plus, our team scoped out the biggest money-saving deals you’ll find at this year’s Best Buy Black Friday sale below!

Worried about how this year’s events will go? Best Buy ensures customers will receive their products safely, be it curbside or store pickup. So, get ready and save the dates — November 22, 26, and 28 — because you won’t come across these major price markdowns until next year’s event!

Laptops & Computers

Macbook Air | $999.999 - $1,299.99 $799.99 - $1,099.99
Savings: Up to $200 off
For the college student in need of a new laptop
Treat yourself to a new Macbook Air with the latest features and upgrades to make your workload a more pleasant (and efficient) experience. This deal is only available on Thanksgiving, which is November 26, with a price tag of $799.99 to $1,099.99. The discount applies to select models only, but rest assured, you’re getting up to $200 off! As a student on a tight budget, there’s no better way to shop wisely than by reeling in the savings.

HP 2-in-1 Laptop | $999.99 $799.99
Savings: $200 off
For the Windows user who doesn’t want to switch to Mac
Whether you’re a loyal Windows user or you plan on switching over from Mac, the HP 2-in-1 Laptop might be the new item you can’t live without. Starting on November 22, you can pick up the HP laptop for $799.99 instead of the original $999.99. Enjoy high-performance storage to store all your important data and stream all your favorite movies and shows in HD. Also, as a convertible laptop, you can flip and twist the screen to however you see fit.

Lenovo 2-in-1 Chromebook | $279 $179
Savings: $100 off
For the Chromebook fan who loves using apps
Forget about fancy laptops and desktops with super advanced features — all you need is a functional Lenovo 2-in-1 Chromebook for just $179. Packed with thousands of apps, built-in cloud support and virus protection, and additional ports, you get more bang for your buck. You also save $100, so it’s even more affordable than ever. If you’re a fan of Chromebooks or Google, then this versatile laptop is the way to go for your everyday tasks and casual forms of entertainment. And with the 360° flip-and-fold design, you can turn it into a tablet, stand, or tent for more convenience.

HP Tower | $799.99 $529.99
Savings: $270 off
For the HP user who needs powerful desktop performance
Starting on November 28, dive into Cyber Deals, one of which includes the HP Tower. If you’re looking for high-performance and a ton of storage space, this desktop is a great choice for streamers and content creators alike. The HP Tower is getting a price slash of $529.99 instead of the original $799.99. Looking to build your PC setup? Start with this desktop, which is also compatible for dual display. When laptops don’t meet your needs, sometimes the good ole desktops are there to improve your user experience.

Macbook Pro | $1,299.99 - $2,799.99 $1,049.99 - $2,549.99
Savings: Up to $250 off
For the Mac lover who wants a brand-new Macbook
Can’t get enough of Mac products? Pick up a Macbook Pro starting on November 28 as one of Best Buy’s Cyber Deals. Select models apply for the discount, which can reach up to $250 off. Macbooks aren’t the cheapest laptops on the market, but they’re a popular brand among younger and older generations. Whether it’s the touchbar or the retina display, the Macbook Pro’s features are suitable for writing, streaming, gaming, and creating content. If you find one that’s $1,299.99, you can potentially knock that price down to $1,049.99! The more you save, the more your bank account gets to last a little longer during the shopping season.


Hisense LED H6510G Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV | $499.99 $249.99
Savings: $250 off
For the Netflix binge-watcher
Are you constantly streaming Netflix and need a 4K HDR quality to fully enjoy your movie or show? If so, then it’s time to upgrade your TV monitor to the Hisense LED H6510G Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV, which has a price tag of $249.99 instead of the usual $499. That’s $250 off for a TV that has 2160p HD video quality, wireless Bluetooth audio, hands-free voice control, and built-in Google and Chromecast. Enhance your streaming experience without increasing your budget with this amazing deal!

TCL 75-inch LED 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV | $799.99 $499.99
Savings: $300 off
For the couch potato who likes to go big or go home
Need a big TV screen to immerse yourself in a Marvel movie or a Sunday football game? Take a look at the TCL 75-inch LED 4-Series 4K UHD Smart Android TV this holiday season, which has gone down in pricing from $799.99 to $499.99. Save a whopping $300 for a TV that’s 75 inches wide with 4K UHD HDR, a voice remote, a customizable home screen, built-in Chromecast, and more advanced features. Why settle for a standard-sized TV when you can go the extra mile for a bigger one? And the best part is, your savings are just as huge!

65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series 4K Smart Tizen TV | $1,799.99 $1,499.99
Savings: $300 off
For the action movie aficionado who needs crystal clear picture and motion quality
Whether you’re a fan of Samsung TVs or you want advanced features that improve your movie-viewing experience, the 65-inch Class QLED Q80T Series 4K Smart Tizen TV is one of many deals that Best Buy is offering during Cyber Week. Not only is the TV packed with controlled backlights, anti-glare, a quantum processor 4K, object tracking sound, and 1260p resolution, it also has motion rate 240, which provides clear motion quality. If you’re always watching action movies, absorb every movement and sound with Samsung’s smart TV.

32-inch Class LED Smart Fire TV | $169.99 $99.99
Savings: $70 off
For the Amazon Alexa user who has a bunch of other compatible smart home devices
If you already have an Echo device, pairing Alexa with the 32-inch Class LED Smart Fire TV will no longer require you to pick up a TV remote. With a price slash of $99.99 instead of $169.99, the Insignia HDTV Fire TV Edition comes with a slew of streaming apps, giving you access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes. As Alexa gets smarter, so does your TV — you can find certain genres while ordering pizza. Anything Alexa says, goes.

Insignia Class LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV Edition | $349.99 $149.99
Savings: $200 off
For the streamer with one too many streaming subscriptions
For those who prefer bigger TV screens to watch all their movies and shows on Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and so on, the Insignia Class LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV Edition checks off all the boxes and then some. For one day only, November 26, the TV is seeing a price drop from $349.99 to $149.99. Watch your favorite rom-coms or thrillers in 4K UHD and control apps, smart home devices, and more when integrating Alexa. Whether you prefer watching live TV or you have a laundry list of streaming subscriptions, the Fire TV is a deal worth checking out.

Smartphones & Cell Phones

Samsung Galaxy A21 | $249.99 $199.99
Savings: $50 off + an additional $50 with qualified activation
For the Instagram influencer who’s all about the picture quality and filters
Nowadays, buying a camera isn’t at the top of people’s wish list because they have one built in their smartphones. If you’re looking for a quality smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A21 is one that not only delivers smooth performance but also has a quad camera with 16MP lens. Paired with expandable storage of up to 512 GB, you can save all your photos on a separate microSD card and not have to worry about deleting them from your gallery. With a price drop from $249.99 to $199.99, the Samsung Galaxy A21 is one to keep your eye on during the sale.

iPhone SE | Starting at $199.99
Savings: Up to $200 off
For the iPhone fanatic who needs to add a new model to their ever-growing collection
You think you’ve seen it all with the iPhone models, but when it comes to the iPhone SE, you’re getting super high quality both in picture and video. During Cyber Week, the iPhone SE will have a starting price of $199.99, which may differ depending on your mobile carrier. The original price also varies but generally costs $399.99 without the deal, so that’s $200 worth of savings if you hop onto the iPhone bandwagon. With a 4.7-inch retina HD display, a 12.0MP wide camera that has portrait mode, portrait lighting, and other advanced features, and a 7.0MP front camera with similar features, the iPhone SE will turn your photos and videos into ones belonging to a professional.

Google Pixel 5 | $699.99 $499.99
Savings: $200 off with qualified activation
For the Google user who wants to utilize the 5G network
Staying connected is more important now than ever, and with 5G on the rise, everyone’s dying to grab their hands on a compatible smartphone. One of the devices that’s 5G-ready is the Google Pixel 5, and it’s getting a $200 discount with a qualified activation. Aside from fast downloads, 5G lets you open up hotspots for your friends or speed up your internet connection on your laptop when you’re on the go. Plus, the Titan M chip protects your personal data such as your passwords and transactions. Whether you’re a fan of Google or you want to take advantage of a 5G smartphone, the Google Pixel 5 stays on top of the latest smartphone trends.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G | $899.99 $149.99
Savings: Up to $750 off with qualified activation and trade-in
For the avid mobile gamer who needs constant fast recharging
The Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G has a ton of features, including an ultrasonic fingerprint ID, intelligent battery and fast charging, 128 GB of memory, a pro grade camera, 5G speed, and a 6.7" Infinity-O display with 2340 x 1080p resolution. If you’ve been eyeing Samsung’s popular smartphone for a while now, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s getting a price drop from $899.99 to $149.99. Offers vary by mobile carrier, but you’ll be stacked in savings with this deep discount. For mobile gamers who want high quality that you’d get from playing on console, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G meets your requirements — and maybe even goes above and beyond.

GreatCall Devices | 50% off
Savings: Up to $75 off
For seniors who prefer traditional cell phones with a built-in urgent response
Whoever said that everyone needs a smartphone? If you’re a senior who can’t quite grasp the advanced features of smartphones, then you’re in luck because GreatCall devices are half off during Best Buy’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Created by Jitterbug, GreatCall stays true to the flip phone model with helpful features like a reading magnifier, urgent response, GreatCall Link app, and Amazon Alexa integration. Most devices are seeing discounts between $25 to $75 off, making them the most affordable and technology-friendly phones for older adults.

Gaming Gear

Nintendo Switch Controllers | $24.99 $12.50
Savings: Save 50% off select controllers
For the dedicated gamer who prefers traditional controllers over Joy-Cons
Are you tired of experiencing Joy-Con Drift where your character walks in a different direction on their own? If you’ve been Team Pro Controller, then get ready for discounted Nintendo Switch controllers at Best Buy! The deal applies to a select few, but you can pick up a controller with a Mario, Legend of Zelda, or Pikachu design for a touch of personality to your Switch set. As Nintendo Switches have become increasingly popular this year for many reasons, purchasing a separate controller improves your experience playing games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No more aimless wandering characters!

Arcade1Up Golden Tee Arcade Cabinet with Riser | $399.99 $249.99
Savings: Up to $150 off
For the old school gamer who wants to open up their own arcade
Missing the days when you’d meet up with your friends at the arcade to hang out and beat the high score? Well, your nostalgia has been answered with the Arcade1Up Golden Tee Arcade Cabinet with Riser, which includes Golden Tee Classic, Golden Tee 2K, Golden Tee ‘99, and Golden Tee ‘98. Originally $399.99, this retro machine is getting a price markdown of $249.99. You save $150 and get to take home the arcade cabinet to either play, display, or open up shop one day. When you’re tired of new generation consoles, going back to video games’ origins is a breath of fresh air.

Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership | $44.99 $22.99
Savings: $22 off
For the long-time Xbox gamer
Looking for more games to play but don’t have the budget to buy them all? If you have an Xbox console, whether it’s the old 360 or Xbox One, you can take advantage of the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 Month Membership, which will have a $22 discount, knocking down the price to $22.99. With the membership, you gain access to 100 games that are free to play. Plus, you get to enjoy discounts on new video game releases. There’s something new for you to play every day, so you won’t ever get bored!

PS4 Persona 5 Royal | $54.99 $19.99
Savings: $35 off
For the Persona 5 devotee who’s a completionist
Any fans of Persona 5 will want to get their hands on the Persona 5 Royal on PS4 because it only costs $19.99 instead of the usual $54.99. Revisit the worlds, characters, and moments while also meeting and seeing new ones. With the discounted price, you’re basically getting a ton of extra content for a fan-favorite video game. Put on your mask and relive as one of the Phantom Thieves in a completely different way!

Asus Gaming Laptop | $799.99 $599.99
Savings: $200 off
For the gamer who prefers laptop gaming or can’t afford a PC build
Gaming doesn’t necessarily mean you need a PC or a console for an enjoyable experience. Whether you prefer laptops or can’t afford to build a PC, the Asus Gaming Laptop is the answer to your gamer needs. With a $599.99 price tag, which is $200 cheaper than the original, the laptop features an Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB of system memory with a max support of 32 GB, a 15.6" FHD 60Hz display, a single-zone backlit RGB keyboard, and intelligent cooling. It’s everything you could ever want or need from a gaming laptop — without the higher costs and build requirements of a PC.

Major Appliances

KitchenAid Pro 5 Plus Series Bowl-lift Stand Mixer | $499.99 $199.99
Savings: $300 off
For the baker who wants to appear on “The Great British Bake Off"
Every kitchen needs at least one KitchenAid mixer, especially for the holidays when you have to bake gingerbread cookies with the kids. Luckily, Best Buy is offering a one-day deal for the KitchenAid Pro 5 Plus Series Bowl-lift Stand Mixer, which is usually priced at $499.99, for only $199.99. The stainless steel bowl can handle nine dozen cookies in a single batch, and the mixer has 10 optimized speeds for different textures of any type of recipe. Whip up something delicious without whipping out a good chunk of your funds!

Dyson V10 Animal Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum | $549.99 $349.99
Savings: $200 off
For the stressed out parent who keeps the house spotless every day to de-stress
Lugging around a heavyset vacuum cleaner isn’t going to make cleaning your house any easier. That’s why the Dyson V10 Animal Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum is one of the leading brands to offer an effortless solution for vacuuming around your house. As a one-day only deal, the vacuum is $349.99 instead of $549.99, saving you a whopping $200! The cordless vacuum lets you reach nooks and crannies while transforming into a handheld cleaning device whenever you see fit.

Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve Coffeemaker | $199.99 $99.99
Savings: $100 off
For the caffeine addict with some barista skills
Every coffee addict needs a coffee machine in their home because a Starbucks run every morning isn’t always achievable. With the Keurig K-Cafe Single-Serve Coffeemaker, you get a machine that can brew a latte, cappuccino, and espresso in any way you like. Just pop the Keurig capsule in the designated slot, press the button, and watch your mug fill up with aromatic, steaming coffee. It’s the perfect wake up call during the chilly season when you don’t want to put on a jacket and head out to Starbucks in the freezing cold.

LG French InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator | $2,744.99 $1,999.99
Savings: $745 off
For the family that has way too many groceries
Tired of your family or housemates opening and closing the fridge constantly because they either don’t know what they want to grab or can’t decide? To keep the groceries fresh, the LG French InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator has a tinted glass panel that illuminates with a couple of knocks, revealing what’s inside. If that sounds neat, you’ll find the discount even neater — a price drop from $2,744.99 to $1,999.99. You save $745, which is quite the chunk of savings considering it’s a household appliance. You can control the fridge from anywhere at any time thanks to the LG SmartThinQ technology, plus a bunch of other advanced features.

Samsung Front Load Washer & Dryer | $719.99 each $599.99 each
Savings: $120 off
For the fashionista who wears more than one outfit a day
Do you find yourself visiting the laundry room more than once a week? You might be due for a larger washer and dryer, or a set that can handle bigger loads. Introducing the Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer — the former offers 4.5 cubic feet capacity while the latter provides 7.5. The washer and dryer were originally $719.99 each, but thanks to Best Buy’s special discounts, they’re priced at $599.99 each instead. The dryer even has a reversible door to match your home’s layout, ensuring that it’s the perfect fit. Open up your busy schedule with less laundry time!

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