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Celebrate National Puzzle Day With These Family-Friendly Puzzles

Written by Kaitlynn Vandenberg | January 27, 2021

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Whether they glow in the dark, have pictures of our favorite animals, capture our favorite movie scenes or transport us to a different country, puzzles can be three-dimensional, educational and fun to assemble. To celebrate National Puzzle Day on January 29th, we’ve put together a list of puzzles that you can buy at a great price, so start making room on your table!

The Cat’s Out of The Bag

You don’t have to be a cat person to enjoy the Bookish Cats 500-Piece Family Puzzle from Sam’s Club. These artistic cats are based off of characters from classic novels like Alice in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes with a feline-inspired title! We’d love to read the classics with cats as the main characters, how a-meow-t you?

Buy the Bookish Cats 500-Piece Family Puzzle for $9.48 at Sam’s Club.

It’s a Dog’s World

Putting together the Dogs with Jobs 500 Piece Puzzle from Sam’s Club might be more entertaining than watching your dog sit, stay and speak for a treat. When it comes to this puzzle, the pups are employed in every industry—business, medical, hospitality, music, sports, and more. Whatever humans can do, dogs can do it too!

Buy the Dogs with Jobs 500-Piece Puzzle for $13.99 at Walmart.


Calling all theatre lovers! You can now have all of your favorite Broadway posters in your home without them taking up a lot of wall space, thanks to the Playbill Presents the Broadway Musical Collection Jigsaw Puzzle from Kohl’s. Put all 1,000 pieces together of some of Playbill’s iconic posters like Hamilton and The Lion King, glue them once you’re finished, frame it and then hang it for your guests to see!

Buy the Playbill Presents The Broadway Musical Collection 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for $14.99 at Kohl’s.

Made in the USA

Teach your little ones the names of all 50 states with the Educational Insights USA Foam Puzzle from Kohl’s! They’ll learn why Oklahoma is called the panhandle state, see the great lakes that surround Michigan and discover what each state is famously known for like Maine’s lobsters, Georgia’s peaches and Idaho’s potatoes. It’s a history and geography lesson in the form of a fun family activity!

Buy the Educational Insights USA Foam Puzzle for $29.99 at Kohl’s.

10 Points to Gryffindor

Whether or not your family shares the same love for the Harry Potter franchise as you, the Wrebbit Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 3D 850-Piece Puzzle is not your standard, flat-on-the-table puzzle. It’s a challenge in the guise of a family bonding activity. Each person can work together to build this 3D model of the most monumental building from the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

Buy the Wrebbit Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall 3D 850-Piece Puzzle for $49.95 at Kohl’s.

This Is the Way

Putting together the puzzle pieces to complete Grogu’s oversized eyes and ears will be as cute as the little noises he makes. Fans of The Mandalorian will enjoy the Star Wars - The Mandalorian - The Child - 500 Piece Puzzle from Walmart while they wait for season three. Turn on the Star Wars sage, scatter the pieces on the table and, before you know it, you and your family will see Grogu staring cutely up at you.

Buy the Star Wars The Mandalorian: The Child 500-Piece Puzzle for $8.99 at Walmart.

Clowning Around

Do you miss going to the circus? Reminisce the scenery and goofiness of the Big Top with the MasterPieces - Town & Country - Jolly Time Circus - Large 300 Piece EZGrip Jigsaw Puzzle from Walmart. Underneath the tent, you’ll find the ringmaster warming up for the show, clowns welcoming the crowds and a marching band all putting on a show worthy of a standing applause.

Buy the MasterPieces Jolly Time Circus Large 300-Piece EZGrip Jigsaw Puzzle for $19.99 at Walmart.

Left on Read

Millennials and Gen Zers of the family might be able to piece the Emojipuzzle - What’s Your Mood 300-Piece Puzzle together in record-time. Similar to how texting is fast, putting together this puzzle should also be simple, fast and entertaining. Well, maybe not as fast as how many words you or your kids can text per minute!

Buy the Emojipuzzle What’s Your Mood 300-Piece Puzzle for $14.99 at Walmart.

It’s Hero Time

Get your spidey senses tingling as you piece together one of Marvel’s most famous superheroes — Spider-Man. The retro comic book cover is as nostalgic as it is exciting to see it come together by your own hands. The puzzle is also the perfect gift for longtime or young Spider-Man fans!

Buy the Marvel Spider-Man Cover 500-Piece Puzzle for $22.99 at Walmart.

Dive in

National Geographic’s engaging and creative 3D puzzle, Under the Sea, has more to offer the family than just quality time. Each set comes with a book that will help your little ones learn about the fishes that live in the sea and how to identify them! It includes 64 foam puzzle pieces and the book is 32 pages long so you’re getting double the fun for you and the kids.

Buy the Under The Sea Puzzle for $22.98 at Sam’s Club.

Disney Hits

Each puzzle from the 6-Pack of Licensed Puzzles for Kids from Walmart is inspired by some of today’s favorite Disney characters like Elsa from Frozen and Woody from Toy Story. You can throw a family-friendly competition to see who can put together their 24-piece puzzle first. With each character’s puzzle having different colors and scenes, it’s fair game for everyone in the family!

Buy the 6-Pack of Licensed Puzzles for Kids for $5 at Walmart.

Glow for It

The enjoyment of putting together the 4-Pack Glow in the Dark Multipack 100 Piece Puzzles doesn't have to end after they're completed. Turn the lights off and watch the vibrant neon colors of the dinosaur age, the galaxy, the garden or the sea, light up. Your kids will never sleep in the dark again!

Buy the 4-Pack Glow in the Dark Multipack 100-Piece Puzzles for $29 at Walmart.

It’s 5 o’Clock Somewhere

Catch the sunset at the beach with yachts floating by with the Buffalo Games - Americana - Summertime 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Create a fruity beverage for the family to share and enjoy the picture-perfect sunset scene once the puzzle is complete. If the adults drink enough, they might hear the waves crashing the shore.

Buy the Buffalo Games Americana Summertime 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for $34.99 at Walmart.

Satisfy Your Cravings

Pull out all of your favorite snacks because the Springbok’s 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Snack Treats will be impossible to finish — and not because of the difficulty level! Finishing any corner or portion of this puzzle will make your stomach rumble. We can only stare at the Krispy Kreme buns and Big Texas Cinnamon roll for so long before we get “hangry."

Buy the Springbok’s 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Snack Treats for $16.95 at Walmart.

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