11 Creative Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day Gifts

Written by Amy Boyington | February 4, 2021

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Valentine’s Day might be the holiday of love, but there are plenty of ways to show your love for someone besides spending a lot of money. There’s no shame in spending less on Valentine’s Day gifts—especially when it can equate to a more special and fun-filled day with your loved one. Before you put a dent on your credit card, consider following these tips to keep some money in your pocket.

1. Make Your Own Gifts

Going the DIY V-day gift route can obviously help you save money over buying a pre-made gift. Plus, the thought you put behind it has the power to impress your recipient! But how can you make something that outshines a gift you buy from the store? You tap into your loved one’s interests! Bake their favorite treats. Put together a box of “memories" filled with photos, movie ticket stubs, and other mementos to reminisce over. Make a jewelry holder out of clay. The effort you put into your DIY Valentine's Day gift will be worth its weight in gold.

2. Shop Online (and Use Coupon Codes!)

Shopping online for Valentine’s Day could help you save money when you have something in mind that you want to buy. It’s easy to compare prices from different stores when you can search and click between websites in seconds.

You can also use coupon codes to shop with and get instant savings. Check out our budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift guides under $100 to find the best deals and for more gift-giving inspiration:

3. Know Where to Get the Best Deals

There are plenty of stores that offer incredible deals for Valentine’s Day, but some are known for having one-of-a-kind sales that can boost your savings on gifts. For example, Macy’s usually drops jewelry sales beginning in January that can save you 20 percent or more on select pieces.

Some other popular options for significant savings on Valentine’s Day gifts include:

  • Up to 50% off Valentine's Day specials at Zales
  • 20% off at Michael’s for Valentine’s Day decor, crafting, and gifting
  • Sales on gorgeous Valentine's Day arrangements from Blooms Today
  • Low-price gifts, jewelry, decor, and more at Walmart
  • Belk’s savings on select Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her

Are you going the jewelry route this year? Be sure to learn some money-saving diamond-buying hacks to spend less on bling they'll love.

4. Shop Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts if you can help it. Many stores start their sales at the start of the year — sometimes as early as right after New Year’s Day. If your partner has a passion for interior design or fitness, furniture and workout equipment are some of the best things to buy in January due to the huge deals. Hop on the savings bandwagon by searching for gifts in early or mid-January to score early bird deals, both online and in-store.

5. Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home

You can serve up a five-course meal at home for much less than you’d spend at a restaurant, and you get the added bonus of some private time with your significant other. Browse Pinterest for yummy recipes, add the ingredients to your shopping list, and head to the store to grab what you need. You can also use Instacart to get everything delivered to your home for the big day! If you end up forgetting anything in the midst of your excitement, DoorDash can come to your rescue with freshly delivered food from your favorite neighborhood restaurants. Use a DoorDash coupon to get free delivery.

6. Gift Coupons

Make a set of personalized coupons that your recipient can “turn in" to use when they want to. This gift idea is perfect for a significant other, kids, or even a friend that you want to send some love to on Valentine’s Day. Personalization Mall lets you make your own set of 12 redeemable coupons, but you can also use Google Docs or Slides to create some at home for free.

7. Use Your Credit Card Rewards

Do you have a credit card with cash back rewards? If so, now is a great time to use up the rewards you’ve been saving. Use your card to buy your Valentine’s Day gifts to earn more cash back. Then, apply your rewards when you pay your balance to save cash.

Some reward credit cards offer points instead of cash that you can use toward gift cards or items. If yours operates this way, browse the rewards catalog. You might find something you can gift or a gift card to use toward your gift purchase.

8. Get Flowers Delivered on a Different Day

Getting flowers delivered to your loved one on Valentine’s Day is a wonderfully romantic gesture, but it’s usually more expensive than getting them delivered on another day. If you don’t think your recipient will mind getting flowers a day early, schedule for that day instead. Otherwise, don’t forget to search for a deal on before you shop; after all, buying flowers or ordering flower delivery is a purchase we recommend you skip in February.

9. Opt for Non-Rose Bouquets

If flowers are a must-have item on your gift list, try to think outside the box of roses to save some cash. While roses are the traditional go-to for Valentine’s Day, they’re certainly not the only beautiful flower you can send in a bouquet — and other flowers can drop the price significantly.

Here are some other options to consider:

  • Carnations
  • Sunflowers
  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Hyacinths
  • Orchids
  • Alstroemeria

Sometimes, you can even opt for roses in a color other than red or pink to lower the bill.

10. Save on Valentine’s Day Travel Plans

Traveling somewhere new or planning a special outing is a memorable way to spend Valentine’s Day, but it can also put the biggest hole in your pocket. Tap into savings by being strategic when you plan. Use Expedia to discover discounts on hotels, flights, travel packages, and more. You can also compare prices on CheapOair. Search for experiences on Groupon, which has ongoing deals for getaways, hotels, and travel services.

11. Gift a Subscription

Instead of a one-time gift, consider giving your loved one a subscription they can look forward to all year. Brands usually discount subscriptions when you buy more than one month or item at a time, so you'll get more for less — and they'll get reminders of your love and thoughtfulness throughout the year. Pay for Subscribe & Save on the HSN items they love the most or grab a Walmart+ membership for exclusive deals and perks, like free shipping and free grocery delivery.

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