4 Easy Eco-Friendly Habits To Integrate Into Your Home This Earth Day

Written by Jacqueline Quach | April 9, 2021

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In life, it really is about the little things. As the yearly birth anniversary of the modern environmental movement springs upon us on April 22nd, Earth Day reminds us to assess how we can change our daily habits to improve our ecological footprint individually and at scale.

This yearly event is even more important as the earth faces the risk of climate apartheid that will lead to extreme poverty and widespread displacement among the world’s most vulnerable areas, as reported by the UN News. It’s important that we each do our part to help nurse planet earth back to health by consciously incorporating eco-friendly habits into our daily lives; plus, you can lower your monthly costs by doing so.

Below are four simple climate-friendly practices that can be easily incorporated into your weekly routine on Earth Day—and every day after.

1) Use Non-Toxic Products at Home

There are many budget-friendly, non-toxic products that are made with sustainable packaging and natural ingredients that lessen the number of harmful chemicals being released back into our atmosphere, which can minimize air and water pollution. By switching to clean, eco-friendly products, you reduce your exposure to the harsh chemical residue, reducing your impact on the environment. Ultimately, more clean air for the planet equates to more clean air for all! It’s a win-win situation all around.

Seventh Generation Liquid Laundry

Opt for Nontoxic Laundry Detergent

Price: $7.99 at Kohl’s

Not only do harsh chemicals in laundry detergents have a negative impact on the environment, but they can also leave skin feeling irritated. Designed to erase tough stains, Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent is a greener alternative equipped with nontoxic liquid laundry detergent that effectively keeps your clothes (and the environment) clean and fresh. With ingredients that are plant-based, this product is free of dyes and fragrances. It’s an effortless way to go easy on the planet — and your skin.

Personalized Hair Care

Swipe Right for Eco-Friendly Hair Products

Price: $29.99 - $49.99 at Function of Beauty

This fun, personalized Function of Beauty's custom shampoo & conditioner set is cruelty-free, and sans sulfates and parabens. You can choose the right formula for you based on your hair needs, and you even have the option of picking a color for your set. Straight from a sustainability-focused brand, it’s proof that beauty can benefit the earth.

Raw Sugar Living Body Butter

Raw Sugar Skin Diet

Price: $12.99 at Walgreens

Luxurious and deliciously scented, the Coconut + Mango Body Butter by Raw Sugar Living will leave your skin feeling intensely hydrated. Its potent mix of aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin E makes for an effective formula. Raw Sugar Living uses vegan ingredients and leaves out the parabens and sulfates, so you can pamper yourself purposefully.

2) Switch to Energy Efficiency With Ease

Another way to celebrate Earth Day year-round is to choose energy-efficient options in your home. Not only do these small switches combat climate change by decreasing the residential GHG emissions tied to electricity use, but they’ll also bring long-term savings to your wallet. By picking the right products to run in your home, you can do your part with less effort.

Soleil Electric Digital Ceramic Heater

Say Hello to a Portable Heater

Price: $29.70 at Walmart

Instead of opting for central heating all the time, purchase a portable space heater, like the Soleil Electric Digital Ceramic Heater, to keep you warm. This ceramic heater from Soleil has two heat settings and can save you big bucks during cooler weather. At such a low price, you can buy more than one, and place them in rooms where you need heat most often: the living room and the bedroom.

Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Thermal Curtain Panel

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures With Blackout Curtain Panel

Price: $9.87 at Walmart

Update the curtains in your home to the Eclipse Samara Blackout Energy-Efficient Thermal Curtain Panel and lower your environmental impact. An easy way to save money on central air and heating year-round, thermal curtains block out the heat during the summer and keeps the warmth in during the winter. This budget-friendly curtain panel is perfect for keeping out any drafts that might sneak through window cracks!


Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Price: $24.99 at Best Buy

With the LIFX MINI DAY & DUSK LED Light Bulbs, you can start the habit of turning off any lights you’re not using. And when the lights are on, save more money on electricity in the long run. A quick switch that will reduce your energy use, this LED light bulb is perfect to update any electricity-draining lighting. This small investment reaps big rewards for both Mother Earth and your electricity bills!

3) Cultivate Your Green Thumb

Brush off your gardening skills and take up some eco-friendly projects to celebrate Earth Day. You don’t need a full garden in order to use your green thumb, and it’s easier than you think. Whether it’s planting herbs or purposefully discarding food scraps, you can easily help the planet and reduce your carbon footprint.

Grove Compact Countertop Compost Bin

Composting at Home

Price: $11.49 from Walmart

Composting is a great way to reduce landfill waste and greenhouse gases and fuels gardens and plants with rich nutrients. If you feel intimidated, you can start small with the Grove Compact Countertop Compost Bin, White. With a pearly white minimalistic design, this elegant countertop compost bin will meet all your composting needs by holding various food scraps, like eggshells and discarded produce parts.

Buzzy Windowsill Grow Kit

Grow Your Own Kitchen Herbs

Price: $12.99 at Walmart

Grow your own delightful herb garden in the comfort of your home, and mother nature (and your taste buds) will thank you for it. Indoor plants increase oxygen in the home, and the Buzzy Windowsill Grow Kit is no exception. You’ll have fresh herbs ready to harvest at any time; plus, you can go greener by saving an extra trip to the market.

4) Pick Reusables and Cut the Waste

Having reusables ready in your home can significantly lower the amount of trash your household produces yearly. This Earth Day, do yourself and our home planet a favor by using reusable packaging. They’re one-time investments, and allow you to avoid single-use plastics in your daily routine.

cleancult Refillable Liquid Soap Glass Bottle

Reusable Soap Bottle

Price: $9.99 at Kohl’s

Because we wash our hands regularly, having a reusable bottle for soap is sure to reduce our track record of single-use plastics. For your bathroom, snag the sleekly designed cleancult Refillable Liquid Soap Glass Bottle to hold your favorite green hand soap. Even better, you have options: this liquid soap glass bottle comes in different colors, and is a nice touch to any home.

cleancult Refillable Liquid Soap Glass Bottle

Say Goodbye to Ziploc Baggies

Price: $18.99 at Walmart

Replace all your plastic zipper storage bags with a smarter, greener, and more effective option. The 4-Pack Reusable Silicone Food Bag bundle holds all your snacks and sandwiches, perfect for a picnic or eco-friendly, grab-and-go lunch. These food bags are more durable than your typical zipper bag as they’re airtight, leak-proof, and heat- and cold-resistant, meaning your food will remain fresher for longer periods of time.

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