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20 Home Essentials to Shop for During This Year’s President’s Day Sales

Written by Jacqueline Quach | February 11, 2021

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It’s early in the year, and there’s still time to refresh your home for 2021. If you’ve had New Year’s resolutions to revamp or refresh your home, it’s the perfect time. With President’s Day Weekend around the corner, you can take advantage of some great deals on home interior essentials.

As many of us spend more time at home and work remotely, it’s a worthwhile investment to spruce up your home. Making your living space more delightful doesn’t have to be a pricey endeavor. In an era where the internet delivers easy home inspiration, maximizing space in homes has become an art form. If you have a small apartment or could use more space in your humble abode, we’ve got some design tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your space for less.

Multi-Purpose Pieces

1. Retro Industrial Coffee Table

Price: $69.99 at Walmart

This gorgeous Retro Industrial Coffee Table is versatile and looks good in any living room. You can use it to keep books within reach, and as an added plus: it doubles as a TV stand. It’ll add a class mid-century modern feel to make your home feel more sophisticated. And if you’re more of an entertainer, it works beautifully as a cocktail table.

2. Tibbits Bar Cart

Price: $32.99 at Wayfair

Need a place to store wine bottles or kitchen essentials? Look no further than the Tibbits Bar Cart. With a simple yet modern design, this bar cart is a charming addition to any living room or kitchen, holding extra items wherever you need. Use the bar trolley cart as an elegant solution for easy-access storage.

3. Cadenza Modern End Table

Price: $79.99 at Kohl’s

Feeling like a coffee table would cramp your living room? Look to end tables for a sweat-free solution, and elevate your home in the process. This Cadenza Modern End Table is a fantastic companion to any couch or armchair, and its design makes it ideal for both small apartments and large homes.

4. Square Folding Storage Ottoman

Price: $69.99 at Kohl’s

Ottomans are great multi-purpose investments that give the most bang for your buck. This Square Folding Storage Ottoman is a three-in-one: a seat, a table, and a storage unit. Use it in your living room to store throws, extra pillows, or board games. They make any home feel comfortable and cheerful.

Go Vertical

5. Gallery Wall Shelf

Price: $29.99 at Kohl’s

Floating shelves are a great way to put decorative touches in your home without adding extra bulk to your home. Use this Gallery Wall Shelf to maximize your space for different needs: place in the living room as a display for succulents and art pieces, or as a makeshift vanity in the bedroom for personal items, including a mirror and makeup.

6. HEJNE shelf

Price: $35 at IKEA

Multi-level shelves give you the option to place your items in one place with ease. This HEJNE shelf goes well in any bedroom, bathroom, living room, or garage. Its understated and sturdy wooden frame makes it wonderful for any purpose.

7. OMYSA Hanging Shelves

Price: $27.99 at Amazon

If you’re looking for a way to display plants and books with a decorative touch, look no further than hanging shelves. These Hanging Shelves come in a set of two and are super easy to install. Get creative with hanging shelves in spaces where you need a storage boost: you can even use it to hold extra toiletries in the bathroom.

Smart Storage

8. Belle Maison 4-Hook Wall Decor

Price: $49.99 at Kohl’s

Hang stylish hooks purposefully and they’ll do double duty, adding a touch of flair and giving you a place for purses, coats, and umbrellas. This 4-Hook Wall Decor is great for any entryway, and acts as a wooden accent to give your space some warmth.

9. SKUBB Storage Case

Price: $6.99 at IKEA

Storage cases provide an effective, inexpensive way to make use of spaces that typically go unused. They’re a sleek solution for storing seasonal clothes and extra bedding so that you truly maximize your space to the fullest. The SKUBB Storage Case easily fits underneath the bed or in the empty corners of your closet—it’s a purchase you’ll use over and over again.

10. Nesting Coffee End Tables

Price: $45.98 at Walmart

Great for smaller living rooms, nesting coffee tables store themselves and are the ultimate must-have item for those looking to maximize their space with ease. These Nesting Coffee End Tables can be one table or two depending on your needs. They’re adaptable, perfect for a night alone or one spent with friends

Neutrals and Whites

11. Microfiber Sheet Set

Price: $31.99 at Mattress Firm

To create the illusion of a larger room, go for neutrals and whites, as they reflect more light and make spaces look more open. The Microfiber Sheet Set is an amazing value, and you’ll have soft, luxurious sheets to brighten any bedroom for less. These will leave you feeling like you’ve gone to heaven.

12. Jessie Area Rug

Price: $89 at Walmart

Large, neutral rugs can anchor a living room and make it look expensive without breaking the bank. This beautiful 5'2" x 7'6" Jessie Area Rug adds a refined touch to any living room with ease, bringing luxury to you for less.

For Cozy Nooks

13. Rockport Cotton Throw

Price: $43.99 at Wayfair

Every space deserves a cozy nook of its own, and this Rockport Cotton Throw is the perfection addition. Leave this cozy cotton throw folded on the couch or favorite armchair for easy access. It’ll keep you company on nights you’re ready to snuggle up in the living room or bedroom.

14. Slipper Accent Chair

Price: $79.99 at Walmart

A classic piece that can turn any corner into a pocket of delight, this Slipper Accent Chair will greet you when you retreat to your nook. Slip this next to your bed along with some pillows and a blanket for a comfy reading spot. Its armless design forgoes the bulk of armchairs, making it an excellent option.

15. Placia Floating Desk

Price: $54.99 at Wayfair

Floating desks take up little room, and can turn any place into an oasis for your work or personal needs. Even better, this Placia Floating Desk folds over and is nearly invisible when not in use. It’s a stellar alternative to buying a desk if you’re furnishing a multi-purpose room.

Statement Pieces

16. High Brass Accent Table Lamps

Price: $49.99 at Walmart

Form and function work together beautifully with these High Brass Accent Table Lamps. They come in a set of two, and prove that you can have great design while maximizing your space on a budget. Place them on your nightstands for a regal touch and wake up feeling like royalty.

17. Nature Geometry V Wall Hanging

Price: $31.99 at Society6

Statement art pieces can make your home more vibrant, and you can even display smaller pieces to great effect. The Nature Geometry V Wall Hanging adds a touch of delight to any wall it adorns and is a terrific alternative to standard tapestries. Place it in your living room as a conversation starter or in any space feeling a bit sparse. It’ll make any room feel like home.

Illuminate your space

18. Sheer Voile Grommet Top Curtain Panel

Price: From $17.99 at Macy’s

Sheer white curtains can keep your space brightly lit from the outside and while giving you privacy. Use the Sheer Voile Grommet Top Curtain Panel to keep your space well-lit and looking spacious. And the deal gets even sweet: there’s a special deal this President’s day weekend: get an extra 20% off and snag it for $14.39 with the promo code HOME.

19. Round Oak Table Lamp

Price: $34 at Walmart

With the right lighting, you can bring an uplifting ambiance to your home. This Round Oak Table Lamp has a natural oak finish and minimalist design. Place it in any room and immediately feel its soothing effects. You’ll be ready for bed before you know it.

20. Wicker Mirror Table Decor

Price: $44.99 at Kohl’s

Use mirrors to make rooms brighter: they reflect light while adding a decorative touch. Not only do they contribute to a room’s brightness, but they also create the illusion of a bigger room. Hang Wicker Mirror Table Decor to bring a boho feel to your living room or bedroom; it’s guaranteed to uplift you.

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