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How to Plan a Successful Virtual Super Bowl Party

Written by Deanna Nguyen | February 2, 2021

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As the pandemic continues to overstay its welcome, in-person gatherings will have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, you can host virtual hangouts and parties with friends and family, especially for major sporting events like the NFL’s Super Bowl LV. While nothing beats cheering for your favorite team at the stadium or in the presence of fellow sports fans, at least the game is the same. If you’re not sure how to throw a virtual Super Bowl party, we went ahead and ironed out all the details so you can keep your head in the game — from the comfort and safety of your home, of course!

Send Out Invites

Before you bust out the foam fingers and packs of beer, the first step to planning a virtual Super Bowl party is figuring out how many people will “attend." You don’t have to worry about couch space in your living room, but you’ll want to know which of your friends or family members is joining in on the fun. Sending a text or giving them a ring is an easy invite, but here are other creative ways you can send invites:

  • Evite: Themed Evite invitations are popular for almost every occasion, including the Super Bowl! As a matter of fact, the company has an entire section called "The Big Game" where you can find football themed invitations. The best part? Most of these are free! If you want to up your game, you can select a premium invitation.

    Create your "The Big Game" Evite invitation for free or choose premium, which costs $5 for up to 15 invitations or $12 for up to 50 invitations.
  • DIY: Feeling crafty? DIY paper invitations are traditional but become keepsakes, so the time you spend making them is time well spent. You can design an invitation on your computer before printing it out or hand-write them with your own unique calligraphy. For the best quality printing, pick up a HP Envy Photo 7155 All-in-One Printer for $179.99 and add your invites to the print queue from your computer, phone, or a memory card.

    If you prefer making the invitations from scratch, you can shop for a handful of arts and crafts supplies from places like Paper Mart or Michaels.
  • Virtual Singing Telegrams: From Mariachi bands to singers dressed like Flapper Girls, virtual singing telegrams go the extra mile of inviting friends and family to your party. Ever since the pandemic started, people have booked these virtual performers to entertain guests at their virtual parties. You might think this method is a bit much, but given the current state of things, we're certain these telegrams will brighten your friends and family's day! Request a free quote from the list of available virtual singing telegrams from The Bash.
Savings Tip: If you choose to send DIY paper invitations, make sure to check your post office for the cost of shipping and tracking (as an option). Keep in mind the timeframe for when you send them out to when your friends and family will receive them. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Set Up Decor

Looking at the faces of your friends and family is great and all, but if you want everyone to ramp up their energy for the Super Bowl, you're going to have to put some effort in decorating your home. Although it's a virtual party, why not go big while you're already at home? Here are a few decor ideas to excite your fellow sports fans during the Big Game:

  • Zoom Backgrounds: Try out Zoom’s virtual backgrounds at no cost! If Zoom is your go-to for virtual hangouts and parties, then don’t forget to make full use of the virtual backgrounds. You don’t need a green screen, but the backgrounds will look nicer if you have one. The good news is, you can download any image and upload it as your Zoom background for free. From a football stadium to a sports bar, you decide where you want to “hang out" with your crew!
  • Football Themed Decor: t goes without saying that you’re going to set up a Super Bowl Sunday banner and other football themed decor for your virtual party. You can head over to Party City for a Super Bowl Banner for $3.99 or discover a wide range of Super Bowl decor on Etsy to support small businesses. February 7th isn’t just any regular Sunday night football hangout, it’s the game day — a perfect opportunity to go all-out with decorating your home!

Establish a Dress Code

Once you have your decorations up, it’s time to figure out what you and your guests will wear. It’s no fun if everyone’s in their casual outfits, or worse, their PJs! To get everyone in the game day spirit, establish a dress code beforehand. You can even match with those who are rooting for the same team as you. Both Walmart and Macy’s have a NFL Fan Shop where you can find NFL gear or apparel of your favorite teams, even if they’re not playing in the Super Bowl. Whether you’re a Denver Broncos or a Carolina Panthers fan, wearing sports attire has been a trademark of showing support for your favorite teams.

Savings Tip: If you’re planning on matching outfits with everyone, place a bulk order to get discounted prices. Get your Venmo ready — each person should chip in!

Plan the Menu

A virtual Super Bowl party isn’t complete without mouth-watering food and ice-cold beers. Eating and drinking together is going to look different, but at least no one will be hungry or thirsty if you plan the menu right. Also, you won’t have to worry about your guests getting home safely after an afternoon of libations because they’re already home! Here are some food and drink options when preparing for game day:

  • Homemade Food: If you want to avoid going out as much as possible, cooking at home is the safer choice. But if you want to share your food with friends and family, then consider dropping it off at their house. That way, no one has to pay for takeout and everyone can eat the same food during the game — while giving you compliments, of course. Planning on cooking a mean casserole to impress your guests? Equip yourself with a Calphalon Premier 8.5-qt. Nonstick Dutch Oven from Kohl’s for $109.99!
  • Delivery, Takeout, or Catering: During the pandemic, small business owners are struggling to stay open, so if you’re ordering delivery, takeout, or catering, we recommend supporting your local businesses. There’s plenty of delicious and authentic food to go around, especially for big events like the Super Bowl. Hit up DoorDash if you’d rather not leave your house, or place orders that will get delivered to your guests’ homes.
  • Party Platters: Look, sometimes we just prefer taking the easy way out. There’s nothing wrong with choosing party platters as part of your Super Bowl menu. Sam’s Club has a wide range of party platters, from assorted fruits to croissants. We recommend buying the Member’s Mark Assorted Pinwheel Wraps Party Tray from Sam’s Club for $29.98. You can drop off these platters at your friends or family’s house, or have them buy their own platters so that everyone’s on the same page about what they’re eating during the Super Bowl.

Prepare Virtual Activities

The Super Bowl is known for their commercial breaks, and whether or not they entertain you and your guests, you’ll want to prepare for game lulls throughout the day. Place bets on who’ll be up by halftime or win the game, or play a game of “Take a Sip" every time the announcer or player does something repeatedly. For a different kind of game, download Jackbox Party and have everyone participate through their mobile devices. We recommend buying The Jackbox Party Pack for $13.74. From making puns to guessing the drawing, these games will keep everyone entertained during commercial breaks!

Keep the Kids Entertained

Although most people get excited for the Super Bowl, there’s one age group that doesn’t quite understand the significance of game day: kids. If you’re a parent, you understand just how draining it can be to keep kids entertained while your attention is needed elsewhere. Luckily, most kids aren’t that hard to please.

Set up a dance party in another room where they can watch Disney dance tutorials or practice viral TikTok dances. For more interactive play, snag a Nintendo Switch from Best Buy for $299.99 and instantly download some games from the Nintendo eShop like Mark Kart 8, Splatoon 2, or Overcooked 2. This way, everyone can keep their eyes glued to their respective TV screens — their eyes on the video games, and you and your guests’ eyes on the Super Bowl game.

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