Creative Easter Egg Stuffers to Put a Hop in Your Kids’ Egg Hunt

Written by Deanna Nguyen | March 28, 2021

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Easter continues to be a religious celebration, but it’s also a holiday that prioritizes families spending time together. We’ve moved past real eggs for plastic ones to fill them with candy because it’s a more delectable reward for the kiddos. But if you’re concerned about giving your kids cavities, then candy might not be the best option. This Easter, get creative with alternative Easter basket stuffers, from stickers to handmade vouchers. We’ve compiled a list of other items to fill the colorful plastic eggs in lieu of candy that are just as rewarding — let the hunt begin!

Toy Goods

For the future architect

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase 10713 Kids Building Toy Creative Learning Blocks

Price: $16 at Walmart

One of the easiest alternative Easter egg stuffers is LEGOs because you can buy a set like the LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase and divide the pieces to put into the eggs. Even if the kids aren’t all into LEGOs, you can give them an incentive like putting the pieces together will reward them with a donut or a trip to the park. This set comes with 213 pieces and is the perfect starter kit for both boys and girls who are aspiring builders. The pieces are small enough to fit inside a plastic egg, with some that are eyes, wheels, shapes, and building bricks. It’s originally priced at $19.99, but Walmart marked down the price to $16.

For the sharpshooter in the family

Nerf Ultra Sonic Screamers 20-Dart Refill Pack

Price: $9.88 at Walmart

If you have a house full of rambunctious kids and their favorite toy is a Nerf gun, then consider stuffing Easter eggs with Nerf darts! Trust us when we say you can never have too many darts since kids will lose them real fast during their play session. The Nerf Ultra Sonic Screamers come in a 20-dart pack with advanced design and performance to deliver accuracy and speed. These darts are meant for children ages eight and up, so make sure the young ones don’t try to sneak into their older brothers’ Nerf fight and try to steal the darts!

For the young completionist

Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle

Price: $12.99 at Kohl's

Your kids might not find puzzles all that interesting, but working on a puzzle as a family is one activity you can do on Easter. Instead of diving right in, why not hide some puzzle pieces inside the plastic eggs for your kids to find? This Melissa & Doug Solar System Floor Puzzle includes 48 extra-thick cardboard puzzle pieces so it’s easy for the little ones to hold and figure out how to put it together. The finished image of the solar system will transport everyone to outer space! As soon as your kids find an egg with a puzzle piece, have them piece it together. It’s two activities in one!

For the animated storyteller

Finger Puppets

Price: $11.99 at Walmart

For a unique and fun surprise in the kids’ Easter eggs this year, finger puppets are a sure way to get your kids excited once they crack open the eggs! This 18-piece set of finger puppets, which includes family members and animals, is suitable for kids and easy to slip on their fingers. If they love to act out stories, finger puppets are the way to go. Plus, the puppets’ small size allows you to tuck them in the plastic eggs. Each set has 12 animals and six family members — plenty to go around for a basket full of Easter eggs! Walmart marked down the price from $21.99 to $11.99, so that’s a bargain you don’t want to miss out on.

Fun-Sized Crafts

For the kids who thrive in hands-on learning scenarios

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set

Price: $12.99 at Kohl’s

When it comes to toys, fun is only one aspect of a child's satisfaction. As a parent, you want them to learn as they play, and the same goes for preparing an Easter egg hunt. Fill the plastic eggs with Playfoam and have your kids squeal out of excitement from the fun texture, while handing them alphabet cards so they can form the letters out of the Playfoam. This set is especially great for toddlers who are still learning through their senses, be it taste, touch, etc. Keep your children’s hands off objects they shouldn’t touch and instead have them play around with Playfoam after they’ve found the eggs!

For the little fashionistas with a knack for art

Handcrafted Fashion Patches Activity Kit

Price: $4.93 at Macy’s

Does your child love glamming up their outfits or belongings? Try swapping the usual candy for these handcrafted fashion patches in this year’s Easter eggs! This set includes 10 stylish patches with designs like a butterfly and a unicorn. It also comes with markers and colorful gems to add more flair to your child’s overall look or items. The patches work by water transfer, so it’s super easy to apply. As a surprise, the set has two royal shimmery eggs, which your child can hatch to find a pixie princess inside. It’s an egg within an egg! Be quick — this kit is part of a closeout sale, so make sure to snag it before it sells out.

Fun for the ones who like to be rewarded with experiences

Brand School Copy Paper

Price: $2 at Office Depot

If you’re feeling crafty and you’ve got time on your hands, making vouchers to put inside Easter eggs is a wonderful alternative. Kids sometimes want non-materialistic rewards, which can range from going to a nearby park or not eating their veggies during dinner. To make these handmade vouchers, all you need is paper, a marker or pen, and scissors to cut the paper up in small slips. Figure out what your kids wish for, whether it’s to stay up past their bedtime or spending an extra 30 minutes on their iPad. Putting these vouchers inside Easter eggs will incentivize them to really look at every possible spot to reap the most benefits.

For the kid who is all about the glitz and glamour

2-in-1 Make Your Own Alphabet & Friendship Jewelry

Price: $13.71 at Walmart

If you have a child who’s not only crafty but also stylish, a jewelry kit is another Easter basket stuffer alternative to consider. Fill the eggs with beads and threads, and once your kids find all the eggs, they can work on making jewelry together. The 2-in-1 Make Your Own Alphabet & Friendship Jewelry set lets you create over 100 bracelets. It encourages self-expression and creativity for children ages six and up. Not only will you have the Easter egg hunt to occupy the kids but also the jewelry-making session that will take place right after!

Snacks Galore

For the little one who loves to eat popcorn beyond movie time

SkinnyPop Popcorn Variety Snack Pack

Price: $12.98 at Sam’s Club

For a healthier snack to stuff the Easter eggs instead of candy, popcorn will satisfy your kids’ cravings. Buy a pack of SkinnyPop popcorn and open the bags up to split the popcorn in the Easter eggs. It won’t be as messy as eating chocolate that might’ve melted from being out in the sun. The snack pack includes 36 bags of popcorn in Sweet & Salty Kettle, Original, and White Cheddar flavors. You won’t use up all the bags, so there’s definitely plenty left for you to munch on. As for your kids, just make sure they don’t overeat the popcorn!

For the zoo enthusiast who loves animals

Austin Zoo Animal Crackers

Price: $9.68 at Sam’s Club

Every child has come across animal crackers at some point in their young lives. This Easter, fill up Easter eggs with Austin Zoo Animal Crackers instead of chocolate or jelly beans. Your kids deserve a healthy snack than a mouthful of cavities. Plus, who doesn’t like animal crackers? The pack includes 36 packs, and you can use these crackers for any dessert recipe. Teach the young ones about animals and if they get it right, they can eat the cracker. Snacking doesn’t always mean that it’s bad; just as long as your kids eat in moderation!

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