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Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day With These 30 Self-Care Products Under $30

Written by Charlotte Farrell | February 2, 2021

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Being single or away from your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day due to the pandemic can be tough, so why not distract yourself and get decadent on a dime? Self-care means something different to everyone; it can be as easy as filling up the tub, lighting a candle, and donning an eye mask, or more technologically-advanced with gadgets designed to heal, both physically and mentally. So, instead of looking at the upcoming holiday with fear and loathing, take a gander at this comprehensive list of accessible and affordable self-care must-haves — all under $10, $20, and $30!

Popular Self-Care Products Under $10

Pop Some Bubbly

1. Baby Bum Bubble Bath, $9.99 at Walgreens

A bath without bubbles is like mac without the cheese. Enjoy and indulge in your self-care ritual by sinking into this luscious bubble bath elixir from Sun Bum. Don’t let the name fool you because this trick isn’t just for kids. Adults can delight in the plant-based formula that contains a mixture of coconut oil, avocado oil, and aloe to soothe and nourish all skin types. It’s also vegan and cruelty, gluten and dye-free so you can soak without a care in the world.

Give Your Feet a Rest

2. Earth Therapeutics Foot Remedy Balm, $10 at Kohl’s

Every time you skip moisturizing your feet as you lather up the rest of your body with lotion, your heels and toes cry out, “What are we, chopped liver?" Give them the attention they deserve with Earth Therapeutics’ exquisite blend that reps a balm designed with tea tree, chamomile, and aloe vera to heal, hydrate, replenish and comfort dry areas. You’ll be blessed with baby-smooth skin from top to tail so sandals and bare feet can be flaunted with confidence — not to mention the fabulous scent!

A Body of Work

3. C.S.M. Body Brush, $9.99 at Amazon

Touted as the be-all and end-all among self-care gurus, body brushing is shown to stimulate the lymphatic system, exfoliate the skin, help the body in bidding adieu to toxins, as well as increase circulation and energy. Before you bathe, spend a few minutes using this highly-rated body brush, beginning at the feet and making your way up with circular, upwards motions.

Fizzing With Relaxation

4. Four-Pack Bath Fizzer Raw Coconut + Mango, $9.99 at Walgreens

From Raw Sugar comes these square gems made in Southern California, aka the land of all things wellness. Whether you drop one into a bath or a luxurious foot soak, you’ll savor the divine nutrient-rich skin benefits from ingredients like dead sea salt, kaolin clay, shea butter, sunflower oil, and vitamin E to naturally decrease inflammation, detox, and soothe your skin as you relax. A nourishing infusion of certified organic mango, coconut, and ginger, leaving your skin feeling dreamy and radiant.

Color Away the Bad Vibes

5. Coffee Animals Coloring Book, $9.40 at Amazon

Who said coloring books aren’t for adults? Now, those who equally love their cup of joe as much as they do furry friends can find solace in the simple pleasures of color and art therapy in the form of a coloring book, which helps relieve stress, calm the mind, and provide a creative outlet. Scientifically, coloring books have shown to relax the fear center of your brain, the amygdala, and induce the same state as meditating by reducing the thoughts buzzing around in your restless mind.

Tranquil Trotters

6. Plush Ankle Socks, $7.99 at Old Navy

Akin to walking on a cloud, these multicolored plush ankle socks can be worn while you binge-watch episodes of Bridgerton, treating your toes to a bit of R&R. The fuzzy texture gives maximum comfort and warmth, so you can literally partake in head-to-toe self-care with a trendy twist.

The Write Move

7. Daily Gratitude Journal, $7.99 at Target

Expressing gratitude can be a transformative process and a great place to release your inner thoughts. In this chic, high-quality faux leather and gold foil embossed journal, you have 384 spaces to write all the things that bring you joy and peace. Consistency will get you in the habit of replacing negative thoughts with positives, training your brain to look on the bright side with every day that passes.

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

8. Athletic Works Massage Lacrosse Ball, $3.97 at Walmart

When you can’t make it to the masseuse, this small, portable massage lacrosse ball hones in on stubborn knots and pressure points as a substitute. Simply position the ball between your back and the wall, or use your body weight as you sit on areas of discomfort. Once you hit a particularly angry spot, pause, breathe and experience this simple yet effective practice.

Crystals to Cleanse Your Spirit

9. Rose Quartz Raw Stone, $6.30 at Etsy

Don’t let the soft, blush pink hue fool you — rose quartz is a favorite among crystal fans for its therapeutic properties. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart, promoting a deeper sense of compassion, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing, and feelings of peace. Place it next to you while you meditate, or hold it in your palm while you take a relaxing bath —or simply place it on your desk for a little work-from-home reprieve.

Face the Facts

10. Jade Face Massage Roller & Gua Sha, $7.99 at Marshalls

Skincare rituals are nothing without the addition of a jade roller and a gua sha, whose ancient modalities help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while simultaneously increasing blood circulation. Puffiness will fade as skin elasticity improves, and when paired with your favorite products, these tools can improve absorption for optimal results.

Essential Self-Care Products Under $20

Tread Softly

11. Water-Repellent Faux-Fur-Lined Moccasin Slippers, $15 at Old Navy

Slip into something more comfortable — for your tired feet, that is! Since your stompers are often the temperature regulators of the body, warm up with these plush, ultra-cozy slippers that boast a chic faux suede exterior and a cloud-like interior that will make your self-care session all the more indulgent.

Nama-stay Calm, All Day Long

12. Oak and Reed Yoga Mat, $14.62 at Lowe’s

Stretch, reach, and release all that pent up tension on this 68-inch, antimicrobial yoga mat. You’ll appreciate the non-slip reversible surface with a cool marble effect, in addition to a textured grip so you can bend deeper into that warrior pose. And, there’s enough cushion to keep your knees and elbows supported.

Tea Time

13. Aloha Pineapple Chamomile Tea, $15.30 at Tea Drops

Breezy, fruity, light, floral, and oh so calming, tea drops are your new favorite way to sip with intention. Picture yourself on a tropical vacation with this caffeine-free blend of pineapple and chamomile tea. As a promoter of deep sleep and a reminder to unwind before you partake in all your self-care to-dos, this tea is fun, delicious, and adorably Instagrammable.

So Glassy

14. Glass Tea Infuser Mug, $16.99 at Home Depot

Sip on your finest brew in a mug that is as classy and elegant as you. Watch as your tea mixes and mingles with hot water in a gorgeous fashion a lá a clear infusion mug, designed so your eyes and your taste buds can marvel at this sipping experience.

Spa-aaaah Time

15. Asutra Soak Pain Away Magnesium Flakes, $15 at Kohl’s

In addition to a bath bomb, adding a sprinkle of magnesium flakes can improve muscle recovery, ease aches and pains, and set you up for the best night of sleep you’ve ever had. Different from standard epsom salts, magnesium flakes contain a highly concentrated form of magnesium chloride, a natural form of magnesium that, when absorbed transdermally through the skin, can give your entire physique a total detoxifying refresh.

Hands Down, a Winner

16. Richly Hydrating Scented Hand Cream, $16 at Kiehl’s

Gardening, taking out the trash, typing, creating — your hands do so much, and they deserve a bit of TLC, especially when it’s designed to give them a restorative finish after all that hard work. Lather this lavender-scented, vitamin E & shea butter-infused cream into your hands, giving the pressure points between your thumbs and pointer fingers as well as the wrist muscles and tendons some extra attention.

Zero Stresses About Your Tresses

17. Custom Leave In Treatment, $19.99 at Function of Beauty

A part of your self-care regimen should also factor in the health and wellness of your hair, which can often be neglected. And because your hair is individually yours, why not give your locks a custom approach? The Custom Leave In Treatment is tailored to your specific hair type, resulting in deeply hydrated, smooth strands that will thank you for incorporating into your lineup.

Don’t Chew Worry

18. OLLY Goodbye Stress Gummy, $12.42 at Walmart

Formulated with GABA, a fast working element that supports a relaxed state of mind, L-Theanine which supports brain functions to help calm the nerves, and Lemon Balm, a soothing botanical, OLLY’s Goodbye Stress Gummies are delicious and beneficial in easing your woes and setting the mood for a zen-like self-care session.

Not So Silent Night

19. Big Red Rooster 6 Sound White Noise Machine, $19.99 at Amazon

If you happen to struggle with quieting your mind when a rush of thoughts pour in at an inconvenient time — sleep, meditation, yoga — let Big Red Rooster’s white noise device infuse your space with comforting noises. Think of the rush of rain, a babbling brook, the waves that crash along the ocean, the cozy charms of thunderous nights, uninterrupted white noise, or a balmy summer evening — whatever floats your boat so your mind can focus internally without interruption.

A Toss-Up for Yogis

20. Yoga Dice, $18.95 at Uncommon Goods

Beginners and advanced yoga fanatics can’t get enough of these Yoga Dice, which will help guide your practice and turn your living space into a zero-judgment zone. Roll the cubes and slowly hold each pose for a few breaths. You'll work through the seven asana categories including sun salutation, standing, balancing, seated, forward bend, and core, deepening your experience.

The Best Self-Care Products Under $30

Lights Out

21. Sleep Mask, $25 at Athleta

Made from recycled materials, this uber-soft sleep mask makes self-care snoozes that much deeper, restorative, and relaxing. It can even make meditation sessions — and the moments while you wait for your face mask to sink in — a calming respite.

The Gold Standard

22. Masqueology Gold Gel Mask Set, $22.98 at Sam’s Club

Rejuvenate your visage with a 12-piece mask set that leans on collagen and gold to reduce fine lines and brighten skin. The hydro-gel formula moisturizes and keeps skin hydrated, while the masks themselves are easy to apply and remove so you can sit back, relax, and look forward to a glowy complexion.

Written in the Cards

23. The Modern Witch Tarot Deck, $14.98 at Etsy

If Hocus Pocus is your go-to flick, then channel the Sanderson Sisters via a 78-piece deck of tarot cards, brought into the modern era with contemporary designs by acclaimed illustrator Lisa Sterle. Peek into the future, unravel the past and present, or make clearer what troubles wreak havoc on the mind as you tap into the magic that lies within each card.

Illuminating Touches

24. LED Color Changing Flameless Votive Candle Set, $21.99 at Home Depot

Just like the real thing, you’ll enjoy a warm, soft glow as well as a subtle scent of vanilla without the drips, smoke, flame or safety hazards that come with average candles. The 3-piece set of LED flameless votives also comes with a remote so you can turn them off while staying cozy on the couch or in bed.

Soak in Serenity

25. Conair Foot Spa, $29.99 at Walgreens

Tired feet will find their happy place with a convenient foot spa that features bubble, heat, and massage features, plus three attachments to customize your massage to fit your trotters’ needs. It’s like a trip to the salon, but in your pajamas!

Skin Deep

26. Perricone MD High Potency Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer, $22 at Macy’s

Made for all skin types, Perricone MD’s indulgent, rose-scented moisturizer merges science with luxury, whipping up a nourishing, rich, ultra-hydrating texture that brings instant moisture while visibly smoothing, plumping and firming skin over time. So slather it on, and expect to be in awe at your radiant complexion.

The Ultimate Cozy Comfort

27. Hooded Weighted Throw, $29.98 at Sam’s Club

Calming, tranquil serenity awaits. Anxiety and chilly temperatures are no match for a 10 pound weighted throw — with a hood! Your self-care roster will be toasty warm, plush, and ready to envelop you in comforting bliss.

Good Scents

28. Artnaturals Diffuser and Essential Aromatherapy Oil Blends Set, $29.99 at Walmart

This device reps a sleek design, a 150ml tank, and quiet functions so you can incorporate aromatherapy and reap the therapeutic benefits of pure, natural essential oils for deep relaxation. You’ll also experience seven soft LED light colors, as well as eight essential oil blends that will bring new meaning to the phrase “clearing the air."

In Great Condition

29. John Masters Organics Hair Mask, $29 at Macy’s

With an infusion of organic rose water to replenish moisture, organic apricot kernel oil to provide essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E, as well as avocado butter that delivers a blast of hydration to strengthen strands, your locks with surely appreciate the 5-10 minutes it takes for this luscious mask to work its magic.

We All Float On

30. Bamboo Bath Caddy, $25.99 at Wayfair

The final touch to a perfect self-care session, an eco-friendly bamboo bath caddy is ready to streamline and upgrade your soaking experience. A slotted cup holder lets you slide in stemware — because rosé makes baths better — and a side shelf holds everything from a delightful candle to your favorite snack. Plus, the book holder is wrapped in a water-resistant covering, so if you treat yourself to a new novel or issue of your favorite magazine, you’re in the clear!

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