Missguided Spring 2021: Stylish and Affordable Fashion Trends to Look Out for

Written by Deanna Nguyen | February 26, 2021

It’s time to shed our winter coats and show some skin because spring has sprung! If you’ve been seeing floral patterns, cut-out tops, and mini dresses, you’re catching on to this year’s spring fashion trends. What you can’t catch on is the price tag for designer clothes. But whoever said you had to buy expensive brands in order to stay trendy?

Missguided is your one-stop-shop for stylish and affordable women’s clothing. The brand has already launched their spring collection, with some pieces getting discounts of up to 50% off! Plus, discover other discounts and promotions sprinkled throughout the article for extra savings. Keep in mind that the prices and deals listed below are subject to change. Need some ideas on OOTDs? Here are spring fashion trends to look out for to freshen up your wardrobe — courtesy of Missguided!

Floral Patterns

Floral Print Ruched Side Dress

Lilac Floral Print Ruched Side Tea Dress

Price: $52 $26

Nothing shouts springtime blooms than the color lilac and floral patterns on a tea dress. While the dress appears simple at first glance, there’s a lot going on — in a good way! If you’re all about having fun with what you wear, the dress features a ruched tie side, frill hem, and a back zip fastening to make it easier to slip into. Finish the look with nude ankle boots and small hoop earrings. Then, go on a picnic while the sun is high and the flowers are in full bloom — it’s called a tea dress for a reason!

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Floral Print Milkmaid Mini Dress

White Floral Print Milkmaid Mini Dress

Price: $30 $15

If you prefer a dress that hugs your body with stretch crepe fabric, this milkmaid mini dress complements your curves while giving you room to breathe. The puff short sleeves are one of the defining features of a milkmaid dress. With a colorful floral print that reminds you of springtime, the dress will have you blending in with lush fields and beautiful gardens. Complete the look with flip flops or high-heel boots and soak in enough sunshine to get your daily Vitamin D — not a summer tan!

Floral Print Asymmetric Hem Midi Dress

White Floral Print Asymmetric Hem Midi Dress

Price: $32 $16

Want to show some leg? This midi dress has an asymmetric hem, so one of your legs will be covered midway between your knee and ankle while the other will have a full reveal. The straps cross at the back, so no need to worry about them slipping off your shoulders. The white floral print brightens your entire look and will look even brighter under the sun. You can easily pair the dress with any type of shoes, from gladiator sandals to maroon Doc Martens. With the jersey fabric, you can slip in the dress and feel comfortable as you wear it throughout the day. Overall, the dress exudes youth with some flair!

All White

Fluffy Knit Embroidered Tank Top

White Co Ord Fluffy Knit Embroidered Tank Top

Price: $49 $24

Embroidery is the perfect alternative to adding a pop of color without appearing too vivid. The embroidered flowers on this white tank top are few but make a cute statement for springtime OOTDs. The fabric is a fluffy knit, so it’ll keep you warm if there’s some leftover winter winds. Because it’s a cropped tank top, pair it with a matching cardigan to cover up and for extra coziness. Wear a flowy skirt or denim jeans with the tank top to keep it casual but fashionable all the same.

Recycled White Popcorn Knit Biker Shorts

Recycled White Popcorn Knit Biker Shorts

Price: $39 $19

If you’re all about sustainability, you’ll love these recycled biker shorts. While it’s difficult to pull off shorts that are not only white but also made of popcorn knit, it’s great to wear either at home or on a grocery run. If you prioritize comfort over style, then these shorts are your perfect match. Pair the shorts with the matching cardigan for a complete look. Wearing all white might seem daring in the same way wearing all denim is, but if the outfit is eco-friendly, affordable, and comfy, you have nothing to be self-conscious about!

White Lip Shoulder Blouse

White Lip Shoulder Blouse

Price: $47 $23

For all the chic trendsetters, blouses are a must-have. The lip shoulders give your overall look an edge. The puffy long sleeves add a softer touch while the elasticated waist keeps the blouse from losing its shape. Leather pants or shorts go well with this blouse, and because it’s white, you’ll have an easier time matching it with almost anything — accessories included! If you slouch a lot, you can trick people into thinking you have a great posture while wearing this lip shoulder blouse!

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Cut Outs

Slink Cut Out Bodysuit

Gray Slink Cut Out Bodysuit

Price: $34 $17

Bodysuits aren’t just for the summer; you can pair it with almost any bottoms and turn it into a spring outfit. This slink cut out bodysuit isn’t modest, but that’s the point! If you love showing off skin but not to the point where you’re basically at the beach, a cut out bodysuit gives you that balance. Your stomach and sides will peek out, and if you choose to wear the matching knot front maxi skirt, you’ve got a complete look. While wearing a bodysuit is a little bold for spring, it’s a great transition to summer when you’re not ready to bust out the bikinis.

Rib High Neck Cut Out Long Sleeve Top

Burnt Orange Rib High Neck Cut Out Long Sleeve Top

Price: $36 $18

Spring means the weather is getting warmer, but you might experience wind, chills, and rain every now and then. This rib high neck cut out long sleeve top is the perfect mix between staying warm while providing a front window on your chest for your skin to breathe. The burnt orange strays from the winter color schemes but doesn’t rush into summer just yet — it’s a softer orange that’s similar to butterfly weeds. The slits at the sleeve hems turn the top into a loose fit around your wrists, allowing breezes to cool off your skin if the weather gets hot. Not sure what to wear for bottoms? Throw on gray slacks and you’re ready to put on a fashion show!

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Mesh Ruched Front Cut Out Mini Dress

Green Mesh Ruched Front Cut Out Mini Dress

Price: $68 $34

For a bolder look, this ruched front cut out mini dress reveals a lot of skin without bordering on scandalous. The cut out on the front forms a circle on the chest area and widens at the stomach area with strings overlapping each other. Rather than a mini dress, it looks more like a bodysuit but still provides an opportunity to reveal skin without turning into a swimsuit. Turn the dress into a sporty outfit with a pair of Nikes or wear it during a formal occasion with six-inch heels. The versatility also applies to the season — wear this dress during the spring and into summer!

Wide Leg Pants

Stone Seam Detail Wide Leg Joggers

Stone Seam Detail Wide Leg Joggers

Price: $49 $24

Joggers have become an everyday wear rather than gym attire. These wide leg joggers feature an elasticated tie waist with side pockets, so you can adjust the tightness depending on your cheat days. The loose fit allows your legs to breathe when the weather gets a little too warm for spring. Plus, these joggers are versatile when styling — wear them with a matching crop top and sneakers, or with a blazer and flats. At the end of the day, your comfort will be your top priority, and that’s exactly what you get from wide leg joggers!

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Split Hem Wide Leg Pants

Pink Split Hem Wide Leg Pants

Price: $57 $28

Spring fashion can’t go without pastel colors like dusty pink. The pink split hem wide leg pants are subtle in color and appearance, but depending on the top, shoes, and accessories you wear, they can really stand out. The wide leg fit might seem like the pants are too big for you when in reality, they’re tailored to your height. If you’re short, heels are going to improve your appearance when wearing wide leg pants. If you don’t want the extra inches, you might end up looking shorter than you actually are. Soft pink goes well with white, so a white top and pair of shoes are the best complements.

Blue Cord Wide Leg Utility Pants

Blue Cord Wide Leg Utility Pants

Price: $74 $37

Fabric that stretches as you move is your best friend. These blue cord wide leg utility pants not only have an elasticated waist and cord finish but also a front pouch. We can’t say that the pouch is great for storing away snacks, but lighter items like business cards are probably more ideal (and won’t weigh you down). Get the matching jacket to complete the look and walk on the street full of confidence with an outfit that looks like it’s activewear but is more sophisticated in appearance than it seems.

Pretty Sheer

Sheer Crew Neck Bodysuit

Tall Lime Sheer Crew Neck Bodysuit

Price: $43 $21

What’s something that seems too revealing but isn’t actually that revealing? Sheer clothing! This tall lime sheer crew neck bodysuit is the best of both worlds when it comes to wearing an outfit that’s in between spring and summer. Wear a cami or bralette underneath so you’re not showing everything, and slip on some pants to keep it classy. This bodysuit is for those over 5’7", so anyone shorter than that won’t find it appealing to wear. The lime green color is the perfect shade to blend in with spring.

Sheer Crinkle Extreme Oversized Shirt

Petite Dove Gray Sheer Crinkle Extreme Oversized Shirt

Price: $47 $23

Do you love wearing oversized shirts? This petite dove gray sheer crinkle extreme oversized shirt is your answer to feeling cozy but also chic. The sheer crinkle effect keeps your outfit from looking too boring while also offering the barest of glimpses of your skin underneath. Short people, this is the shirt for you! Tuck the front part in your pants to prevent a baggy appearance or go all in and secure it with a belt. The flowy material keeps it airy on days when it feels stuffy.

2 Piece Sheer Cami Knitted Top

Stone 2 Piece Sheer Cami Knitted Top

Price: $47 $23

Sheer clothing is about layering. Usually, you wear another article of clothing underneath the sheer top but in this case, the knitted crochet top goes over the sheer long-sleeve top. It doesn’t look as bold but it’s fashionable regardless. The stone color can go with almost anything. If you’re not feeling the neutral tone, go for the blue or black version instead.

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