Enjoy 25% Off Custom Signs, Banners, and Posters at Office Depot’s Signage Sale

Written by James Moore | January 16, 2022

Thanks for reading! This article is sponsored by Office Depot OfficeMax. All products featured were hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen by our editorial team, and any items listed below were in-stock with accurate pricing at the time of publication.

Whatever you’re excited about this year, let Office Depot help you spread the word with 25% off all signage, like banners and posters, and large-format printing services through 1/22 — whether for business, school, or personal endeavors. The office supply vendor offers a wide selection of custom-printed signs, posters, and banners. You can count on Office Depot to market your message loud and clear — at a fantastic rate!

Plus, become a Business Select member to score free delivery and save up to $100 on a variety of essential business services. Keep reading for a roundup of some of the most exciting signage, banner, and poster deals this month.

Signage Savings

Custom Yard Signs

1. Custom Yard Signs

Price: Starting at $16.99

Not everyone has a yard (we don’t), but yard owners rejoice! These signs come in 24" x 18" and 36" x 24" sizes and are easily customizable. We love Office Depot’s Canva integration — the custom photo software blended seamlessly into the website, offering many templates and starter images to choose from. The size choices are a bit limited, but the signs are a snap to customize and look great on the page.

Floor Decals

2. Floor Decals

Price: Starting at $8.99

If you’re looking for a handy reminder in your business, these customizable decals are a great option — they even have material options for indoor, outdoor, short-term, and long-term stickers. The design interface is a bit clunky on this one, so be prepared with an image beforehand to save you a headache. Order decals in larger quantities to save money per unit.

Savings Tip: Office Depot is ready to help you start 2022 with a flood of great deals on office supplies sitewide!
Magnetic Car Signs

3. Magnetic Car Signs

Price: Starting at $29.99

Want a fun way to passively advertise your business? If car wraps aren’t for you, consider a magnetic car sign from Office Depot. The signs are incredibly practical, and even better, they can be removed at any time. This one’s a creative solution for those who are looking for an affordable way to promote a small business or a local service.

Banner Bargains

Custom Flags

4. Custom Flags

Price: Starting at $169.99

These flags are a great-looking way to make a statement without taking up too much space. Choose from solid colors, a standard “We’re Open" message, or a custom look with your own image and text. These are a must if you are in a hard-to-find location, advertise outdoors often, or anticipate setting up temporary displays at fairs, markets, or conventions.

Door Wraps

5. Door Wraps

Price: Starting at $125

If you have a permanent spot and want to make absolutely sure nobody mixes you up with the neighbors, a door wrap might be a good fit for you. Since they’re designed for no-tape installation and made of premium fabric, these door wraps are an excellent choice for making your door easy to spot. These wraps are designed for 80" doors — that’s most doors, but measure to be sure — and are available in 24" and 30" widths.

Savings Tip: Shop Office Depot's Top Deals section for even more office supply savings across the site.
Custom Banners

6. Custom Banners

Price: Starting at $15.99

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple. Door wraps and razor sale flags are great, but if you’re just looking for a standard, affordable custom banner, your search is officially over. These banners do the job — the process isn’t quite as easy as the Canva-enabled products on the site, but there are some great starter templates to kick-start your creative process. These banners are awesome all-rounders for parties, graduations, farmer’s markets, and every job in between. You can even add grommets and power tabs for a small fee.

Retractable Banners

7. Retractable Banners

Price: Starting at $44.99

If you’ve ever watched an A-frame sign lamely flop to the ground for the umpteenth time or accidentally pole-vaulted over your car trying to fit a flag into the trunk, these retractable banners are for you. We love the idea of a lightweight frame that still protects your banner when it’s not in use — no more banner wrinkles or accidental folds in storage! These are also standard door height (80" tall) and come in 24" and 36" widths. We’d consider these best for indoor use, though you can get away with outdoor use as long as it isn’t rainy or windy.

Premium Custom Posters

Custom Full-Color Poster

8. Custom Full-Color Poster

Price: Starting at $12.99

Posters are one of the most heavily customizable products in Office Depot’s printed products section. With five sizes ranging from 16" x 20" to 40" x 60", Canva integration, and a super-helpful troubleshooting wizard to help avoid mistakes, the process of ordering posters is head and shoulders above the competition. Finishing options like lamination and foamcore mounting can hike the price significantly, but they might be worthwhile if you’re planning on keeping your poster for a while.

Savings Tip: Office Depot offers a huge amount of materials for posters. Short-term poster-poppers can save $4.00 per poster by selecting bond, semi-gloss, or high-gloss paper types.
Foamboard Poster

9. Foamboard Poster

Price: Starting at $22.99

Foamboard posters are distinct from standard paper in that they’re printed directly on the foamboard for more durable applications like outdoor signs and longer-lasting displays. There are no customization options beyond size and design, so once you and Canva conclude your business, you’re ready to roll (though we don’t recommend actually trying to roll up your new foamboard poster). Order a higher number of these at a time for a greater overall bargain.

Adhesive Posters

10. Adhesive Posters

Price: Starting at $22.99

Glass offices are in for a treat — skip the transparent tape bubbles and go for a cleaner, more professional look with a full-color adhesive poster. The customization process was a breeze when we tried it thanks to Canva integration, and there’s even same-day pickup for most sizes (larger sizes can take between three and 10 business days). We don’t recommend sticking these to fabrics or other textured surfaces, but they’re a spectacular choice for glass.

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