Infographic: Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets and Everything Else!

Infographic: Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets and Everything Else!

Consumers already know that prices rise and fall based on seasonal discounts, manufacturers making room for new products or stores trying to energize sluggish sales. But what if you’re hunting around for a major purchase? You can save hundreds of dollars if you time your purchases just right, and we’re not talking about just stocking up on chocolate after Valentine’s Day or gift wrap after Christmas. At, we’ve gone through the internet with a fine-tooth comb, consulting financial websites and savvy blogs to figure out the best times to buy…well, everything.

Looking to replace your laptop? You already know that some of the best laptop deals are found during back-to-school sales, but prices also see a significant dip in April. Want to join a gym? Beat the New Year’s crowd with their shiny resolutions by signing up at the end of summer; gyms are more likely to offer fee waivers and discounts because people are more likely to exercise outside.

We’ve organized these findings (and many, many more) into an infographic below so you can plan ahead for major purchases like houses, cars, and large electronics or even oddballs like car washes or bowling rates.

(Click on image for full-sized version)

(Click on image for full-sized version)
If you arrived looking for the best time to buy airplane tickets and need a little help determining where to buy them, check out deals from Orbitz , Travelocity , Expedia , and Cheap Tickets .

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  1. ashdhud at 3:51 pm

    I have been trying to compose a list like this for my couponing and budgeting workshop! I will definatly be using this chart for the classes, thank you! Do you have a grocery one? That shows when certain foods and products will be at their lowest? I.e. Ketchup and condiments in summer, apples in winter, baking products in December….. that would be oh-so-helpful! Let me know!

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