Rebecca Carlyle

Rebecca Carlyle

Freelance Writer

Rebecca Carlyle is a writer for Savvy. Since graduating from college with a degree in English, she has spent time writing and publishing her first novel and focusing on her creative side with short stories and a personal blog about travel and her favorite reads. She has also created copy for a number of brands and industries. While her most notable copywriting work may be full of silly puns, she has the most fun when writing anything holiday-themed.

Based in Seattle, Rebecca loves a good (and large!) cup of coffee, and when she’s not working, she’s usually with her chocolate labrador Scout, enjoying the great outdoors. You can follow her creative writing on Instagram, @beckscarlyle, or at Becks Books.

One of the reasons she loves writing for Savvy is because she’s a natural-born shopper. From the latest styles to home decor trends, Rebecca knows all the tips and tricks for finding the best deals online. And now she’s more than happy to share what she knows! Take it from her, nothing feels better than watching discount codes hack away at price totals and that feeling when you know your credit card won’t burst into flames.

Living on her own taught her the importance of coupon clipping and discount hunting when on a tight budget. Now that she’s a pro at it, writing about it was a no-brainer. Working with Savvy has allowed her to write about something she’s passionate about: getting the best discounts possible!