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AT&T - Frequently Asked Questions

What are AT&T's best coupons?

Up to $250 Back With AT&T Fiber Signup - Get Code

Fast, Reliable, and Affordable - Order AT&T Internet for Gaming - Get Deal

Where can I find coupons for AT&T?

Find all the latest AT&T coupons at With a variety of coupons ranging from saving 35% off your DirecTV subscription when bundling to dollars off your plan, be sure to visit to see how you can save before you sign up!

What are AT&T's Bundles?

AT&T’s bundle package of communications include television, internet and voice services. The plans may vary depending on your family’s preferences and budget. Visit or give them a call to see if AT&T is available in your state!

What internet options does AT&T have?

AT&T has a wide range of internet options available, as well as bundling combinations for TV and voice. Their internet speeds can reach as high as 6 Mbps and include Wi-Fi Gateway to connect all your devices. Contact them today to see how you can save on your internet package.

AT&T Info & Tips

Choices - DirecTV or Fiber Optics?

If you’re the kind of consumer who appreciates having choices (and who doesn’t?), then you probably like the idea that you can choose from cable TV, satellite, or the latest fiber optics when it comes to television programming. Within each category, you can decide which option is best for you by seeing what each company can offer you – from basic subscriptions to premium plans and movie channels. But what if there was a company that offered you a choice of either satellite or fiber optics? AT&T does that. With their acquisition of DirecTV and their advanced fiber-optic network, they are able to offer both to customers in many areas of the US.

DirecTV provides over 200 HD channels, sports programming subscriptions like NFL Sunday Ticket, access to On-Demand movies, and feature the ability to stream live TV on your mobile devices, too. Of course you can record multiple shows simultaneously with their Genie DVR, and you have your choice of program packages with varying channel lineups from their Select package to their Premier package, and several others in between.

AT&T TV is AT&T’s fiber optic choice, providing 234 channels in high definition with interactive capabilities that are combined to work with other available AT&T services. The Total Home DVR allows you to record as many as four shows simultaneously, and you can stream using your mobile devices as well. You will need to verify if AT&T TV is available in your area, but if it is, be sure to check it out as a viable alternative to cable and satellite.

It’s not common for companies to offer more than one choice when it comes to choosing the technology that delivers your television programming, so when one comes along, it’s worth looking into them. Price, channel selection, and all features should be evaluated to figure out the best deal for your money. And, if you can use an AT&T coupon code to save even more, then you know you’ve made the right choice.

Time to Switch Internet Providers?

If you’ve skimped a little on internet service in order to save money, now might be a time to reacquaint yourself with ISP leaders like AT&T and Verizon, who offer high speed internet at a low cost, especially if you apply a promo code to save more. There are several reasons to return to the telecom giants, and if you bundle services, you can often pay even less.

Reliability is one of the most important considerations. Face it, your wireless devices need to be able connect to your Wi-fi no matter whether you are in the living room or the kitchen, upstairs or downstairs. Can you imagine a spotty connection when trying to stream a video or movie? Or you’re working from home, on a video conference with your boss and colleagues and your internet goes out?

Internet security, like McAfee, is often included with your plan, so you and your family can safely surf the web and protect yourselves and your devices against online threats. You should ask if your current internet service provider includes it in their monthly price.

When you demand fast internet, the big companies are usually the ones that lead the pack. AT&T offers download speeds of 45Mbps in select markets, so check to see if it’s available in your neighborhood. Seamless streaming video and live TV, fast website-loading times, and browsing online are a pleasure when everything works as expected. So, if you haven’t looked at your internet service plan recently, it might be time to compare features with the industry leaders. You might discover that it’s a much better deal to switch now.

Can I get a bundle with AT&T DirecTV?

Yes, there are many different AT&T bundles that include DirecTV. Visit or call them today to see how you can save when you sign up for a service bundle.

How else can I save with AT&T?

There’s almost always a sale happening with AT&T, so be sure to visit their website regularly to see how you can save as well as call them, even if you already have a plan with them, to see if the deals could benefit you. Also check out their Special Offers section on to research how you can save.

Did You Know?

By providing more high-tech communications and connections opportunities, AT&T is trying to inspire human progress. After all, if you can commit to progress using just face-to-face interactions, how much more can you progress when you have the ability to see someone thousands of miles away? The company's risen high on the back of this concept; it's recorded 35 years of quarterly growth, and millions of people rely upon its service to stay connected with the people they love the most. Whether you're trying to connect to someone on the telephone, talk through the internet, or watch your favorite celebrities on television, AT&T wants to be the hub for you to explore these connections.

One of the hallmarks of AT&T's service is its ability to be completely integrated into your life. No matter what types of digital content you want, it's likely that AT&T can provide it to you. It's probably most famous for its wireless phone service. AT&T has a variety of different cell phone plans that you can take advantage of to make sure you're able to connect with friends and family, even if they live in a completely different country or aren't on AT&T. You can also get television service through DirecTV, which is one of AT&T's subsidiaries and provides satellite TV to households nationwide. Lastly, if you live in certain service areas, you can also get high-speed internet service for your home, and you may even be able to save money when you bundle it with your TV and cell phone.

Of course, despite this array of content, cell service is still what AT&T is most known for. That's what the company was started as, and that's what it continues to do, even as it adds other options to its family. If you're looking to upgrade your phone or switch to AT&T wireless service, you should check to see what type of deals the company is currently running. You may be able to upgrade to a new phone for a fraction of the retail cost.

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