Prolon Cyber Monday Deals & Discounts

Top Prolon Cyber Monday Deals

$50 Off

Up to $50 Off Your Order Plus Free 30ct. Variety of Fast Bar

Enter this coupon code at checkout to get up to $50 discount on your order plus free 30ct variety of fast bar.

50% Off

Buy 1, Get 50% Off Second Box

Enter this coupon code at checkout and buy 1, get 50% discount on second box.

10% Off

10% Off Your Order

Enter this coupon code at checkout to get 10% discount on your order.

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10% Off

10% Off Purchase With Subscription

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get 10% discount on purchase with subscription.

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on All Orders

Click through and get free shipping on all orders.

10% Off

10% Off When You Purchase 1 Box

Click through and get 10% discount when you buy 1 box.

$25 Off

$25 Off Purchase With Subscription

Click through and get $25 discount per box with subscription.

Online Tip

Get 7-Page Guide With ProLon Email Sign Up

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$75 Off

$75 Off When You Buy 3 Or More Boxes

Click through and get $75 discount when you buy 3 or more boxes.

How to save money at Prolon this Cyber Monday

This year has been stressful for everyone, making weight gain and problems with nutrition common no matter how good a cook you are. For anyone who’s not experienced with their own kitchen, it’s even more difficult to create a balanced diet while struggling to work from home, attend school online, or help children adjust to a new classroom setting in your living room. Prolon, as a dietary program, has helped a lot of people get their health, their diet and their weight back on track. If you want to try it out or order another batch, then Cyber Monday is a great time to save even more.

If you pair your deal hunting with Prolon coupons from, you can try this out quickly or get more of what you already enjoy for even less. The fasting program makes it easy for you to keep up with a busy schedule without falling behind on your body’s needs. In fact, some sources say that Prolon might even help boost your health against COVID-19. No matter the case, with COVID-19 digging into all our wallets, Cyber Monday 2020 presents an even greater opportunity to try it out without breaking the bank.

  • Prolon has not yet announced any Cyber Monday deals or plans to participate this year. However, you can see on their website that they may be gearing up. There are web pages in development to host new deals and offerings. If you want to take advantage of the best, be sure to check back regularly to see when the pages are launched. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get alerts when the sales have begun, along with sneak peeks about new items in their store.

  • If Prolon’s other deals are anything to judge by, Cyber Monday 2020 will be a prime time for savings. In the past, the company has offered attractive price cuts and money-off promo codes, including buy-one-get-one offers, 10% off orders, 10% off each box, and 10% off all sitewide purchases. That makes it easy to assume that Cyber Monday could offer even more price cuts and special deals to get their items moving.

  • While Prolon doesn’t have any physical stores, they still take very strict measures in light of COVID-19. These are all designed to ensure that their employees and products are properly cared for. All warehouses are sanitized, ventilated and allow for social distancing. L-Nutra, a parent company, has taken over their shipping process and is working to ensure that all packages are safe for the customers that receive them. As such, if you buy a batch of this fasting program on Cyber Monday, you can rest easy knowing it will arrive as virus-free as possible.

  • Prolon offers free shipping when new buyers order now, making it clear that any Cyber Monday deals will only add savings on top of that. While delays may happen after the product has been shipped, you can expect that to be a natural part of the COVID-19 experience, not a delay on Prolon’s side of things. Since the Prolon website is one of the only places online to buy their products, it may be a worthy sacrifice.

  • As a food product, you may be even more worried that your Prolon product may be contaminated with COVID-19. However, L-Nutra is in charge of the shipping and handling and has taken very good care to observe FDA- and CDC-approved procedures in regard to all ingredients. Some say fasting is capable of boosting your immune system and making you more resistant to COVID-19, and while that’s still somewhat a matter of opinion, you can at least be sure you won’t be more susceptible to COVID-19 because of the way the ingredients are handled.

  • Prolon doesn’t believe in waiting to offer their customers savings. In addition to any Cyber Monday offers, you can receive bonus deals right now, such as $25 off a box + free Fast Bars + free shipping. Those discounts will be applied automatically in your cart, so you don’t have to bother with promo codes. Be sure to read their terms and services, or take a peek when you get to the checkout side of things—you may be able to add more promo codes and save extra money.

  • Since Prolon products are made in Italy, you might be concerned if that’s going to put it at greater risk for COVID-19 contamination. After all, the western world was most heavily impacted after the infection and subsequent spread of the virus from Italy. Luckily, you don’t need to worry. In addition to the safety procedures already mentioned, the Prolon ingredients are all plant-based. COVID-19 has only been known to transmit through animals and humans, not plants.

  • In past deals, Prolon has been happy to offer money off when you buy more than one box. This has included up to $49 off when you buy three boxes, or $25 off a box + 15% off your order + a free gift. Those are some generous offerings, even outside the big Cyber Monday sale. Since their recommended fasting schedule continues over three cycles, that makes Cyber Monday a perfect time to stock up on all your boxes in one go! You can also benefit from the free shipping, and avoid all the waiting times of COVID-19 by getting everything you need in a single order.

Prolon Cyber Monday FAQs

Is Cyber Monday the best time to shop for Prolon?

Prolon doesn’t fall into the typical category you see for Cyber Monday sales. As a fasting and dieting program, with limited stock at the moment, it’s more likely that you’ll find great, small deals spread throughout the year. Cyber Monday will probably have one or two big offerings, but if you want to stay with the fasting program consistently, it’s smart to sign up for the site’s newsletter and pay attention to the buy-in-bulk deals advertised at different points in the year.

Should I isolate packages from Prolon for COVID-19 safety?

Prolon, despite most of its ingredients coming from Italy, is no more dangerous than any other package you receive. In fact, considering the complex and thorough steps they take to ensure their packages are not contaminated, you might even be safer with orders from Prolon than from other retailers!

Can I buy Prolon cheaper on other sites with Cyber Monday?

So far, Prolon only offers its products on its own site, meaning you can’t hunt out vendors like Amazon to take advantage of their Cyber Monday deals and save more money. While the company may eventually branch out and sell its fasting boxes through other sources, for now, you’ll have to rely on whatever deals are offered on The good news is, they appear to be gearing up for a page dedicated just to savings, so you may be able to buy for less on Cyber Monday 2020.