Promoter Toolkit – Summer BBQ Savings Campaign

Our Summer BBQ Savings campaign has 3 components. We have our Sweepstakes running from May 27th through July 4th and we hope that you’ll point people to enter the sweepstakes and earn $.25 per email signup. In addition, we’ve temporarily increased our payout for Favado signups through Escalate. More details below in the Affiliate Opportunities section.

We have a #BBQponing campaign for those who believe their readers care about coupons and how the app can help them in their couponing efforts, as well as saving on summer BBQ ingredients.

In addition, we are running a campaign that has less emphasis on couponing, and more on ‘hacking your favorite grill or BBQ recipe’ by finding ingredients on sale and comparing prices across local stores. We have included graphics and information on both


The nuts and bolts of everything you need for a BBQ and how to get it all at rock-bottom prices with couponing.

Intro – Don’t just save your BBQing for Sunday afternoon this season…you can do it more often with savings help from your friends at Favado. Favado can show you how to get charcoal, lighter fluid, condiments, paper goods and more at their lowest prices using savvy shopping strategies and of course, couponing…that’s the name of this game! Who’s ready for some #BBQponing this summer?

Personalized just for you, the Favado money-saving app will help you find and save on BBQ supplies this season with tips, tricks, and hottest deals…free mustard, anyone?!

The new grocery savings Favado app makes it super simple and easy to find the best prices on meat, best coupons for condiments, paper good and more…and it’s all right at your fingertips, literally.

Also, grocery shoppers have already started to feel the pinch with the rising costs of beef and dairy, a direct result of recent droughts in Texas and California. I know that Favado is ready for this battle against creeping prices, as you can use it to quickly search prices of meat in your local stores to determine who is offering the best deals for the meat that you want to grill up each week. Armed with this great tool, you just might not even notice the increase in prices!

In addition to the fantabulous savings you’ll get on groceries this summer with Favado, they’re also running a sweepstakes and I’d love for one of you to win the $2,500, or one of the cool weekly prizes, like a grilling tools set, charcoal grill and gas grill! Enter now at!

Twitter Party Information 

  • #BBQponing – Tuesday, May 27th at 9 pm EST
  • RSVP Post


Recipes for BBQ and Grilling and How to Make Them for Less than You’d Expect Using Favado App.

Intro – We all love finding those amazing BBQ marinades and grilling rub recipes, and their accompanying exotic side dishes. What we don’t love is how much it costs for that particular cut of meat, or that specific hard-to-find ingredient. Favado is here to help hack your summer BBQ and help you find the savings you need for all the ingredients for your backyard bash. This summer you don’t have to break the bank to have a fabulous meal on the grill.

Favdo will help you save big on your favorite meats, the condiments you need for your burgers and dogs, as well as quickly find the best prices on the veggies you need for kebabs or the fruit you need for your famous cobbler recipe.

Let me show you how I Favado-Hacked this recipe…

{IDEA FOR HOW TO ‘Favado-Hack’ A RECIPE: Share what you made and how the app helped you save on which ingredients, how it helped you decide which store to shop in (use the search feature to determine best prices on ingredients you need!) Tell your readers about downloading the app, adding stores to compare against each other, creating a shopping list and finding coupons or special store offers.}

Now, before you go sign up for a Favado account and download the app, you MUST go and enter to win the $2,500 Summer BBQ Savings Sweepstakes. I would love if one of you won!!! There’s a $2,500 grand prize, as well as other weekly prizes such as a grilling tool set, charcoal grill and gas grill. So cool!!! Sweepstakes begins May 27th and ends July 4th. Enter now at

Twitter Party Information 

  • #BBQHacks on Wednesday, June 11th at 9 pm EST
  • RSVP Post (Coming on June 2nd)

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$1.20 Payout Increase through Escalate Network

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