savingsCARES – Frequently Asked Questions

What is savingsCARES?

savingsCARES is a charitable giving program that allows our users to save money at their favorite stores while supporting powerful causes at the same time. By partnering with select brands across our site, our savvy shoppers can feel great knowing that when they shop at a participating brand, they’ll be making a difference in the world. Drop by our charity coupon page today to check out our featured brands!

What is the Featured Charity?

Each SavingsCARES campaign, we partner with a different charity organization to help make the world a better place. The Featured Charity is highlighted on the homepage, and charity partners are rotated throughout the year to spread the love and share the amazing work our partners carry out.

What’s the best way to support savingsCARES charity partners?

The savingsCARES browser extension is a fantastic tool that ensures users never miss a deal while automatically donating 50% of our revenue to our charity partner. We get the ball rolling at the beginning of each campaign with a $5 donation for every user who downloads the savingsCARES browser extension.* Visit the charities landing page and download the browser extension tool from their page in order to activate donations for your chosen cause.

What does being a “participating brand” mean? is out to make a difference in the world, but we can’t do it alone. A few amazing brands are going the extra mile by contributing additional donations through our savingsCARES affiliate program. We’ve highlighted these big-hearted brands by including a price tag with a red heart next to each qualifying coupon and deal. Specific donation structures vary by brand in accordance to each brand’s affiliate program terms and there’s no cap on campaign-wide donations, allowing to maximize our impact with each Featured Charity.

How can I participate?

Becoming a part of the savingsCARES initiative is incredibly easy: to contribute to our campaigns, just visit the savingsCARES coupon page to find a list of participating retailers. Certain coupons redeemed from the savingsCARES page will raise extra donations for our current campaign’s Featured Charity.

Another way to help increase our impact is to download our browser extension and share our campaign with friends. The more purchases users make using savingsCARES promo codes, the greater the impact our donations will have across the campaign. Share our initiative with your friends on Instagram and Facebook, and make sure to mention #savingsCARES in your post to help spread the word.

What will it cost me?

Donations to the savingsCARES Featured Charity will not incur any additional costs, charges, or hidden fees for our users. Donations are tracked and paid directly by and donation commissions are negotiated with our brand partners so users can continue enjoying amazing deals while supporting great causes.

How will I know how much money is actually raised?

We’ll celebrate the difference our users have made by posting the total donation on our social media accounts and savingsCARES newsletter. Sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you never miss an update!

How can I get involved more directly with the Featured Charity?

Visit the savingsCARES Featured Charity page for all the information you need to make additional donations, volunteer your time, or find other ways to help out. We’ll also include the charity’s contact info for any additional questions.


Terms and Conditions

  • is not responsible for any third-party technology services or providers that may interfere with and/or block the functionality of the browser extension.
  • Participation in savingsCARES campaigns is not a reflection of direct partnership between participating brands and the Charity.
  • The Charity is not associated with the services provided by the browser extension.
  • Users hold the right to uninstall the browser extension at any point in time.
  • Commercial agreements between and brands participating in savingsCARES campaigns are negotiated on an individual basis. Donation structure and commercial agreement terms may vary by brand.
  • Brands included in the savingsCARES program acknowledge that donations will be applied for a promotional period/limited time to be negotiated as part of the commercial agreement between and the participating brand.
  • Donations beyond’s initial $5,000 minimum (first 1000 downloads) are tracked per individual commercial agreements with participating brands. Brands must opt-in to savingsCARES campaigns for purchases to trigger such donations.
  • Purchases credited to users arriving from a charity partner link may accrue donations as per commercial agreement terms between and such charity and are not associated with savingsCARES campaigns.