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Top Zales Black Friday Deals

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20% Off Rose Gold Jewelry

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10% Off Select Items

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How to save money at Zales this Black Friday

Every savvy shopper loves Black Friday. It’s one of the best days of the year for people who want to save money. If you’re looking for a great Black Friday 2020 discount, look no further than Zales. Because Zales tends to have products that are more on the expensive side, that means you can also save hundreds of dollars on every Zales product you purchase during Black Friday 2020 and throughout the year with Zales coupons.

You might wonder whether the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way you’re making your purchases this year for Black Friday. Take a look at how Zales is handling COVID-19 and consider how you can use this process to make your Black Friday shopping safer.

  • One of the reasons many people choose to go to a Zales store is to speak with a jewelry consultant. The good news is that jewelry consultants are available over the phone, through live chat, or with a virtual appointment. They can help you with your online shopping.

  • Many Zales stores are now offering curbside concierge services by appointment. These concierge services include purchases, returns, repair pickup and repair take-in. If you need any of these services, check to see whether your local Zales store is offering them.

  • Shipping time frames may change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Zales is doing its best to minimize the impact on shipping. As long as you shop for in-stock products, you shouldn’t experience any shipping delays either now or during Black Friday.

There are many ways to experience the best 2020 Black Friday deals out there. One of the best ways to do it is with Whether you’re purchasing Zales products in your day-to-day life or you’re buying on Black Friday 2020 to save a lot of money, it’s important for you to use to make sure you’re getting those great Black Friday deals.

  • At Zales, the discounts may range wildly, largely because of how incredibly high-quality Zales’s products tend to be in the first place. That means during Black Friday, you may run into Zales products as highly discounted as 50% off. It depends largely on the product, so make sure you look at the Zales products you’re interested in to get more information about your possible discounts.

  • Local Zales stores are always a great place to go if you’re looking for an incredible Black Friday discount. Local stores may have different sales from the sales you’ll find online, which means if you want more personalized discounts, you might want to check one of your local stores.

  • Rings are far and away the most well-known Zales pieces. If you’re looking to save money on a ring, especially an engagement or wedding ring, Zales is a great place to go during Black Friday. You can find the ring of your dreams at a much less expensive price.

Sure, rings may be what you think of when you think of Zales, but Zales extends far beyond rings as well. Even if you have no interest in getting an engagement or wedding ring, you can still utilize Black Friday to get a great deal on your Zales purchase. Keep an eye open for these Zales discounts and deals.

  • The Zales Create Your Own section is perfect if you’re looking for something with that perfect personalized touch to it. Create Your Own caters mostly to personalized rings, but there are plenty of personalized jewelry options that may offer a certain discount when you purchase them during Black Friday.

  • Necklaces are a great way to spice up your jewelry life. Necklaces come in many different styles, ranging from statement pieces to ultra-dainty tiny chains. Regardless of which one is more your style, you can pick up a necklace that will always be a pride and joy by waiting until Black Friday, which can give you discounts on those necklaces.

  • You might not immediately think of watches when you think of jewelry, but it’s true that watches can be just as much a statement piece as any jewelry piece you might otherwise wear. If you want the best possible look for your watches this year, make sure you find a great style and then see if it goes on sale during the Black Friday discount.

So what’s Zales going to showcase this year for Black Friday? Probably the best way to find out what Zales is going to do for this Black Friday is to look at what it’s done for previous Black Friday sales. Here’s how Zales has performed previously.

  • In 2019, Zales offered 30-50% off everything, something that’s become very common for Zales during its Black Friday sales. If you were an online shopper, you were able to get free shipping within the United States, and all products, including Black Friday sale products, were covered by the 60-day return policy, which typically makes it easy for you to purchase a Christmas gift.

  • The 2018 sale was very similar to the 2019 sale, with 30-50% off everything in the store. Additionally, there were hundreds of items that had the coveted 50% off tag. This was also the year for Mickey Mouse products, as 2018 marked the 90-year anniversary of the beloved cartoon character. Plus, Zales started its 2018 sale early, with just about an entire month of scattered sales leading up to Black Friday.

  • Zales’s 2017 sale had a similar premise as the 2018 and 2019 sales, with the 30-50% off option heavily available for a variety of people. If you were looking for a great discount, you could also utilize the doorbusters, which Zales has stopped doing as much in recent years.

Zales Black Friday FAQs

Can I get my ring cleaned during the COVID-19 pandemic?

One of the reasons many people love their Zales rings is because of the jewelry cleaning options they get as part of their purchases. Diamond rings even typically come with free cleaning for life. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people weren’t able to come in to get their Zales ring clean. Right now, many Zales locations are offering curbside concierge services, where you can drop off your ring, get it cleaned, then come back to get the clean ring.

Are consultant services still available if my local store is closed or only partially open?

Jewelry consultant services are a crucial element of the Zales experience, but some people don’t want to come into their local Zales store just to get jewelry consulting services. If you’re interested in jewelry consultant services but you don’t want to come into a Zales store in person, you can still talk to a jewelry consultant over the phone, through live chat, or by a virtual appointment.

Will Zales offer online Black Friday sales this year?

Many stores are choosing to offer online Black Friday sales this year due to many people’s hesitancy with Black Friday shopping in person. Because Zales has offered Black Friday sales online for many years, there’s no reason to assume they’ll stop doing it now. Keep an eye on the official Zales social media sites and on to make sure you know what the company is doing.