Jordan Nishkian

Jordan Nishkian

Holiday Deals Expert

Always shopping with an eye for bargains, Jordan’s ability to find anything at a great price has led her friends and family to coin her as a sort of deal detective. While she’s still waiting for Netflix to pick up the “Deal Detective" series, she’s happy to be helping real-life shoppers find online savings in the meantime.

Since 2017, she has written for a number of brands and lifestyle publications, including Veritone, Anderson Bros Design and Supply, Old Navy, Apple, Locale Magazine, Nobleman Magazine, and more. Some of her favorite articles covered local artists and businesses, and she loves writing about everything from culture and design to food and fashion. She’s been fortunate enough to interview a multitude of interesting individuals, and some of her most memorable subjects have been Clive Standen, Brenda Song, and David Hasselhoff.

Although she’s found her professional niches in editorial and SEO copywriting, she also enjoys writing fiction and poetry. Her works have been featured in over 45 literary publications, and she was the winner of the 2021 Rollick Fiction Prize. Jordan is a co-founder of Ink and Quill Publications, the editor in chief of Mythos Magazine, and the author of “Kindred," a novella.

To learn more about Jordan, you can follow her on social media, or view her complete portfolio here.

Jordan’s Budget-Friendly Hacks

  • Have fun with DIY projects! You’ll save money and be super impressed by what you can accomplish.
  • As a book lover, I’ve been known to drop plenty of dollars on my library. To save money, shop at a local used bookstore, or make use of your neighborhood library!
  • We can all use a getaway, but travel might not always be budget-friendly. I recommend taking a staycation and roaming a nearby city the way tourists would! You get to appreciate your area with fresh eyes and save some major expenses.

Fun Facts About Jordan

When she’s not working, Jordan can be found spending time on her passion projects or trying out a new recipe — and probably making a mess in the kitchen while she’s at it.

One of her favorite projects has been working on a cookbook with MaxLove Project, a charity supporting families surviving childhood cancer, related pediatric rare diseases, and chronic hospitalizations.

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