Popular Deals in Flowers & Gifts

Online Flower Coupons and Gift Deals

Flowers and gifts are a universal way to show care and appreciation, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion. From stunning bouquets and gift baskets to edible treats and timeless keepsakes, a little gesture goes a long way. While memorable gifts are priceless, you can always make sure you get a great deal when sending a present to a loved one.

Read our Mother’s Day shopping guides for gift ideas and flower delivery deals:

Savvy Tips for Saving on Flowers and Gifts

If you’re looking to send flowers or gifts for an occasion like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, your best bet is to look for discounts advertised by retailers. During holidays that typically call for flowers and gifts (like Christmas or Easter), you’ll always find a deal in the weeks leading up to the occasion.

Take Advantage of Online Sales

You can always find flowers within your price range if you know where to look. Popular flower retailers like 1-800 Flowers have a Sale section where you can find online discounts of up to 40% on bouquets and gifts. The Bouqs has an Under $50 section where you can find beautifully arranged flowers that fit your price range. You can also check out the Deal of the Day from Harry and David if you’re looking for delectable treats at major discounts.

Subscribe and Save

Whether you enjoy fine flowers and treats or have quite a few loved ones to give gifts to monthly, you can save more on your purchases by signing up for a bouquet or gift subscription. Some flower delivery services, including The Bouqs, will waive shipping costs if you sign up. Additionally, many gift retailers offer a discount when you get a monthly subscription — Shari’s Berries gives subscription members 10% off their orders.

Double Check for Flower Delivery Coupons

Even if there are no ongoing holiday specials, you can always look for coupon codes to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your purchase. Most flower and gift retailers, like Teleflora, have coupon codes to reward first-time customers for trying their products. You can usually find these codes by signing up for an email newsletter or looking on the homepage.

How to Find the Best Gift and Flower Delivery Discounts

When it comes to flowers, you’ll save more on deliveries around holidays if you schedule them in advance. Flower retailers usually charge more for delivery as it gets closer to a holiday, since the demand for deliveries is high. Try sending flowers earlier in the week — the bouquet recipient will get to enjoy fresh flowers and celebrate the holiday in the days leading up to it.

Stores that specialize in edible or personalized gifts, such as Crystal Plus and M&M’s, often offer free shipping for a minimum order amount. Even if you don’t find a delivery discount, try looking for other deals to offset the cost of shipping. Most places will give you a coupon code for signing up for their newsletter if you’re a first-time customer.