James Moore

James Moore

Writer, Tech

James Moore is a writer for Savings.com, specializing in tech and gaming content. James has loved writing since childhood and began his freelance writing career in 2016, writing instructional content, riddles, and new hire training materials for a local escape room.

While James currently lives with his wonderful wife in the Los Angeles area, his heart will always belong to sunny San Diego, the birthplace of the California burrito and Land of 31 Beaches (no, he can’t name them all). When James isn’t typing away in his office or reading an ever-growing stack of books, he’s helping others tell their own stories through voice acting, creating adventures for his Dungeons & Dragons friends, and filling his house with the smell of delicious baked goods.

James believes that patient saving and timely spending (read: quietly creating a wishlist and waiting for the right moment to strike) are two of the greatest keys to an effective, healthy financial life. He and his wife deeply enjoy exploring the possibilities that open up through their collective efforts to dream big, spend intentionally, and share the best parts of life with others.

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