Monica Luhar

Monica Luhar

Writer & Editor

Monica Luhar is a writer and editor for & Savvy. For over a decade, she has worked as a journalist, social media editor, and freelance copywriter for various news media. She previously worked as an assistant digital producer for two seasons of “SoCal Connected," a weekly newsmagazine show at KCET-TV. Her original reported features have appeared in KCET, NBC News, India-West, DiversityComm, VICE, HelloGiggles, KPCC, and other online publications and print media.

These days, Monica works as a freelance copywriter and content writer where she focuses on amplifying content for women of color, premium brands, and niche tech recruiting firms. The topics she covers include everything from health/wellness, women empowerment, home security, fashion, entrepreneurship, bargains, ecommerce, and more. You can view her editorial work here.

Monica is based in Los Angeles, California, and is a proud South Asian creative that is on a mission to tell and share impactful stories. During her free time, she enjoys DIY projects, watching foreign films, visiting flea markets, writing affirmations for her Etsy shop, and blogging and producing podcast episodes for

Deal hunting started off as a childhood hobby that eventually morphed into extreme couponing and frequent trips to the grocery store with her grandfather. Since then, Monica has kept her grandfather’s dream alive by scouring social media and the web for some of the best bargains. She’ll help you find “ savvy" ways to save and get discounts on your favorite items. For Monica, writing about deals is a “big deal."

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