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Prescription Lenses: $10 Off Orders Over $100

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1800Contacts - Frequently Asked Questions

What are 1800Contacts's best coupons?

Prescription Lenses: $10 Off Orders Over $100 - Get Code

20% Off Your First Order - Get Deal

Does 1-800 Contacts have a price guarantee?

The Best Price Guarantee from 1-800 Contacts makes sure you get the best deal on your contacts at all times. If you find a lower price from a company in the United States, contact customer service to get a price match at 1-800 Contacts.

Will 1-800 Contacts take vision insurance?

1-800 Contacts is in-network for most vision companies and even out-of-network for many companies. If you have vision insurance, give 1-800 Contacts your vision insurance information to get your discount automatically at checkout.

Can I renew my prescription through 1-800 Contacts?

If you currently have a prescription that’s expired, no need to worry. 1-800 Contacts can help you renew your prescription using the company’s app. Just give the company some information and renew your current prescription with ease so you can get your contacts.

1800Contacts Info & Tips

How do I make sure I'm getting the right type of contacts?

It might be difficult to read your own prescription, especially if you're ordering on your own for the first time. Your prescription will include certain measurements for the eye, as well as information about whether you need specialty contact lenses, such as bifocal or multifocal lenses. Your prescription will also have the prescription strength for each eye: OD for the right eye, OS for the left eye, and OU for both eyes.

One of the important things your prescription will list is the brand you should buy. This isn't just your prescriber suggesting the brand he or she believes is the best; every brand of contacts is made with different materials, styles, and measurements, so it's important to stick with the brand you were prescribed. If you're wondering whether you can substitute another brand for the one you were prescribed, or you're confused as to what your prescription means, don't be afraid to contact customer service.

Can I buy contacts if my prescription is expired?

If your prescription is out-of-date, 1-800 Contacts can help you renew it for $19.99. You'll use both your computer and your phone to take a short vision test and get a prescription that works for your eye problems, and then you'll be able to order your contact lenses with absolutely no problems. Don't worry about having to do the exam every time you order, either, as the prescription issued by 1-800 Contacts will be good for at least one year, which is the minimum amount of time required by law.

Certain restrictions do apply; the vision exam is not a full eye exam, and cannot give you your first prescription. In addition, the online vision exam will only work on those who are 18-55 years old and have generally healthy eyes, and is only available in certain states. However, 1-800 Contacts' online vision exam has been clinically confirmed as being comparable to a traditional exam performed by an optometrist.

Does 1-800 Contacts provide a subscription service?

Whether you're buying daily disposable contacts or you only replace your lenses once a month, you're going to need a refill on your contacts eventually. That's why 1-800 Contacts provides a subscription service, so you can keep your contact lenses ready without worrying about forgetting to re-order. Subscription is easy and free, and can even save you money on your recurring orders. If you stop needing contacts, or you're not using them for a little while, you can skip your next delivery, delay the delivery, or cancel altogether whenever you like.

How expensive is shipping?

If you order your contacts through the website, you'll qualify for free standard shipping to the U.S. or Canada, no matter how much you spend on your contacts. In the United States, you can upgrade to expedited shipping for $14.99, or next day shipping for $19.99; in Canada, you can upgrade to Canada Express for $26.99. For international orders, standard shipping is $19.99 and express shipping is $35.99. Prices don't reflect taxes, duties, or customs, which you'll be responsible for. Certain restrictions do apply, and 1-800 Contacts can't ship lenses to Mexico or Spain.

What if there's a problem with my contacts?

1-800 Contacts accepts returns on all unused lenses that are sealed in their original packaging, and will replace torn lenses. If your prescription changes, it'll even take back all your unused lenses with your old prescription and then replace them with the new prescription.

What's the best way to ensure that I'm getting the best deal on my contacts?

  • Check the 1-800 Contacts rebate page to see if there are any rebates you can use to reduce the cost of your contact lenses.

  • Use Savings.com to keep up to date on the most exclusive offers, so you can use the best 1-800 Contacts coupon or promo code for your specific order.

  • Take advantage of the 1-800 Contacts coupon for students to save 10% on your contact lens order!

  • Check with your insurance company to see if 1-800 Contacts is approved. If not, it still may be an out-of-network provider; all you have to do is submit an insurance claim form and receipt to the insurance company and you'll get your insurance-covered contact lenses!

Did You Know?

1-800 CONTACTS isn't merely the largest online contacts retailer; it's the largest contact lens store, period. It has an inventory of over 15 million contacts, making it extremely likely that you'll be able to buy even hard-to-find brands, and it's well-trusted by contacts users across the country. The company's filled over 30 million orders for more than eight million people, and every day, it delivers more than 200,000 contact lenses. With a centralized distribution factory that fills orders quickly and efficiently, it's able to keep costs down, and that means you get a better deal. Whether you're unsatisfied with your current service, trying to find a rare lens brand, or searching for a better price, 1-800 CONTACTS wants to help.

The most important part about getting your new contacts is making sure that your old prescription is still correct. If your vision has changed since the last time you got contacts, you may need to change your prescription to get the same benefits. Instead of booking another appointment with an optometrist, 1-800 CONTACTS offers a program where you can perform an eye exam at home. Once you've completed the exam, a certified optometrist will renew your prescription with the correct information. It's a less expensive way to make sure your renewal is as effective as it was when you went to the optometrist previously.

If you use contacts, whether exclusively or occasionally, you're going to need to replace them regularly. To help you get new contacts in the mail when you need them, even if you forget to re-order, 1-800 CONTACTS has a subscription program. You just choose the contacts you wear every day and then determine the frequency at which you want them shipped to your home. When you create a subscription, you save money on the contacts themselves, receive free shipping and returns, and not have to worry about remembering your next shipment. Plus, you can skip, delay, or cancel your subscription at any point if you're using your contact lenses less frequently than usual.

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