27 Family-Friendly Activities Available at the Great Wolf Lodge — The Largest Indoor Water Park Resort in America

Written by Deanna Nguyen | September 22, 2021

Thanks for reading! This article is sponsored by Great Wolf Lodge. All products featured were hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen by our editorial team, and any items listed below were in-stock with accurate pricing at the time of publication.

If you haven’t already heard about Great Wolf Lodge by now, you’ll want to book your stay after learning everything there is to know about America's largest indoor water park resort. Summer might be over according to the calendar, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it last a little longer by enjoying family-fun activities such as water slides, a bowling alley, an arcade, and so much more. Whether they’re for toddlers, kids, teenagers, or adults, Great Wolf Lodge’s activities and attractions will keep everyone out of the hotel room and into endless fun!

Plus, get up to a 20% discount at Great Wolf Lodge when you book your stay from Sunday through Thursday!

Activities and attractions will vary by location, but rest assured there’s no shortage of family fun and entertainment at Great Wolf Lodge. Here’s your guide to all the activities you and your family can enjoy while on an extended post-summer vacation!

Indoor Water Park Attractions

Great Wolf Lodge is famous for its indoor water park — and for good reason! With plenty of different aspects to keep the fun going for as long as possible, the water park is an instant splash for all age groups. Day passes for the water park include all-day access in 84-degree temperature, free life jackets for the entire family, and free passes for kids, 2 years old and under. Full-day passes are eligible from open to close while half-day passes are from 4 p.m. to close. Prices will vary depending on your arrival date and quantity, but be quick about reserving passes because they will sell out!

Want to know more about what your family can do at the water park and which activities are for certain age groups? Take a look below! As a reminder, every location offers different indoor water park features.

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Alberta Falls

1. Alberta Falls

Best for: Family, Adults, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: 42"

Alberta Falls is a four-story climb to blast through the tandem tube, dropping you straight to the plunge pool. With banking turns and steep pitches, you’ll be exhilarated from the start of the ride to its end!

Fort Mackenzie

2. Fort Mackenzie

Best for: Family, Children, Toddlers
Thrill Level: Love
Min. Height Requirement: 42"

Treehouses don’t necessarily have to be on dry land. Explore Fort Mackenzie as the water tree fort is all levels of fun and excitement with interactive water toys and kid-activated splash features. Listen for the bell because that’s when the gigantic waterbuck on top is ready to tip over!

Raccoon Lagoon

3. Raccoon Lagoon

Best for: Family, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Low
Min. Height Requirement: None

Need some vitamin D while cooling off in the water? Head over to Raccoon Lagoon, an outdoor oasis with an all-around three-foot, six-inch deepwater play area, fountains, and lots of poolside seating to soak up the sun rays.

Slap Tail Pond

4. Slap Tail Pond

Best for: Family, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: None

Catch waves at Slap Tail Pond without needing a surfboard! From zero-depth-entry shallows to the five-foot deep end, the whole family can enjoy wave pools and the ocean’s tide, making you feel like you’re spending the day at the beach.

Coyote Cannon

5. Coyote Cannon

Best for: Family, Adults, Teens
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: 48"

For older age groups, Coyote Cannon is the definition of endless thrill. The 40-foot drop into a water-jet-fueled vortex will have you spinning until you make the perfect splash landing!

River Canyon Run

6. River Canyon Run

Best for: Family, Adults
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: 42"

Adults deserve to have fun too! That’s why the River Canyon Run is a family favorite as it’s the signature water slide, making you careen, twist, glide, and raft in a river of dips and bending curves.

Whooping Hollow

7. Whooping Hollow

Best for: Children, Toddlers
Thrill Level: Low
Max. Height Requirement: 52"

The little ones will enjoy Whooping Hollow for the gentle slopes and tiny dips in a play pool that’s kid-friendly. Adult supervision is required and kids must be under 52 inches tall to have access to Whooping Hollow.

Cub Paw Pool

8. Cub Paw Pool

Best for: Children, Toddlers
Thrill Level: Low
Max. Height Requirement: 52"

For more kid-friendly pools, Cub Paw Pool is ideal territory for toddlers and kids with endless energy. With tiny kiddie slides, geysers, zero-depth entry, water cannons, and more, the little ones will tire out really quickly and crash for a nap, leaving the adults to rest (or play)!

Crooked Creek

9. Crooked Creek

Best for: Family, Adults, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Low
Min. Height Requirement: None

For a chill ride, Crooked Creek is the lazy river that everyone’s been looking for. Great for all ages, the river lets you float along with the gentle current and relax while staying cool.

Chinook Cove

10. Chinook Cove

Best for: Family, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Low
Min. Height Requirement: None

Indoor water basketball anyone? Chinook Cove is the place to be if you want to practice your hook shots, free throws, and rebounds in a new environment. Get the whole family to join for competitive or casual matches!

Totem Towers

11. Totem Towers

Best for: Family, Children, Toddlers
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: None

Kids who’ve been playing at Fort Mackenzie can make their escape via the Totem Towers! The water slides are a fun way to compete with a friend or a sibling to see who’ll reach the finish line first.

Big Foot Pass

12. Big Foot Pass

Best for: Family, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: None

For teens and kids who want to challenge themselves, Big Foot Pass is full of giant, floating lily pads and cargo nets to test their balance, dexterity, and strength. If they slip or fall, they’ll be met with soft, warm water landings!

Howlin’ Tornado

13. Howlin’ Tornado

Best for: Family, Adults, Teens
Thrill Level: High
Min. Height Requirement: 48"

Intense thrills are at Howlin’ Tornado, which isn’t for the faint of heart! The super-fast thrill ride allows up to four in a raft to go through the tilting twists and turns before dropping into the six-story funnel.

Wolf Tail

14. Wolf Tail

Best for: Family, Teens
Thrill Level: High
Min. Height Requirement: 48"

Want your stomach to drop? Take on Wolf Tail where you step into a launchpad and the floor drops out from under you! You’ll find yourself in a nearly vertical, 20-foot free fall followed by a 360-degree, high-speed loop.

Mountain Edge Raceway

15. Mountain Edge Raceway

Best for: Family, Adults, Teens, Children
Thrill Level: Medium
Min. Height Requirement: 42"

If your family has a need for speed, Mountain Edge Raceway is where you’ll reignite your competitive spirits! Rocket head-first through twists and turns of a toboggan style, four-story drop and discover how fast you can go.

Land Attractions

For dry land activities, Great Wolf Lodge has plenty of water-free attractions for the whole family to enjoy. Save money by choosing one of three passes: Wolf Pass, Paw Pass, and Pup Pass! The Wolf Pass starts at $79.99 per package and is best for families, teens, and children. The Paw Pass starts at $59.99 per package and is best for teens and children. The Pup Pass starts from $49.99 per package and is best for children and toddlers. Depending on the age group and how much fun the family wants from the attractions, you’ll find great value in each pass!

Below are some of the popular attractions that are just as fun as splashing around at the indoor water park.

Savings Tip: For additional discounts, be on the lookout for Great Wolf Lodge coupons and promo codes.

16. MagiQuest

Included with: Wolf Pass, Paw Pass

If you want to be the main character, MagiQuest is your chance to shine! Go on a quest by choosing a special magic wand and dive into Vellara, the realm of imagination, where you’ll protect the realm portals alongside the Guardians. Make friends, defeat enemies, and earn the title of “Master Magi"!

Ten Paw Alley

17. Ten Paw Alley

Included with: Wolf Pass

Bowling is always a good time, so gear up at Ten Paw Alley and aim for a perfect 300 game or just play for fun! No special shoes are required and the lanes are shorter and smaller, making it an easy activity that even the little ones can enjoy.

Northern Arcade Lights

18. Northern Arcade Lights

Included with: Wolf Pass, Paw Pass, Pup Pass

Games, rewards, and excitement — the Northern Arcade Lights is where you’ll find challenging and entertaining games to play solo or with the family! Whether it’s classic or brand new games, strive for Paw Points because you can redeem these for prizes.

Howl at the Moon Glow Golf

19. Howl at the Moon Glow Golf

Included with: Wolf Pass

Be a part of the pack and practice your swing at Howl at the Moon Glow Golf, an immersive blacklight experience that brings a nature-themed forest to life! With nine creatively designed holes to challenge and entertain the whole family, the unique golf course is one you can’t miss.

Savings Tip: Recently, Great Wolf Lodge started the Free Change Program to allow guests to move their reservation date to a future date without penalty fees. As long as you make the change at least 24 hours before your arrival date, you won’t be penalized with a $50 fee.
Lazer Frenzy

20. Lazer Frenzy

Included with: N/A

Pretend you’re in “Mission Impossible" with Lazer Frenzy, where you challenge yourself to avoid getting hit by colored beams of light while navigating through a maze! Skip, hop, bend, reach, jump, and dodge while immersing yourself in the exciting music and special effects. It’s an activity for the whole family and perfect for those who live for thrills and the fast pace!

Build-a-Bear Workshop

21. Build-a-Bear Workshop

Included with: Pup Pass

Build-a-Bear Workshop has made its way to Great Wolf Lodge, and if you want your kids to go back home with a souvenir, a stuffed animal personally made by them is a great choice. Pick outfits, costumes, and accessories and help your kids bring their new best friend to life by giving it a heart!

Entertainment Events

The fun and entertainment don’t stop at the indoor water park and attractions; a handful of events occur at Great Wolf Lodge at no additional cost! For a daily schedule of events, download the mobile app to keep track of which ones you and your family want to participate in.

Expect the following events to appear in the schedule and plan accordingly so you’ll create more memories with your family!

Character Appearances

22. Character Appearances

Catch the Great Wolf Kids roaming around the lodge and snap a picture or give them a hug! Get a chance to meet Wiley the Woof or Violet and let out your best howl. Just be in the right spot at the right time!

Story Time

23. Story Time

If your kids love going to the library, they’ll enjoy Story Time at Great Wolf Lodge. Dress them up in their comfiest clothes so they can cozy up for bedtime stories. After a jam-packed day full of activities, they’ll be knocked out in a heartbeat once they’re lulled to sleep by stories.

Savings Tip: Check out the Deals page for current or ongoing promotions to help you save while you stay at Great Wolf Lodge. Deals will vary by location, so make sure you switch to the one that’s closest to you!
The Forest Friends Show

24. The Forest Friends Show

For a more animated storytelling experience, The Forest Friends Show is where the kids can put on their wolf ears and watch Forest Friends characters tell wild and exciting stories with songs. The whole family can join in and clap and sing along with the musical group!

Yoga Tails

25. Yoga Tails

Need to cool down in a different way? Yoga Tails is where the whole family can find their inner Zen and take a deep breath from all the swimming, splashing, and playing. The yoga class is designed for all age groups and stimulates energy, imagination, and self-expression!

Dance Party

26. Dance Party

Bust out dance moves with the whole family at dance parties, which are hosted at night just before bedtime. It’s the perfect way to dispel your kids’ remaining energy before they head to bed.

Arts & Crafts

27. Arts & Crafts

For a hands-on experience, Great Wolf Lodge hosts arts and crafts workshops to get kids’ creative gears going. You can join in and help them build, create, and improve their skills while instilling confidence in whatever they make!

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