Best T-Mobile Deals 2021: Free Smartphones, Top Offers for New Customers, Plan Upgrades, and More

Written by Deanna Nguyen | April 15, 2021

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As the third-largest mobile carrier in the U.S., T-Mobile is a name that many of us see at the top corners of our smartphone screens. It also provides the largest and fastest 5G network. While some of us are still on 4G, it won’t be long before we all experience faster speeds, more reliable connectivity, and less traffic congestion. Whether you’re late to the party or want to switch mobile providers, T-Mobile offers a slew of deals and special offers that you don’t want to pass up on!

Among the T-Mobile deals you’ll find, some last year-round while others are seasonal. Existing customers will get different offers than new customers. Plus, T-Mobile might cut you a better deal if you upgrade your plan. Instead of hopping on a phone call with a representative or clicking around on the website, we’ve listed all the T-Mobile deals you need to find in one place.

Below are the latest T-Mobile offers and the best smartphone deals that will help you save money. Here’s what you can expect:

The Best T-Mobile Deals for April 2021

Get 50% off on a OnePlus 9 5G

The Deets: Must add a new service line to an eligible plan or trade in a qualifying device in good condition.

If you like to stay out of the mainstream smartphone groups, then consider OnePlus! You have the opportunity to grab a OnePlus 9 5G for only half the price. Just add a new line to your current T-Mobile plan or trade in a qualifying device that’s in good condition. See the full terms for a complete list of eligible devices. You’ll get 24 monthly bill credits that total up to $365. Why bother with the OnePlus 9 5G? For starters, you’ll be able to connect via T-Mobile’s advanced LTE network and the Extended Range 5G network, which offers ultra-fast speeds. It comes with an all-new Quad Camera system with a 48MP main sensor that’s completely customized by Sony. It’s available in two colors: Winter Mist and Astral Black. You also get 128GB of storage, though if you’re looking for more storage, the OnePlus 9 Pro offers 256GB. Sound like a deal? We think so!

Get a Free SyncUP DRIVE

The Deets: Must add a mobile internet line on an eligible SyncUP DRIVE plan.

Looking for deals that aren’t related to smartphones? If you’re on the road often, T-Mobile’s SyncUP DRIVE device makes your trips safer and smarter. With a built-in GPS, trackers for vehicle performance, health, maintenance, and recall, and a Wi-Fi hotspot, the SyncUP DRIVE helps reduce the risks of accidents, getting lost, and car troubles. So, how do you get this for free? Sign up for a mobile internet line on an eligible SyncUP DRIVE plan and you’ll get 24 monthly bill credits that total up to $96. Running low on gas? Find nearby gas stations and compare prices to save on gas money. Plus, get digital 24/7 roadside assistance with AllState for lockouts, jumps, tire changes, tows, and more. Make sure to download the mobile app to access these features and sync it with the device — that’s the most important step!

iPhone Deals

Get up to $830 off on an iPhone 12

The Deets: Must activate a new service line on an eligible plan and trade in an eligible iPhone. Limited time offer.

Whether it’s the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max, get up to $830 off on any iPhone 12 model or one that’s completely free! All you have to do is open a new service line on your new or current plan and trade in an eligible iPhone. You will receive 24 monthly bill credits. The iPhone 12 comes in a variety of colors and was Apple’s mainstream flagship iPhone in 2020. If you have older models, now is probably the time to upgrade with a sweet bargain, especially if you’re a new T-Mobile customer. The iPhone 12 models are also 5G compatible, so if you want to experience the next generation cellular network and connectivity, the opportunity is right there! This deal can’t be used with other discounts and promos, and only a max of four devices per account are permitted.

Get Half off on an iPhone 11

The Deets: Must activate or add a new service line to a current or new eligible plan.

Still on the iPhone 11 bandwagon instead of jumping on the iPhone 12 hype train? You don’t need to pay for a brand new iPhone 11 in full when T-Mobile is currently offering up to $300, or half, off their iPhone 11 inventory! You will receive the discount via 24 monthly bill credits after you’ve activated or added a new service line to your current or new plan. Just remember that taxes and fees aren’t included. The iPhone 11 has six finishes: black, green, yellow, purple, product red, and white. Memory includes 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. It’s also splash, water, and dust resistant, so all your worries about bringing your phone to the pool or laying it on the kitchen counter by the sink can disappear. You might even be able to get an iPhone 11 for free if you buy one and add a line!

Smartphone Deals

Get a Free Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

The Deets: Must activate a new service plan on an eligible plan and trade in an eligible device in good condition.

Samsung Galaxy is staying ahead of the competition by churning out new models every year, especially ones that are 5G compatible. With this deal, you get a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G for free when you activate a new line on an eligible plan and trade in an eligible device that’s in good condition. Sounds easy, right? You’ll get 24 monthly bill credits, but if you cancel early, you might have to pay back the full price of the smartphone, which is $800. What’s the big deal with the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, you ask? Well, it comes in four phantom color variations: gray, violet, pink, and white. It also comes in 128 GB or 256 GB of memory space and is optimal for mobile gaming. Let’s not forget that it has 5G connectivity; get the fastest and most reliable mobile network service on your new smartphone without paying the full price!

Get 50% off an LG Wing

The Deets: Must have or switch to an eligible plan. Limited time offer.

Some of us are neither Team Apple nor Team Samsung, which leaves plenty of other smartphone brands like LG. Now’s your chance to grab the LG Wing for half off, as long as you have or switch to a T-Mobile plan. You’ll get 24 monthly bill credits, which total up to $500. The LG Wing comes in two colors: Illusion Sky and Aurora Gray. With 256 GB of memory space, this smartphone has a swivel mode, the first LG device to have two active displays, breaking the boundaries. It’s also 5G compatible, so you’ll be on the same cellular network as Apple and Samsung smartphone users. The LG Wing packs a ton of advanced features, making it a great companion for creativity, productivity, and entertainment. While LG isn’t as common, it still keeps up with the latest trends and doesn’t fall far behind when it comes to the next generation of advanced cellular technology.

New Customer Deals

Get the Essentials 3rd Line Free

The Deets: Must activate at least three new service lines. Limited time offer.

Aside from free smartphone deals, new T-Mobile customers have the chance to get a free service line. The Essentials 3rd Line Free promotion basically lets you get the third line for free, which you’ll receive via monthly bill credits, when you activate at least two new lines. Paid phone lines must be active to continue receiving credits, and you must activate all the lines within the promotional period. The Essentials unlimited plan costs $26 per line for four lines; this rate doesn’t include taxes and fees. You’ll save up to 30% off your plan compared to other competitive mobile service providers. Under the Essentials plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and data, 5G connectivity at no extra cost, best-in-wireless scam protection, unlimited texting abroad, SD streaming, and more. Because this is a promotion, you’ll want to hop on this offer as soon as you can before it ends!

Existing Customer Deals

Add Two New Lines and Get One Free

The Deets: Must have an existing eligible plan and add two new service lines. See full terms for excluded accounts/plans.

If you’ve been with T-Mobile for a while, you’re probably wondering when you’ll be presented with exclusive offers for being loyal. Well, your prayers have been heard — add two new lines to your current (eligible) plan and get the third one for free! What’s great about this deal is that you can stack this with the Essentials 3rd Line Free promotion, which is available for both new and existing customers. So for single line customers, they must add four new lines to get the third and fifth lines for free. While this offer has some strings attached, it benefits large households. Even if you don’t live in a large household, you can add your friends or family members to the plan and just have them pay their monthly bills separately. One or two people will get to enjoy the free line, which could be you, so it’s a great deal for expanding your plan.

Upgrade Deals

Lease a Device for Zero to Little Down With Low Monthly Payments Through JUMP! On Demand

The Deets: Devices must be returned in good condition. Limited time offer.

Not committed to a smartphone? JUMP! On Demand allows you to upgrade your leased devices every 30 days. You must lease a device for 18 months; models with increased memory space or premium features may require a larger upfront payment. When you do want to upgrade, just bring in your leased device, have it inspected, and swap it with a new device once approved. New and postpaid customers are eligible for JUMP! On Demand. You’ll pay off the device in nine payments (no interest), and at the end of your term, you’ll pay the remaining balance. Once paid, just give the device back to T-Mobile and make sure that it’s in good condition. When you choose from select top brands, you get $100 back no matter your credit score. From an iPhone SE to a Samsung Galaxy A11, the options laid out for you.

Expired T-Mobile Deals

Buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note10, Get One Free

The Deets: Must activate a new service line on an eligible plan and buy one device on a monthly payment plan.

While this deal is no longer available, T-Mobile is currently offering similar deals for newer Samsung Galaxy models like the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. New and existing customers qualified for the deal; they simply needed to activate a new qualifying service line on an eligible plan and pay over the course of 24 months for the smartphone device. The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes in five colors: Prism White, Prism Black, Prism Green, Ceramic White, and Ceramic Black. It comes with multiple cameras and records in UHD 4K. ROM size is 512 GB, which is plenty of storage for heavy app users. More of a tablet person? The Note10 is fast and offers the same amount of storage as a laptop’s at 256 GB. If you bought a S10, you could get the Note10 for free under this deal.

Switch and Get up to $700 off on an iPhone 11

The Deets: Must join T-Mobile, activate a new service line on an eligible plan, buy an iPhone 11 on a monthly plan, and get up to $700 back via 24 monthly bill credits.

As each year gives us newer iPhone models, we bid the older ones farewell and never look back. The same can be said with T-Mobile’s offers on iPhones; customers want the newer models, so the iPhone 11 has become irrelevant compared to the iPhone 12 and beyond. That’s not to say this deal has completely gone away; now, it’s up to $300 off or buy one, get one free. New customers had to switch from a different mobile provider to T-Mobile, open up a new line on an eligible plan, and buy any version of the iPhone 11 on a monthly payment plan before getting up to $700 back in 24 monthly bill credits. To qualify for the free iPhone 11, new customers needed to open up at least two eligible lines. These requirements still apply for the amended deal, but the value of the iPhone 11 has decreased, so it’s no surprise that the deal itself has changed to a lower savings amount too.

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