Jacqueline Quach

Jacqueline Quach

Shopping Deals Expert

Jacqueline Quach is a writer for Savvy. Her topics of interest include health and wellness, beauty, lifestyle, sustainability, and travel, and she has written for publications, such as Dayspa Magazine. In addition to freelance writing, Jacqueline pens short stories, screenplays, and ideas for film shorts.

When she’s not writing, she’s luxuriating in the warmth of a cup of tea and reading a good book. You’ll also find her spending her free time in nature, going on hikes, and practicing yoga. Jacqueline loves traveling and is wildly curious about the world; in fact, she daydreams about spending time in Italy to learn its mother tongue. Her list of travel destinations is continuously growing.

For as long as she can remember, Jacqueline has been an enthusiast of great deals and high-quality items. She got into bargain hunting as a teenager shopping for clothes, and continued cultivating her knack for discovering great deals as her tastes became more luxurious. Her philosophy when it comes to spending: let every dollar spent bring more pleasure into your life. Now, she uses her ability to discover great deals for the greater good, sharing the tips and tricks she’s learned from more than a decade of bargain hunting.

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Jacqueline’s Budget-Friendly Hacks

Spend more to save more

There are certain items worth investing that give more value over time, including apparel basics, workhorse kitchen tools, and great bedsheets. You’ll know which things deserve a bit more of your dollars based on what matters to you. For example, if you love cooking (like I do), a great pan or knife makes being in the kitchen more enjoyable.

Wait to make big purchases so you can buy what really matters

In a world where we’re encouraged to buy as much as possible, you’ll find that letting a big purchase sit for a while will help you make the right decision. A few weeks is a sufficient amount of time — if purchasing it will make a difference in your life, you’ll probably be mulling over that while you wait.

Know which items are essential

For items that often get repurchased, it’s worth stocking up in larger numbers to save a good amount over time. That goes for anything that you’re bound to repurchase: socks, underwear, body lotion, trash bags, etc. Buy just enough so you can use your repurchased items without going overboard. Sometimes buying more doesn’t save you money if you notice your bulk purchases encourage you to consume more than what’s needed.

Fun Fact About Jacqueline

“I once had a serious baking phase in college. I tried baking brioche at midnight and failed, which marked the end of my aspirations to be a gourmet baker. These days, I stick to cooking — it’s much more forgiving."

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