Athleta Cyber Monday Deals & Discounts

Top Athleta Cyber Monday Deals

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$7 Flat Rate Shipping on Orders under $50

Shop at Athleta to get $7 flat rate shipping on orders under $50.

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Curbside Store Pickup Available on Select Stores

Shop at Athleta and get curbside pickup on select stores.

How to save money at Athleta this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the most interesting deal dates of the year. People love Cyber Monday for a variety of reasons. It got its name from the fact that most retailers offer Cyber Monday deals online through their website, rather than offering deals through brick-and-mortar stores like they typically do during Black Friday.

Most people consider Athleta to be a high-end retailer, but that doesn’t mean you always have to purchase Athleta products at their retail prices. Especially if you combine Athleta Cyber Monday deals with Athleta coupons, you can gather a truly incredible deal on whatever you’re looking for.

Not only is Cyber Monday essentially Black Friday’s younger cousin, but it’s also going to be a crucial sale date in 2020 when people have started avoiding in-person shopping for frankly understandable reasons. COVID-19 has made people wary of shopping, but Athleta is making it easier in a variety of ways.

  • As part of the Gap Inc. family of brands, Athleta has a vast and thorough approach to maintaining healthiness for customers and employees alike. Whether you’re just hoping to shop online this Cyber Monday or you want to go to a local store, Athleta has a number of failsafe concepts in place to help you do that safely.

  • As with many retailers, Athleta is selling simple, stylish masks you can use with your Athleta outfits or with any other outfit you use every day. Browse through the mask options to see what you might be able to add to your shopping list this Cyber Monday.

  • More and more businesses nowadays are offering options to buy products online, then pick them up in your local store. Whether you choose to go inside to pick it up or you just want to choose curbside pickup, Athleta makes it easy to get a low-price pickup option without having to go to your local store.

Most people love Cyber Monday for the discounts and deals it offers on all sorts of products. However, getting the most out of Cyber Monday is as much of a skill as getting the most out of any other sale. Here’s how you can make sure Cyber Monday works for you.

  • Coupons are a great way to get an amazing deal every day, and an Athleta coupon will be the best way for you to maximize your Cyber Monday deals. When you use an Athleta coupon, you might be able to combine it with general Cyber Monday discounts to get an even better deal on your favorite products.

  • In general, Cyber Monday and Black Friday tend to work in tandem. In fact, it’s become almost commonplace for retailers to roll their Black Friday deals into their Cyber Monday deals, essentially creating a full weekend of deals for you. That’s why it’s a good idea to look at Black Friday sales even if you’re only hoping to stay home and shop online.

  • Because Cyber Monday is going to be something many people utilize this year, there’s a good chance that most retailers will end up offering expanded Cyber Monday discounts. Keep an eye on Athleta’s social media and email newsletter to know more about these expanded discounts.

Athleta is all about athleticwear, as the name would suggest. Of course, that’s where most people’s minds immediately go when they think about what they want to purchase at Athleta. However, Athleta carries all sorts of products, some of which you may never have thought of before. Here are some less-common products to look out for this Cyber Monday.

  • Swimwear can either be athleticwear or general fashion. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sporty swimmer who needs a sleek one-piece or just a person who appreciates lounging on the beach in a bikini. Either way, you might be able to get a discount during Cyber Monday.

  • Due to COVID-19, masks are becoming part of many people’s daily wardrobes. That has led to a huge boom in the number of people who want masks with beautiful designs on them. You can find a variety of masks, including patterns of all types, through Athleta.

  • Accessories from Athleta come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from bags to water bottles to gloves and even socks. Whether you’re using these as part of your athletic gear or you just want to look a little more pretty, there are a number of reasons to look at accessories during Cyber Monday.

Most retailers have a few different types of sales they regularly go to when they’re trying to offer a great deal, and that means it’s typically possible for you to understand what Athleta will be offering this Cyber Monday, at least in a general sense. Here are a few things Athleta has focused on for Cyber Monday in the past.

  • It’s been common for Athleta to discount the entire store during Cyber Monday. The online store is a great place to go if you’re looking for a deal at Athleta during Cyber Monday, especially because it ensures that you don’t have to shop at a local Athleta store.

  • Most of the time, Athleta’s Cyber Monday sales are pretty low-key, with just one or two sitewide sales. However, this doesn’t mean you’re not getting the biggest bang for your buck. Cyber Monday sales don’t have to be expansive to be super useful.

  • When you’re looking for Cyber Monday discounts and deals, make sure you stop by to look for Athleta coupons. You never know whether these coupons will be something you can use with your Cyber Monday sales sitewide.

Athleta Cyber Monday FAQs

Is Athleta’s Black Friday sale better than its Cyber Monday sale?

There’s no such thing as a better sale, per se, for everyone. If you have specific interests, it’s always best to try and cater to those interests first and foremost rather than trying to decide how “good" a specific sale is. Always take a look at Athleta’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales together, then see which one will be best for your unique desires. Cyber Monday is a great time for deals, and Athleta is definitely going to make your Cyber Monday options even stronger than usual.

Does Athleta have in-store sales on Cyber Monday?

Even though the “cyber" part of Cyber Monday typically indicates that most of these sales will take place online, there are also sometimes in-store sales that you can take advantage of between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic happening right now, you might want to consider just shopping online instead. That’s the main draw of Cyber Monday sales, after all.

Can I shop at local Athleta stores during COVID-19?

Many local Athleta stores have started to reopen under local government guidance. If you’re looking for a way to get great Athleta products, shopping at local stores is one of the methods you can use, but you’ll have to adhere to specific requirements. Make sure you check your local stores to ensure that there aren’t any special requirements to consider.