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FedEx - Frequently Asked Questions

What are FedEx's best coupons?

40% Off Your Online Print Orders Over $100 - Get Code

20% Off Orders Over $100 - Get Code

Can I make an account at FedEx?

Making an account at FedEx is a great way to keep all your information in one place. You can create a personal or business account, depending on your needs. Regardless of which account you make, FedEx accounts also give you access to shipping discounts on all sorts of shipments. You can also track shipments to and from your address, add delivery instructions and more.

Does FedEx run specific deals in local stores?

It’s common for FedEx to run certain deals only in local stores. These deals tend to change by the month, and you can see all the information on the FedEx website. Plus, while it’s common for FedEx to run specific deals in every store, certain stores may have clear-out sections or individual sales that you can take advantage of when you visit one of your local FedEx locations.

Can I save money on other tools for a small business?

FedEx wants to offer you all the tools you need to run your small business more effectively. That includes the Print Preferred Program, which can help you with your printing needs, especially if you’re printing more than your home printer can handle. You need to apply with information about your small business and the amount of work you do with your business. Once you’re approved, you can get an additional discount on printing and apply for a credit account for printing services.

FedEx Info & Tips

Does FedEx just provide shipping services?

FedEx provides plenty of different services, including printing and shipment tracking for anyone who needs them, whether personal or small or large businesses. It also has services for in-store consultations, DIY design help, and printing from many places, including mobile devices! There are different types of services for every type of person or business, so you can be sure to find what you need.

What kind of shipping does FedEx provide?

FedEx provides shipping services to millions of people in hundreds of countries worldwide, so it offers dozens of different shipping options for all your shipment needs. You can ship with envelopes, packages, freight shipping, expedited shipping, extra care, and air and ocean freight forwarding. Shipping is available at all different price points and expected dates, and you can customize everything so your items get where they need to go when you need them to be there.

Does FedEx have a rewards program?

My FedEx Rewards allows you to complete certain amounts of shipping or types of shipments and get rewards for it! Signing up is free; just enter your FedEx account numbers and your ZIP code, and you’ll be able to access exclusive offers and savings opportunities. Rewards come in all forms; you may be eligible to get cash back on a certain purchase amount, or you may be able to get a gift card for your favorite retailer with a certain amount of shipments. It’s free, easy, and a great way to get a little something back when you’re shipping frequently.

How can I make sure I’m shipping my items at the best possible price?

  • Check the FedEx coupon page first. You may be eligible for a flat rate off your order, or you may end up seeing a sale on something you needed anyway. Whatever you’re planning to ship and however you’re planning to ship it, the official FedEx coupon page may be able to give you some extra savings.

  • Look through Savings.com before you go to print out your shipping label. The official page may not have every offer available; Savings.com is constantly on the lookout for new promotions and can help provide you with exclusive offers for your FedEx purchase.

  • Sign up for the FedEx email newsletter to get news about the company, special promotions, and exclusive offers only available to email subscribers. If you ship frequently, it’s a great way to make sure you’re timing your shipments effectively.

Can I get a discount on my last-minute shipment?

If you need to get a package or freight shipment out immediately, FedEx may be able to help you get great expedited shipping discounts. Discounts are available for International Priority and Economy shipments weighing between 10-150 pounds, as well as International Priority Freight and Economy Freight shipments weighing more than 150 pounds. For U.S. shipments, you can get Great Rates Hotline savings for Freight shipments of 151 pounds or more, or Express package shipments with list rates of over $500. Just submit your request form and FedEx staff will help you find the best daily discount rate for your specific shipment and destination.

Can I use FedEx as a shipping solution for my business?

FedEx caters to all different kinds of people, from individuals to small and large companies. If you’re looking to use FedEx as a shipping solution for your business, it’s easy to get started and make sure you’re shipping things economically and safely. FedEx has an entire small business hub with tips and tricks on how to package items, create your personal shipping rates, factor in shipping costs, and more. It can even help you get into the international marketplace by giving you information on navigating customs and export requirements, even if you’re only running a small business. To get started with using FedEx as your small business shipping solution, you can schedule a consultation with a FedEx small business consultant. A consultant can help you understand the ins and outs of FedEx, give you ideas on how best to incorporate shipping rates into your business costs, and let you know what FedEx can improve for your customers.

Did You Know?

FedEx is about more than just shipping products: it's about connecting people, whether that connection happens between states or across the world. It connects nearly seven billion people in 220 countries and territories worldwide. That's over 99% of the world's GDP, which makes it one of the most wide-reaching shipping countries in the world. Whether you need that worldwide reach or you're just shipping to people living one state away, it's reassuring to know that FedEx is there for you either way. You can use FedEx for your daily life, for your small business, for your major company, or anything in between.

When you're shipping items, whether for yourself or a business, it's important that you remember to think about shipping costs. FedEx uses a variety of points to determine how expensive your shipment will be. The most important things to remember are the size and weight of your package and the speed at which you want to ship it. If you're looking for a better price, consider having FedEx hold your package at a location nearby rather than coming to your home and delivering it, selecting a delivery time that's a bit longer, or packing more strategically, so you have fewer boxes to ship.

No matter what you're shipping, it can be very difficult to decide how to pack something. FedEx can ship almost anything wherever you need it to go, but even getting it into the box can sometimes be difficult if you're not sure what your item needs. That's why FedEx has its Pack Plus options. The Pack Plus counter at a FedEx Office location is staffed by knowledgeable employees who are experts at packing. Whether you have a strangely shaped item, a fragile item, too little time on your hands, or a mixture of all three, getting your items packed by a professional can be the best option for you. All packed items are backed by the Packing Pledge, which covers your item the entire time it travels to the destination.

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