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Dress for Success® - November 2023

This November, we’re thrilled to announce Dress for Success as our featured charity partner! Dress for Success works to provide accessible, no-fee resources to unemployed and underemployed women globally, helping them to overcome career struggles, economic constraints, and other challenges in today’s rapidly changing work landscape. Dress for Success builds confidence and determination from the inside out.

Explore savingsCARES deals throughout November 2023 to help show your support for the Dress for Success.

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Support Dress for Success With is joining forces with Dress for Success to help create meaningful employment opportunities and resources for women around the world. Shop using SavingsCARES coupons from the month’s participating brands to support the organization.


What Is Dress for Success?

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower unemployed and underemployed women to achieve economic independence. The organization meets these goals by providing a supportive professional network in addition to development tools and professional attire as needed to help women thrive in work and in life.

Through its no-fee career development, job skills preparedness resources, mentoring and coaching, financial education, and professional attire services, Dress for Success provides women with the tools and skills they need to achieve economic independence. Since starting operations in 1997, the organization has served over 1.3 million women across 140+ affiliates in 25 countries worldwide.

Did you know?

* 85% of the women who participate in our Financial Education Program increase their savings.
* 80% of women in our financial health program have successfully reduced debt.
* Single mothers make up 33% of Dress for Success’ service recipients.

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How to Support Dress for Success

There are many ways to support Dress for Success online. Follow Dress for Success on its social media channels and subscribe to the organization’s email newsletter for the latest organizational updates Visit Dress for Success’ website for more ways to get involved, and drop by the SavingsCARES campaign page for more information on how we’re making a difference with this and other powerful causes.

Throughout November’s SavingsCARES campaign, you can also support women with donations to Dress for Success at no cost to you. has pledged a minimum $5,000 donation to the organization to get the jump on this month’s campaign — shop online using SavingsCARES deals to increase our impact for free. Look for the SavingsCARES tag (a blue price tag with a red heart) on participating brand pages to increase the donations given to Dress for Success and contribute to an amazing new future for women in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the charity I donate to?

Yes you can via the browser extension tool! Simply download the tool directly from the charity landing page.

For participating brands featured in the savingsCARES program, all donations will be given toward our featured charity partner. You can check out who our featured charity is by visiting our homepage or the SavingsCARES page, where we will highlight the featured charity.

Will I be charged when donates to a charity?

No - by partnering with participating brands to increase our impact through’s affiliate model, we are able to make uncapped donations at no additional cost to you.

Where does the money for charity donations come from? has pledged to donate up to $5,000 to each charity through our $5 donation on each new browser extension install, capped at $5000. In addition to the browser extension, the SavingsCARES team works to make commercial agreements with hundreds of top brands. We’re able to offer uncapped donations at no cost to our users, thanks to the generosity of these amazing retailers.

Does every purchase I make using coupons trigger a promotion?

We work with our charity partners via a range of donation models, which are outlined below:

  1. Donations are triggered across all sales generated on if a user arrives on our website via the charity's digital channel. We donate 50% to each charity for every user who arrives on via a third-party link.

  2. Shoppers can tell which brands are participating in the SavingsCARES initiative by looking for a price tag with a red heart next to retailers’ deals on Visit the SavingsCARES coupon page for a full list of our participating brands.

  3. The savingsCARES browser extension allows you to install an automatic money-saving tool for your desktop so that you can shop at any brand (with or without the heart price tag) and feel good knowing every time you use a coupon or deal via the tool, you’ll be raising a free donation for your chosen charity.

Charity FAQs

How can I get featured as a monthly charity?

To be featured on and begin to earn free, uncapped donations, send an email to

How do I request changes to the information on my charity page?

Send an email to or assistance with informational updates or other issues.

How will my charity receive donations?

All donations are paid on a monthly basis directly by as per the payment instructions supplied by each charity.