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National Breast Cancer Foundation - March 2024

We at are thrilled to announce National Breast Cancer Foundation as our latest campaign’s Featured Charity! NBCF is Helping Women Now® to provide early detection, education, and support services to those affected by breast cancer.

Explore savingsCARES deals throughout our campaign to help show your support for National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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is teaming up with National Breast Cancer Foundation to help Individuals with breast cancer get the education and resources they need to maintain hope throughout their health and recovery journey. Shop using savingsCARES coupons from this campaign's partnered brands to support NBCF as they provide support through their National Mammography Program, Patient Navigation, breast health education, and patient support programs.


What Is the National Breast Cancer Foundation?

National Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 1991 by breast cancer survivor Janelle Hail. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1980 at the age of 34. At the time of her diagnosis, there was little information about the disease, and she was forced to make a decision about her health with few options.

After her treatment, Janelle made a commitment to help women around the world by educating them about breast cancer and the importance of early detection. NBCF was founded to fill in the gaps of cancer care, ensuring every woman has the access and information she needs to get through every step of her breast cancer journey.

National Breast Cancer Foundation strives to inspire women in their journey with breast cancer, by providing critical education, early detection information, and more. Most importantly, NBCF aims to create a more knowledgeable, supportive community where no woman has to feel alone in their struggle with breast cancer. NBCF was founded to fill in the gaps of cancer care, ensuring every woman has the access and information she needs to get through every step of her breast cancer journey.

Did you know?

* 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. * $9 is enough to provide a woman with breast health education and self-exam training.

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How to Support National Breast Cancer Foundation

There are plenty of ways to support NBCF, both online and in person. Follow National Breast Cancer Foundation on social media, subscribe to the organization’s email list, or get personally involved by starting a fundraiser. On average, 80% of NBCF’s expenses are directed to life-saving programs. Visit NBCF’s website for more ways to get involved, and drop by the SavingsCARES campaign page for more information on how we’re making a difference with this and other powerful causes.

Throughout our current SavingsCARES campaign, you can also make donations to the NBCF at no cost to you by downloading our new browser extension. has pledged $5 per download up to a maximum of $5,000 to the organization for every download, but that’s just the beginning — shop online using SavingsCARES deals to increase our impact for free. Look for the SavingsCARES tag (a blue price tag with a red heart) on participating brand pages to increase the donations given to the NBCF and support millions of amazing women throughout the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the charity I donate to?

Yes you can via the browser extension tool! Simply download the tool directly from the charity landing page.

For participating brands featured in the savingsCARES program, all donations will be given toward our featured charity partner. You can check out who our featured charity is by visiting our homepage or the SavingsCARES page, where we will highlight the featured charity.

Will I be charged when donates to a charity?

No - by partnering with participating brands to increase our impact through’s affiliate model, we are able to make uncapped donations at no additional cost to you.

Where does the money for charity donations come from? has pledged to donate up to $5,000 to each charity through our $5 donation on each new browser extension install, capped at $5000. In addition to the browser extension, the SavingsCARES team works to make commercial agreements with hundreds of top brands. We’re able to offer uncapped donations at no cost to our users, thanks to the generosity of these amazing retailers.

Does every purchase I make using coupons trigger a promotion?

We work with our charity partners via a range of donation models, which are outlined below:

  1. Donations are triggered across all sales generated on if a user arrives on our website via the charity's digital channel. We donate 50% to each charity for every user who arrives on via a third-party link.

  2. Shoppers can tell which brands are participating in the SavingsCARES initiative by looking for a price tag with a red heart next to retailers’ deals on Visit the SavingsCARES coupon page for a full list of our participating brands.

  3. The savingsCARES browser extension allows you to install an automatic money-saving tool for your desktop so that you can shop at any brand (with or without the heart price tag) and feel good knowing every time you use a coupon or deal via the tool, you’ll be raising a free donation for your chosen charity.

Charity FAQs

How can I get featured as a monthly charity?

To be featured on and begin to earn free, uncapped donations, send an email to

How do I request changes to the information on my charity page?

Send an email to or assistance with informational updates or other issues.

How will my charity receive donations?

All donations are paid on a monthly basis directly by as per the payment instructions supplied by each charity.