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Rainforest Trust - April 2023 is teaming up with Rainforest Trust to protect struggling ecosystems worldwide.

All throughout April 2023, shop savingsCARES deals to make a free donation to Rainforest Trust.

Participating Brands

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Support Rainforest Trust with is partnering with the Rainforest Trust to protect and restore the struggling ecosystems of rare and endangered species worldwide. Shop using savingsCARES coupons from participating brands to support worldwide conservation efforts. Donations will aid Rainforest Trust in obtaining land designations to protect diverse ecosystems, saving thousands of species of plants and animals worldwide from the brink of extinction.


Who is Rainforest Trust?

Rainforest Trust is an international conservation organization focused on the protection and preservation of species and habitats around the world. Founded in 1988, the foundation has saved a total of over 43 million acres of land, protecting endangered animals and their critical habitats while keeping over 5.3 billion tons of carbon safely stored.

By working with local conservation organizations and communities in over 70 countries to create protected areas, Rainforest Trust takes steps every day to safeguard the natural resources, beauty, and biodiversity of our planet. Every donation made to Rainforest Trust goes to urgent conservation projects around the world, bringing an end to predatory poaching and deforestation practices while giving rare and endangered species a chance to thrive in their natural habitats.

Did you know?

Rainforest Trust’s efforts have gone to provide sanctuary to over 2,300 endangered, critically endangered, and vulnerable plant and animal species worldwide.


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How to Support Rainforest Trust

100% of all donations to Rainforest Trust go directly to worldwide conservation efforts. Designate a specific project to support on the Rainforest Trust donation page, or choose the Conservation Action Fund to let Rainforest Trust allocate your gift toward projects with the greatest need.

Throughout April’s savingsCARES campaign, you can also provide donations to Rainforest Trust at no cost to you. will donate $5,000 to the organization to kick things off - from there, look for select savingsCARES deals to increase our impact for free. Shop using a savingsCARES deal (marked by a blue price tag with a red heart) to increase the donations given to Rainforest Trust and help preserve breathtaking habitats worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the charity I donate to?

As of now, no – all donations will be given toward our monthly charity partner. The SavingsCARES team is working hard to expand our charity offerings, so keep checking back to see what we’re up to!

Will I be charged when donates to a charity?

No - by starting with a flat $5,000 donation and partnering with participating brands to increase our impact, we are able to make uncapped donations at no additional cost to you.

Where does the money for charity donations come from? donates a minimum of $5,000 to each Charity of the Month. From there, the SavingsCARES team works to make commercial agreements with hundreds of top brands. We’re able to offer uncapped donations at no cost to our users thanks to the generosity of these amazing retailers.

Does every purchase I make using coupons trigger a promotion?

No - shoppers can tell which brands are participating in the SavingsCARES initiative by looking for a price tag with a red heart next to retailers’ deals on Visit the SavingsCARES coupon page for a full list of our participating brands.

Charity FAQs

How can I get featured as a monthly charity?

To be featured on and begin to earn free, uncapped donations, send an email to

How do I request changes to the information on my charity page?

Send an email to or assistance with informational updates or other issues.

How will my charity receive donations?

All donations will be paid directly by to our monthly charity at the end of the month.