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Smile Farms - February 2024

We’re excited to announce February’s partnership with Smile Farms as they work to create meaningful employment
opportunities and provide vocational training and education to individuals with disabilities.

Explore savingsCARES deals throughout February 2024 to increase our impact with a free donation to Smile Farms.

Participating Brands

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Support Smile Farms With is teaming up with Smile Farms to help individuals with disabilities secure the training, education, and vocational opportunities they need to pursue meaningful employment. Shop using savingsCARES coupons from this campaign’s participating brands to support Smile Farms as they help to create inclusive spaces in the American workforce. Donations will support Smile Farms as the organization carves out a space for those often excluded from the workforce. In the United States, 25% of adults have a disability and 8 in 10 disabled adults are unemployed (compared to 3 in 10 with no disability). Smile Farms is working to change that - and you can help.


What is Smile Farms?

Founded in 2015 by Jim & Chris McCann of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., Smile Farms began as a single greenhouse operation. Since then, 1-800-Flowers has worked to expand the organization to 12 agricultural campuses, where they provide opportunities for over 375 Smile Farmers and their families.

Smile Farms works as a positive force in the labor market by leveraging partnerships with local non-profit and for-profit businesses to provide vocational, educational, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Their work generates purpose and pride, enhances life skills, and fosters socialization. Smile Farms’ unique agricultural campus-based model empowers individuals with disabilities to grow and sell products with a purpose, including a variety of plants and produce. Plants are sold at local Farmers' Markets and corporate pop-up sales. Produce is used in partners' culinary programs, sold to restaurants, and converted into preserved goods that generate sustainable revenue for their programs, including their Heat with Heart™ hot sauce. Smile Farms' signature products may be purchased locally, online, or at a variety of retailers throughout the United States. Smile Farms encourages giving back as a form of personal empowerment - seeking to combat food insecurity in local communities by donating a portion of crop yields at each campus. Smile Farms is shaping a better future where people with special needs are valued for the real contributions they make in their workplaces and communities.

Did you know?

● Smile Farms’ Heat with Heart™ hot sauce is made entirely from peppers harvested by Smile Farmers.

● According to the CDC, 1 in 4 adults in the United States have some type of disability. It is important to note that although some are born disabled, 83% of all disabilities are acquired later in life. Smile Farms works to address barriers to employment for all people with disabilities, throughout their life cycle, regardless of type of disability or age of onset.


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How to Support Smile Farms

There are plenty of ways to support Smile Farms online and in person. Follow Smile Farms on social media, subscribe to the organization’s newsletter, or volunteer on Smile Farms campuses to personally get involved. One hundred percent of all Heat with Heart™ hot sauce purchases go toward job training and education for Smile Farmers. Visit Smile Farms’ website for more ways to get involved, and drop by the Smile Farms donation page to make a one-time donation or commit to a monthly contribution.

Throughout February’s SavingsCARES campaign, you can also make donations to Smile Farms at no cost to you. has donated $5,000 to Smile Farms to jump-start the campaign - shop online using select SavingsCARES deals to increase our impact for free. Look for the SavingsCARES tag (a blue price tag with a red heart) on participating brand pages to increase the donations given to Smile Farms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the charity I donate to?

As of now, no – all donations will be given toward our monthly charity partner. The SavingsCARES team is working hard to expand our charity offerings, so keep checking back to see what we’re up to!

Will I be charged when donates to a charity?

No - by starting with a flat $5,000 donation and partnering with participating brands to increase our impact, we are able to make uncapped donations at no additional cost to you.

Where does the money for charity donations come from? donates a minimum of $5,000 to each Charity of the Month. From there, the SavingsCARES team works to make commercial agreements with hundreds of top brands. We’re able to offer uncapped donations at no cost to our users thanks to the generosity of these amazing retailers.

Does every purchase I make using coupons trigger a promotion?

No - shoppers can tell which brands are participating in the SavingsCARES initiative by looking for a price tag with a red heart next to retailers’ deals on Visit the SavingsCARES coupon page for a full list of our participating brands.

Charity FAQs

How can I get featured as a monthly charity?

To be featured on and begin to earn free, uncapped donations, send an email to

How do I request changes to the information on my charity page?

Send an email to or assistance with informational updates or other issues.

How will my charity receive donations?

All donations will be paid directly by to our monthly charity at the end of the month.