Jacob Farmer

Jacob Farmer

Tech Deals Expert

Jacob Farmer is a writer for Savvy. As a screenwriter, he has written for the television show “iZombie" and co-created the indie web series “Language Academy," which is both award-winning and largely unseen. He is also a freelance writer and copywriter, with original features appearing in the gaming publication EGM.

Jacob was first introduced to the concept of frugality at around age six when his mother handed him five dollars in a local Walmart and told him to “go crazy." Since then, he’s always tried to consider the relationship between quality and cost when making a purchase, whether it’s for a new laptop, at-home exercise equipment (hello, resistance bands!), or a musical instrument. Jacob believes identifying needs first will help lead to a well-informed decision.

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Jacob’s Budget-Friendly Hacks

Meal prep. If you’re like me, a large percentage of your budget goes toward food. Costs can add up quickly, especially when every meal is a game-time decision. Take some extra time at the beginning of the week to shop and prep for your weekly meals. Once you’ve put in the effort and financial investment, you’ll be more likely to stick to your plan and consume what’s already in your fridge — saving you time and money in the long run.

When it comes to sales, try to sleep on it (if you can). Companies often include countdowns and limited-time deals as a way to entice you into making an emotional decision. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take advantage of sales. The key is determining what you need before a sale begins, so you can protect yourself from hasty decisions.

Go beyond a savings account. Savings accounts are a safe way to set aside money (and you should absolutely have one). However, they don’t tend to keep pace with inflation, which means your money is actually worth less over an extended period of time. Do your research and consider investing in CDs, stocks, or mutual funds — anything that has the potential to safely grow your money and outpace inflation.

Fun Fact About Jacob

Though it seems like a lifetime ago, I was once an accomplished youth inline hockey player (yes, inline hockey is a thing). My greatest memory was winning an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) national championship with my team, which was made up of kids from all over Florida.

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