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How to save money at AT&T this Black Friday

With Black Friday 2020 just around the corner, plenty of people are wondering how they can get the best deal on all their purchases this year. Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year. If you’re looking for a great shopping experience, you should look no further than Black Friday 2020, and check out the AT&T coupons for big savings!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, many customers are worried about how they’ll end up doing their Black Friday shopping this year. The good news is that Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to be monumentally different at AT&T.

  • Most AT&T stores locally are operating under reduced hours, and they may also limit the number of customers who can come into a store at a specific time. If you’re hoping to shop Black Friday in your local store, make sure you take a look at its current hours and capacity to ensure you’ll be able to shop there.

  • Many AT&T deals are available online; as a matter of fact, AT&T often advertises that its best deals are available online. That means you don’t even have to go to a local AT&T store to make sure you’re getting the best AT&T deals. You can just purchase your products online.

  • Are you already an AT&T customer? If so, you might be able to take advantage of Curbside Pickup. Existing AT&T customers can utilize the Curbside Pickup option when they place an order. Just drive to your local AT&T store when you receive the email that your order is ready for pickup. is a great place to stay up to date on current and upcoming sales, which includes Black Friday 2020 sales for all your favorite places. It’s always a good idea to check before you make any purchases, but when it comes to Black Friday, checking is an even better choice because you’re more likely to get the best Black Friday 2020 deals.

  • AT&T has a limited number of stores across the country that might run their own Black Friday deals this year. If you’re interested in finding a variety of AT&T deals in your local area, you might want to look into a local AT&T store. Keep an eye open for AT&T flyers in the mail around Black Friday so you can take advantage of these local deals.

  • One of the best ways to upgrade to a new phone is to wait for the Black Friday sales. Especially in past years, you could end up saving up to 75% on a brand new iPhone, which is something that can give you a huge discount on your phone upgrade. Regardless of what phone you’re interested in upgrading to, Black Friday may be a great time to do it.

  • As you can expect, phones are one of the most highly purchased AT&T products out there. It’s common for AT&T to run a variety of sales on phones during Black Friday. No matter how much you end up getting as a discount, AT&T phones are a great option for your Black Friday purchases.

Although phones tend to be the most common purchase for AT&T customers, that’s not the only thing you can buy at AT&T. Especially if you don’t need a phone for your AT&T service, there are a few other things you can purchase during Black Friday. Keep an eye out for these things in your Black Friday purchase options.

  • AT&T isn’t just a phone service company. You can also get internet and TV service through AT&T. That means on Black Friday, it’s very common for people to be able to get great discounts and deals when they purchase an internet and TV package with their phone service.

  • Do you need phone accessories? From headphones to Popsockets, AT&T carries a variety of phone accessories that can add a bit of excitement and personality to your phone. Don’t be afraid to make your phone truly your own; with AT&T’s phone accessory options, especially at their discounted prices during Black Friday, you can do exactly that.

  • Most AT&T phone services are on a contract basis. However, you don’t necessarily have to purchase AT&T service as a contract. If you want to instead prepay your AT&T phone services, you can do just that. You may even be able to get a better AT&T discount for these prepaid services if you do it during Black Friday.

There are a number of deals AT&T is well-known for, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly what deal you’ll be able to get this year. If you’re looking for some information about AT&T deals, one of the best ways to predict these deals is to make sure you’re looking at previous AT&T Black Friday deals.

  • In 2019, one of the best deals that AT&T ran was the ability to get huge discounts on your next phone, especially when it comes to certain phone brands and styles. As an extra benefit, AT&T offered additional money in credits with your phone trade-in, which meant you could end up with a great discount on a super-powerful and extremely useful phone.

  • In 2018, AT&T mostly utilized its ongoing promotions as part of its Black Friday sale. However, for the full week after Thanksgiving, it did offer a variety of promotions as part of the “Gifts of Galaxy" promotion. This promotion offered unique gifts for customers who purchased certain smartphones during these days.

  • The 2017 deals at AT&T were similarly difficult to uncover, but they also tended to run parallel to the deals that AT&T was already running. However, one great deal AT&T offered during the 2017 Black Friday sale was a Buy One, Get One sale on many different phones, largely including Samsung and LG phones.

Top AT&T Black Friday Deals

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AT&T Black Friday FAQs

Does AT&T have physical stores that it’s closed for COVID-19?

There are some physical AT&T stores across the country that can help you set up service, pay your bill, browse for new phones, or change your service plan. For a period of time, AT&T closed many of its stores and reduced capacity to make sure everyone stayed safe while shopping for new AT&T products. However, under local guidance, AT&T has mostly been reopening stores. You can contact your local AT&T store to learn more about whether they’re open and what restrictions they have in place.

Will COVID-19 reduce AT&T’s Black Friday sales?

Because AT&T mostly sells services, it’s very likely that AT&T will have a similar Black Friday sale this year as it has every year. It’s unlikely that the COVID-19 pandemic will have made a big enough impact on AT&T for it to have to reign back its Black Friday sale due to financial concerns, which means you can probably still get a great deal this year.

Are there always brand new promotions for Black Friday at AT&T?

There are many promotions you can experience at AT&T for Black Friday every year. Sometimes, the Black Friday sales that AT&T advertises will include sales the company was already running. For the absolute best deals at AT&T every year, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking at AT&T’s advertisements just before Black Friday, so you can single out the brand new Black Friday options.