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Busch Gardens FAQs

What are Busch Gardens's best coupons?

Up to 50% Off Membership Plan - Get Deal

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Memorial Day Sale: Up to 50% Off Tickets, Fun Cards, and Memberships. - Get Deal

Is there a Busch Gardens coupon for military members?

The Busch Gardens military discount is available for active military members currently serving in the armed forces. With this discount, you can get free admission for the military member serving as well as up to four direct dependents. All you have to do is verify your military status through Troop ID to get tickets online or bring your military ID to get tickets at the park. You can use this Busch Gardens coupon once a year.

Can I get Busch Gardens coupons through other partner companies?

Busch Gardens is partnered with a variety of companies in order to provide you with the best experience in the cities that the theme park serves. That means you can definitely access special pricing and Busch Gardens deals if you decide to access these companies alongside your trip. The companies vary depending on the park and time of year, so check the Busch Gardens website for more information.

Do I get special Busch Gardens coupons if I book a complete vacation?

Vacation packages are one of Busch Gardens’ specialties. You can book a hotel package deal and save lots of money on both the hotel and your entrance fee. Plus, you’ll get great perks like free parking and Busch Gardens coupons for merchandise purchases. Visit the vacation packages section to see how you can make your Busch Gardens visit even more cost-effective with these deals.

Busch Gardens Info & Tips

How to Save on Food and Drinks at the Theme Park

You love visiting theme parks as much as the kids do, but the cost of food and drinks for everyone in the family leaves a hole in your wallet, as well as a lot less money for souvenirs or anything extra. Is there a way to pay less? There sure is, you just have to do a little online research before you pack up the car and head out for a fun-filled day. Since you already know which theme park you’re visiting, that’s the website you should start looking at.

You’ll want to stay hydrated all throughout the day, but at the prices of soft drinks and bottled water from the snack stands, you think you should keep things in perspective. One way to keep things in check is to look for free refills with the purchase of a specific cup or container on the day of your visit. You’ll pay for a souvenir drink cup and be allowed to refill it all day long at select snack stands and dining posts, saving you lots of money on beverages.

Depending upon how long you plan to stay at the park, you’ll need nourishment at least one or more times. And that can get very expensive, especially if you have the whole family in tow. Instead of paying an inflated price for hotdogs and fries, look into meal plans that provide either a single meal, or one that allows you to eat at select restaurants for the entire day. In most cases, you’ll save at least 30% Off the cost of a single meal, and it usually includes a drink as well. For all day dining plans, you’ll save at least that much on every meal, making it a much more cost-effective choice, especially if you eat two or three times while you’re at the park. Meals generally consist of an entrée of your choice, one or two sides, a non-alcoholic beverage and a dessert. Look for meal plans for adults, as well as for kids, and the children’s meal plans are frequently cheaper. Beware, though, no sharing is allowed when you opt for most dining deals.

Busch Gardens is one of those theme parks that cater to your appetite by offering discounts on dining plans and refillable drink cups. For the biggest savings on your day of adventure, look for promo codes to save money on tickets and meal deals. Usually, you’ll be able to buy a bottomless souvenir cup at specific locations throughout the Tampa or Williamsburg park, but for all day dining plans, you must purchase those deals online before you get to the park. Either way, with a little planning, you really can pay less for drinks and meals!

Annual Park Passes Packed with Savings and Features

When does it make “cents" to buy an annual pass to a theme park? The short answer is when you know you’ll use its full cost; or better yet, more than its cost, before the time comes when it expires. In most cases, you’ll be financially ahead by your second to third visit to the park. Why? Because theme park passes usually include lots of perks that quickly add up to big savings for their loyal visitors. We take a look at some of the included features you get with a Busch Gardens annual pass.

Admission is free to the park for the entire year, with no blackout dates. And you’ll enjoy free parking each and every time, saving you at least $22 per visit. Their monthly Instant Rewards program provide extras for pass-holders such as $10 Off the All-Day Dining Deal, free gifts, or $10 Busch Bucks to spend in the park. Enjoy 10% Off dining, shopping and select tours by showing your card at restaurants and shops throughout the park. Plus, you can purchase discounted guest tickets for everyone in your party, up to six people, and get a free guest ticket on your birthday.

Wow, that’s a lot of discounts that can quickly add up the more you visit. But are there more benefits that come with an annual pass? You bet there are.

Annual pass-holders in Florida have the privilege of adding additional theme parks to their card for just a couple dollars extra per month, giving you much more bang for your buck. Jump to the front of the line at the most popular rides and attractions with Quick Queue and pay even less if you’ve got an annual pass. Passholders in both Williamsburg and Tampa can enjoy buying tickets to additional separately-ticketed park events like Howl-O-Scream and the Red Carpet Series for a substantially discounted price, plus get extra discounts on upgraded experiences and tours.

As you can see, you can save a whole lot of money with an annual pass. If you have the extra money to pay for a pass, that’s definitely the way to go, especially if you know you’ll visit at least a second time within the year. Pay for the passes up front in one payment or make a low monthly payment to spread out the cost but reap the benefits each time you go. For even bigger discounts on fun and adventure at Busch Gardens, look to use a coupon code for savings on tickets, dining packages and annual passes.

How can I save money at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?

There are many ways you can pay less for a fun-filled adventure at the Williamsburg park. Start by using a promo code from Savings.com to buy your tickets online. Next, investigate their current dining plans for adults and kids, where you can save as much as 40% Off when you buy a deluxe dining plan that includes lunch and dinner, and an all-day souvenir drink cup (order online, before you go to the park). To pay less at the Busch Gardens shops for all those souvenirs and décor you want, pick up a Shoppers Pass on their website for just $9.95 (if you are an annual pass-holder) – and then save 25% Off select merchandise at each of the boutiques you visit.

What ways are there to save money at Busch Gardens Tampa?

Because it’s open year-round and the weather is pleasant, there are a number of ways to pay less for all-day fun at the Tampa Busch Gardens. Buying tickets, fun cards, or annual passes are all cheaper when you use a coupon code – see Savings.com for the most recent offer codes. For discounts on food and drinks, buy the All-Day Dining Deal online before you go. You’ll pay just one price - $19.99 for kids and $34.99 for adults, but you’ll receive complete meals and a beverage once per hour at your discretion for the entire day at any of their participating restaurants.

When are the Williamsburg and Tampa theme parks open?

Busch Gardens hours vary throughout the year according to season and if there are special events being held. The Tampa park is usually open from 10am – 6pm but extends its hours from 9am – 10pm for the Christmas Town festivities. The Williamsburg park is usually open from 2pm – 10pm on weekends and select weekdays for Christmas Town cheer, while its regular hours are 10am – 6pm.

What is the best way to save when buying Busch Gardens tickets?

Buying your tickets online is the easiest way to get a promo code, whether you are looking for single day, multi-day, or multi-park tickets. Fun cards, annual passes and vacation packages are also exceptional ways to pay less while you get more for your money.

Did You Know?

Since the first park's opening in 1959, Busch Gardens has become one of the most interesting theme parks across America. Across its two locations — one in Tampa, Florida, and one in Williamsburg, Virginia — it manages to offer traditional theme park attractions such as rollercoasters alongside more alternative attractions such as a dedicated zoo. There are also live shows, dining and shopping options, exclusive tours, limited-time attractions, and safari tours to expand your enjoyment of the park. Busch Gardens has even recently opened a pin trading program, so you can commemorate your Busch experience.

There are a number of options at Busch Gardens that make it great for families with kids or for adult couples. The Williamsburg park, for example, hosts food and wine festivals for the adults, while the Tampa park has summer camps that kids K-12 can enjoy. Pin collecting can be fun for kids, but it can also develop into a collector's game for adults. Within the rides and events, many are kid-friendly but still enjoyable by the adults.

You can also make your vacation a bit easier to plan by using a vacation package, where you book your hotel alongside the Busch Gardens admission fee. Vacation packages also come with incredible perks: you can choose the “Everyone Eats Free" package for additional meal compensation, the “Kids Play Free" package to bring your kids along on an adult ticket, or various location-specific packages at both the Williamsburg and Tampa locations.

It's easy to customize how many tickets you want in order to save as much as possible. Busch Gardens allows you to buy tickets for one, two, or three days, or to upgrade to a basic, unlimited, or premier membership for more access and perks. If you decide to upgrade to a yearly membership, you can even use EZpay, a monthly payment program that you can use to pay a smaller fee every month, rather than a large fee all at once. Tailor your purchase to make sure you get the best deal, and use Savings.com for better Busch Gardens coupons.

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