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Instacart - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Instacart coupons that aren’t available in grocery stores?

There are a few ways you can save money at Instacart. In some situations, you may be able to get the same deals on your products as you would be able to in the grocery store. However, in other situations, you can actually find Instacart deals that you wouldn’t be able to find if you were purchasing products in the grocery store. Check to see whether Instacart offers exclusive deals on the items you’re planning to purchase.

What do I need to do to redeem Instacart coupons?

There are two types of Instacart deals: Instacart coupons, which are discounts you can use on your purchase just like you would at the grocery store, and Instacart promo codes, which are coupon codes that you can use to get a discount on your full purchase. If you find an Instacart promo code on Savings.com and you want to use it on your Instacart purchase, just add the Instacart promo code to your account, then check out like normal. If your discount applies, you’ll automatically see it at checkout.

If I order frequently, can I pay less for delivery?

Instacart Express is the answer for people who order from Instacart regularly and want to reduce their service fees. It’s a subscription, and in exchange for your subscription fee, you can order from local grocery stores with no additional fee. It’s the best way for you to save money as a regular customer.

Instacart Info & Tips

What are my Instacart delivery options?

When you shop with Instacart, you have two options: delivery or pickup. With delivery, the entire process is taken care of for you; you just have to shop for all your groceries online or through the app, and then decide on a delivery date and time. If delivery slots are available, you can have your groceries delivered in as little as an hour. If you’re going to be out already, or you'd rather handle your groceries yourself, you can opt for in-store pickup, available at select locations. Your Personal Shopper will gather all the items and then wait for you to arrive at your designated pickup time. Once you arrive, you can load up all your groceries in your own car and then bring them home on your own.

Who shops for the items that are delivered to me?

Instacart utilizes the efforts of Personal Shoppers to make sure you get the items you need. These shoppers handpick the best produce, get items with expiration dates well in the future, and handle fragile items such as eggs and bread carefully. Instacart is in frequent contact with its Personal Shoppers, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Can I become a Personal Shopper?

Instacart’s entire business model revolves around its Personal Shoppers, and it’s always looking for great people to fill those roles. As a Personal Shopper, you’ll be filling orders for Instacart customers, and you may even be delivering them straight to the customers themselves.

There are two Personal Shopper roles: full-service and in-store. Full-service Personal Shoppers go through the grocery store and buy all the items the customer has ordered, and then load the order in their own car and deliver it to the customer. As a full-service shopper, you’ll be considered an independent contractor and be able to set your own hours. In-store Personal Shoppers, on the other hand, only shop for and bag groceries. After filling one order, you’ll move right onto the next. If you become an in-store shopper, you’ll be a part-time employee and have a slightly less flexible schedule.

How can I get a great deal on my Instacart order?

  • Many people use coupons when they shop at their favorite grocery stores. With Instacart, you can still take advantage of in-store coupons, even though you’re shopping through a third-party website. You can find literally thousands of coupons for different Instacart retailers. When selecting your retailer, try filtering by “Biggest Savings." You’ll get information on how many sales and how many coupons each retailer is currently offering to customers.

  • Delivery fees with Instacart definitely pay off. After all, the amount of time you'd spend shopping is definitely worth the delivery fee! However, if you can get a discount on this great service, it’s always better to try to find it. Instead of running around the internet looking for the best possible discount on your Instacart services, you can just use Savings.com! At Savings.com, you’ll get information about the best deals and biggest savings on Instacart deliveries for your area, including notifications about free delivery Instacart coupons, new perks, and more.

  • When you’ve already ordered from a store, your previous order will be saved. Then, you can browse through those previous orders and find your favorite items, making reordering a breeze! By utilizing the reordering option on Instacart, you’ll cut down on the time it takes to place your order online, saving you even more time at the grocery store.

What is Instacart Express?

If you use Instacart frequently, you may want to look into Instacart Express. With Instacart Express, you pay a monthly or yearly fee to get free delivery on all orders over $35, and discounted delivery on orders under $35. You can pay $9.99 per month for Instacart Express, or choose a yearly membership for $99, a 17% discount. With Instacart Express, you can also order from multiple stores at once, and you’ll never get an extra charge for orders placed at busy times. It’s an all-around good investment.

Did You Know?

Grocery shopping is a big burden on many people; not only do you have to make your list and choose the items you want, but you have to be able to go to the store, have the time to spend, and be able to get all your groceries back home. Whether it's a desire to save time, hatred of grocery shopping, or a lack of available transportation, Instacart can help. With Instacart, you can shop from all your favorite local grocery stores using your computer or mobile device, and then have them delivered to your door. In some areas, you can even drive through and have them deposited into your car instead. It's swept the nation, with accolades in several national newspapers, and it's likely in your city, too.

Usually, Instacart charges a specific fee for each delivery. The fee may vary depending upon the store, the distance between the store and your home, and the amount of items in your cart. If you use Instacart regularly, consider upgrading to Instacart Express. With Express, you pay a flat yearly fee and get free delivery on all your orders of $35 or more. Instacart even offers a 14-day free trial of Express so you can decide whether you want to keep using it. You can check all the stores available for delivery in your area before signing up, to know whether your favorite store is part of Instacart's offerings.

The service functions by employing shoppers to do the shopping and deliver the groceries to people's homes. It's a flexible self-employment or part-time employment opportunity that allows you to do as much or as little work as you like, and plenty of people use it to earn extra income in their spare time. You can check to see what jobs are available in your area by visiting the shoppers section on the Instacart site. You may even decide to use both ends; work for Instacart and use it to have groceries delivered when needed.

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