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Up to 70% Off With LivingSocial Email Sign Up

Click through and get up to 70% discount on all orders with LivingSocial email sign up.

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Up to 83% Off Custom Photo Book

Click through and get up to 83% discount on custom photo book.

Savings in the Moment

Because LivingSocial is a company focused on experiences, you'll usually be able to find discounts and promotions around holidays involving socialization with other people. Check in around the winter holidays of Christmas and New Year's, Valentine's Day, and other widely celebrated holidays to see when you'll be able to get the best deal.

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Up to 70% Off Top-Rated Destinations

Click through and get up to 70% discount on top-rated destinations.

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Up to 75% Off Hand-Digitized Media Conversion

Click through and get up to 75% discount on hand-digitized media conversion.

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Over 60% Off Favorite Theater and Shows Collection

Click through and get over 60% discount on favorite theater and shows collection.

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Shop Guide to Spring

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LivingSocial Info & Tips

What areas does LivingSocial cater to?

LivingSocial only provides deals to those living in the United States and Canada, not including Qu├ębec. For the most part, this includes items purchased in the LivingSocial shop; many items in the shop only ship to the continental U.S. or Canada, so check the fine print on the item you're interested in before buying it.

How can I use LivingSocial to its full capacity and get even better deals?

  • Follow LivingSocial on Facebook to get exclusive Facebook-only ads with discounts and deals. You'll get these ads while browsing your Facebook feed, so you can only receive them if you've liked the LivingSocial page.

  • Use to make sure you're using a LivingSocial promo code that'll help you save even more on the already-discounted prices LivingSocial always offers.

Can I receive financing on large LivingSocial purchases?

If your LivingSocial purchase totals more than $250, you can apply with Affirm to get a loan to cover some or all of the purchase. Then, you can choose a payment plan to pay the loan back over the next three, six, or 12 months. Affirm will use a soft credit check, which doesn't affect your credit score, as well as other verification methods if necessary to see what kind of loan you qualify for. If you qualify for a full loan, you won't have any down payment! Otherwise, Affirm will let you know what you need to pay upfront.

How does LivingSocial determine what the non-discounted price of an item is?

In order to give you an idea of how much you're saving by buying through LivingSocial, every item has a percentage discount, created by comparing the non-discounted price of the item. This price is set by using either the manufacturer's suggested retail price or the price at which another retailer is selling the item. While it may not be the exact price every other retailer offers, it should be an accurate representation of the market value.

Are there shipping costs for LivingSocial items?

Generally, only items from the LivingSocial Shop section have shipping costs, because they're the only purchases that actually have items to ship. In the United States, most orders over $34.99 qualify for free shipping, while orders under $34.99 incur a fee of $3.99. Canadian shipping is generally between $4.99 and $7.99 CAD, but specific prices can vary depending on the item's price and size. Oversized items, which generally include furniture and large electronics, may have extra shipping fees added.

Can I return items from my LivingSocial order?

The return policy on LivingSocial items varies depending on the item and the individual vendor. If you bought a voucher for a local experience, you may return it for a refund within three days of purchase. LivingSocial Shop orders can be canceled within the first two hours of ordering, or you can return items up to 30 days after receiving them. Generally, tickets purchased through LivingSocial are final, meaning you can't return them, but if they aren't marked as such, you can get a refund until midnight of the day on which you purchased. For vacation experiences with LivingSocial Escapes, you can cancel an unviewed voucher until the end of the purchase day; after that, you'll have to contact the merchant before LivingSocial can help you.

What happens if I don't use a LivingSocial voucher before it expires?

LivingSocial vouchers have two kinds of value: promotional value and paid value. The promotional value is the non-discounted value of the item or experience you bought. The paid value is the actual amount you paid when you purchased the voucher. When a voucher expires, the promotional value is what's expiring; for most local vouchers, the paid value never expires. What that means is that you can almost always use LivingSocial vouchers for the amount that you paid, even if you can't get the extra discounts you wanted.

Some vouchers can be traded in for Deal Bucks for 14 days after they expire. With Deal Bucks, you'll get LivingSocial credit equal to the paid value of your voucher. Then, you can use that credit to get a different deal!

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