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LivingSocial - Frequently Asked Questions

What are LivingSocial's best coupons?

Up to 67% Off Dining, Takeout and Delivery Deals - Get Deal

Up to 91% Off Select Online Classes - Get Deal

Are there warranties available for products purchased through LivingSocial?

Most of the time, the products you purchase through LivingSocial have warranties through the original manufacturer. LivingSocial doesn’t offer its own warranties for products. You may be able to purchase a protection plan through the manufacturer as well. In any case, if you need to return the product or you’re noticing a defect, you should talk to the original seller instead of LivingSocial.

Can I use LivingSocial coupons in person and online?

It depends on the LivingSocial voucher you’re interested in purchasing. Although many LivingSocial vouchers are for physical experiences, some LivingSocial vouchers are also for online experiences, like classes and software. That means you may be able to use some LivingSocial coupons for physical experiences and some for online experiences. Plus, LivingSocial coupons from will help you save money on both of these.

Is there a LivingSocial mobile app?

The LivingSocial mobile app is a great way for you to make the most of your LivingSocial purchases. The mobile app is just as great as the website when it comes to saving money. All you have to do is download the LivingSocial app through iOS or Android. You can do this either by searching for the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store or by entering your phone number on the website. LivingSocial will text a link to download the app to your phone.

LivingSocial Info & Tips

Where can I find LivingSocial deals?

There are a variety of LivingSocial deals that you can find in the United States and Canada. You can select your location in the search bar to see whether there are any LivingSocial deals in your area of either country. It’s a good idea to look even closer when you’re looking through the LivingSocial item shop, as some products ship only to the United States or only to Canada.

How can I get even better deals with LivingSocial?

  • When you follow LivingSocial on Facebook, you’ll get access to exclusive ads that may offer discounts and deals on your next purchase. Just make sure you’re following LivingSocial so you can see these ads as you scroll through your Facebook feed.

  • It’s important to look for a LivingSocial promo code on every order. has a full list of current LivingSocial coupons and other codes that can help you save even more on these incredibly discounted products and deals.

What is the so-called “strikethrough" price on LivingSocial deals and products?

The “strikethrough" price of an item is the “normal" price that LivingSocial shows potential buyers. For example, if a spa package was originally $160, LivingSocial may show the $160 as a juxtaposition to whatever the package’s price is now. It will also indicate what percentage off you’ll receive when you buy the product.

LivingSocial creates this price by using either the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of an item or a price at which another retailer has sold the item. Although you may be able to find this product at a less expensive rate somewhere else, the LivingSocial strikethrough price is an accurate representation of how much it’s worth.

Will I have to pay for shipping at LivingSocial?

LivingSocial is mostly about experiences, so you can typically just use the digital voucher on the LivingSocial website to gain access to the experience. That means you won’t usually have to pay shipping fees. However, if you purchase from the LivingSocial Shop, you may have to pay shipping fees for the item. Most product orders above a specific dollar amount in the United States ship for free, with a small fee for orders below that dollar amount. Canadian shipping may vary depending on the product’s price and size. Additionally, if you’ve ordered an oversized item, you may have to pay additional shipping fees.

What is the LivingSocial return policy?

There are multiple return policies you may need to consider for your LivingSocial purchase. LivingSocial Shop purchases may depend on the individual seller, although you can usually cancel your order within two hours to avoid charges as well. You can return most LivingSocial Shop purchases within 30 days for Deal Bucks, which are basically LivingSocial store credit. Local experiences are eligible for Deal Bucks returns until the expiration date unless otherwise indicated. For Travel and Ticketed Events, the return policy varies depending on the individual event. You should make sure you read the return policy on any event, product or experience you purchase.

Can LivingSocial vouchers expire?

There are two elements to LivingSocial vouchers that may or may not expire. The first element is the promotional value, while the second is the paid value. When you buy a LivingSocial voucher, you’re buying access to the voucher’s promotional value, which is the non-discounted price. This may expire at a specified time. However, the amount you paid, which is the paid value, doesn’t expire.

For the most part, you can redeem LivingSocial vouchers at the retail establishment for at least the amount you paid, even if the voucher is expired. In this case, you’ll have to pay the rest of the product price. It’s a great way to continue to get the maximum enjoyment out of your LivingSocial voucher.

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