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StubHub - Frequently Asked Questions

What are StubHub's best coupons?

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Can I get deals on last-minute tickets through StubHub?

For certain events, StubHub allows you to purchase tickets right up until the event starts. With the company’s Last-Minute Service centers, you can purchase your tickets, then go to pick them up at a location near the event. The company maintains three permanent LMS centers in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. At times, it offers LMS tickets in other areas, using other retailers as temporary LMS centers. Check to see if the event you’re interested in is eligible for LMS services before waiting until the last minute.

Is there a StubHub app?

The StubHub app is a great way to maintain access to your tickets while on the go. If you want to purchase tickets, sell tickets, or show your tickets at the door without even having to print them out, you can use the StubHub app to do so. It’s available on iOS and Android devices so anyone can use the app.

Can I save money by delivering my StubHub tickets differently?

Typically, you’ll find that UPS delivery is the most expensive way to deliver tickets because you have to pay for shipping and handling charges. If you don’t want to deliver your tickets through UPS, StubHub may be able to offer different delivery methods. You can opt for instant download on your phone or computer, mobile tickets you can show from your phone, or home-printed tickets to avoid these extra charges.

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