Samsung Black Friday Deals & Discounts

Top Samsung Black Friday Deals

30% Off

Members Only: Up to 30% Off Your Order With Discount Program

Click through and get up to 30% discount on your order with discount program for members only.

30% Off

Up to 30% Military Discount Program

Click through and get up to 30% military discount program using a valid email address.

30% Off

First Responders: Up to 30% Off All Orders

Click through and get up to 30% discount on all orders for first responders.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping on All Orders

Click through and get free shipping on all orders.

30% Off

Up to 30% US Government Employee Discount Program

Click through and get up to 30% U.S. government employee discount program with a valid government email address.

Online Tip

Get Discounts and Save With the Save@Work Discount Program

Click through and get discounts with Save@Work discount program.

Online Tip

Curbside Pickup and Repairs Available

Click through and get curbside pickup and repairs.

Online Tip

Shop All-New Galaxy A Series and Get Up to $150 Trade-in Credit toward Select Devices

Click through and shop the all-new Galaxy A Series and get up to $150 trade-in credit toward select devices.

$3,500 Off

Special Offers: Up to $3500 Off Featured Items and Get Free Items With Select Products

Click through and get up to $3500 discount on select featured special items and get free items on select orders.

$725 Off

Up to $725 Off Cellphone Deals Plus Rewards and Freebies

Click through and get up to $725 discount on cellphone deals plus rewards and freebies.

How to save money at Samsung this Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year in the United States. People love to see Black Friday come around; it’s one of the best ways to get the most out of your money. Especially for Black Friday 2020, which may be one of the best times to be saving money, you’re probably going to be ready to shop until you drop. makes things easier with Samsung coupons.

Black Friday 2020, of course, is going to be a lot different for many people. Samsung wants to make sure your 2020 Black Friday shopping experience is just as thrilling and exciting as any Black Friday experience you’ve had before and any Black Friday experience you’ll have in the future.

Because of COVID-19, people are changing the way they shop. Samsung knows you’re probably worried about your health and safety shopping this Black Friday, which is why it’s offering a variety of ways to stay safe and secure.

  • The products you purchase through Samsung often have a high dollar amount attached to them, which means traditionally you’ve had to sign for your Samsung products. During the COVID-19 pandemic, you might not want to do that. Samsung is partnering with FedEx to allow you to give verbal acknowledgment instead of physically signing for it.

  • Have you had an issue with your Samsung product that needs fixing from an expert? Some Samsung Repair Centers are temporarily closed, but most of them remain open for business with additional safety precautions. Plus, curbside drop-off and pickup for repairs makes it even easier for you to get what you need.

  • If you want to maintain your peace of mind when it comes to visiting a Samsung store, you can look online to learn exactly what Samsung is doing to keep its stores as well sanitized as possible. It’s a great option for secure, hygienic conditions that will keep every store well-functioning.

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Black Friday shopping, it’s a good idea to know exactly what you might be able to get. Planning Black Friday shopping is one of the best ways to get a great deal. Here’s what you should know about Black Friday shopping at Samsung in 2020.

  • In the past, one of the biggest deals that you could get during Black Friday at Samsung was great deals on products with a trade-in. If you’re thinking about switching to a Samsung product and Black Friday is fast approaching, you might want to wait and see whether you can get more for it during the company’s Black Friday sale.

  • Because phones are what Samsung is most well known for, it’s true you’ll probably want to at least browse through the phones this Black Friday. The good news is that Samsung knows you typically think of phones when it comes to this company, which means it usually offers discounts on phones.

  • For Black Friday sales, it’s very common for local stores to have completely different discounts and deals than the online store. If you’re looking for a way to get great deals at Samsung, you may want to investigate one of your local Samsung stores as long as it’s open.

When you think about Samsung, chances are that you immediately think about mobile phones. True, mobile phones are a huge part of Samsung’s brand. They make great phones people love. However, there are also some other things you might want to purchase through Samsung on Black Friday, like these things.

  • Samsung is pretty heavily into smart home technology. You can purchase entertainment packages, home monitoring packages, and even laundry packages, all of which can make it a little easier to live in your home as it stands.

  • There are plenty of computing options available through Samsung. That includes computers and tablets, monitors and even memory and storage products. If you’ve been waiting for a computer, Black Friday at Samsung may just be the perfect time.

  • Having a really high-quality television or audio system can boost your enjoyment of the television dramatically. It’s a great way to really get the most out of watching or listening to it. Consider splurging on something like a brand new TV to make sure you’re getting the best out of your experience.

Predicting the upcoming Black Friday sales isn’t always easy. It’s important to make sure you know what Samsung tends to do for Black Friday so you can adapt accordingly. Here’s a look into the past few Black Friday sales so you can figure out what Samsung might do for Black Friday 2020.

  • The biggest sale for the 2019 Black Friday sale was probably the discount on Samsung’s Q80R QLED TV, which went down from $1,999.99 to $1,299.99. That’s a discount of a full $700 on one of Samsung’s most iconic and incredible TVs, which is a steal if you were already looking into the TV options.

  • For 2018, there were a variety of Samsung discounts specifically for locked phones. These are phones you can only use with a specific carrier. However, as long as you enjoy being on that specific carrier, you can get a huge discount on your Samsung experience.

  • One of the most interesting options in 2017 was the free add-ons. For example, you could get a free $300 gift card at Target when you purchased specific Samsung products, often at a discount. Keep an eye out for these options even today, when they can still help you decide on a specific product.

Samsung Black Friday FAQs

Is Samsung offering free shipping online?

Samsung offers free overnight shipping on phones specifically. If you’re purchasing a phone, Samsung wants to make sure you get it as quickly as possible. That’s why it offers free overnight shipping, which makes it even easier for you to get your phone and activate it as soon as possible. When you’re getting Samsung mobile products, keep an eye out for that free overnight shipping option or visit a local store.

How do I fix my Samsung problems right now?

During COVID-19, not everyone might feel totally comfortable about bringing their phone in for a fix, even if their phone really needs that fix. If you’re having Samsung problems right now, you’re going to need to tackle those problems once and for all. That means talking to a Samsung support service member online, going through the support self-help section, or even finding a Samsung repair center and dropping your phone off for safekeeping.

Is Black Friday really the best time to buy a Samsung?

Especially when it comes to very large products like the products at Samsung, it can be worrying to take the plunge. However, Black Friday is definitely a great time to purchase a Samsung product. You can absolutely save a lot of money with your Black Friday product purchases, which makes it a great time to take on especially brand new Samsung products.