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How to save money at Vera Bradley this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2020 will be like no other year before. It’s always a huge sale day with people counting down the minutes until a website puts up their sale items. While this year is different thanks to the rise of COVID-19, shoppers will likely be clambering for deals this year more than ever. Far fewer people are likely to be shopping in person on Black Friday and most will be headed online. Cyber Monday is bound to be bigger than ever.

Vera Bradley always has a sale around Cyber Monday and this year will not be any different. If you’re looking for amazing deals on bags and backpacks for yourself or for gifts, Cyber Monday is the day to shop for the best prices. To make the deals even better, has Vera Bradley coupons and promos so you can keep as much money in your wallet as possible. Who doesn’t love that?

While Vera Bradley does have stores all around the nation, this year, shoppers will most likely buy their bags online so they can stick with social-distancing rules and stay safe at home. But if you are going to one of their stores on Cyber Monday or any other day, here are some of the ways they’re helping customers stay safe.

  • They are currently requiring all customers and workers to wear some type of face covering. Vera Bradley stores were closed at the beginning of the pandemic, but with a lot of them re-opening, you’ll need a face covering to enter the store.

  • The employees are also cleaning the store more frequently and more rigorously to ensure everything is safe to touch. Whether that be the clothing racks or the fitting rooms, they’re cleaning and sanitizing everything on a regular basis.

  • The stores are also limiting how many customers can enter the store at one time. How many people can be in the store all depends on how big your local Vera Bradley is. If you happen to go to a store on Cyber Monday, there will likely be someone at the door counting people in and you may have to wait for another shopper to leave before you can enter. It makes shopping online on Cyber Monday such a good idea.

  • All stores will also have social-distancing rules in place. Shoppers will need to stand six feet apart from other shoppers and workers as much as possible.

  • All Vera Bradley stores will also have hand sanitizer available throughout the store. This allows you to sanitize your hands when you arrive, when you leave, or anytime you want while inside the store.

  • If your local Vera Bradley store has reopened, be sure to check their hours as they may have a shorter schedule to avoid any issues with COVID-19. Store hours may vary depending on the state they are located in as well.

Vera Bradley stores are also offering several different ways to shop in-store or remotely.

  • You can shop virtually with one of Vera Bradley’s brand experts. They will help you see if what you want is in stock, find the patterns you’re looking for, or see if there is a specific bag shape that would suit your needs best. Using their brand experts on Cyber Monday is a great way to ensure you get exactly what you want.

  • They are also offering an appointment service. You can book an appointment before, during or after hours. They are willing to work with shoppers to get them what they need. Booking an appointment around Cyber Monday is bound to fill up quickly so it’s best to get in there while you can.

  • Shoppers can also order by phone and either pick up their orders curbside or have it shipped directly to their house.

Cyber Monday is always a good time to cash in on sales and discounts at almost all the most popular stores and Vera Bradley is no different. They have great deals and promos every year on Cyber Monday and 2020 is bound to be bigger than ever. When looking for the best Cyber Monday deals, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the best deal possible at Vera Bradley.

  • Stay current on the sales that Vera Bradley is offering. If you aren’t signed up for their newsletter, now’s a perfect time to do that. You’ll know the deals before almost anyone else. You’ll also want to check social media,, and contact your local Vera Bradley store. Do as much research as possible. The more information you have, the better deals you’ll find.

  • You’ll want to shop early. While Vera Bradley is likely to have plenty of designs and colors in stock, with big deal days like Cyber Monday, things are likely to sell out quickly. If there’s something specific you have your eye on, getting up early (or staying up late) and buying it online is your best bet.

  • Don’t limit yourself. Get in on as many deals as possible. If the item you were dying for isn’t on sale, don’t let that discourage you. You never know, the bag you buy on sale on Cyber Monday might become your new favorite or it could turn into the perfect gift for someone you love.

When you think of Vera Bradley, you probably think bags, backpacks and maybe some accessories. But they offer a lot more products than just that. Cyber Monday is the perfect time to look into everything they offer and save even more money than you expected.

  • Besides bags, they also have a line of apparel that features sleepwear, footwear, face masks, outerwear, socks and scarves. Sleepwear is one of those items that almost always goes on sale around Cyber Monday and this is a great way to save big on a pair of PJs with your favorite pattern on it.

  • Vera Bradley also has a wide range of home goods. They offer everything from blankets to towels to bedding. It’s worth it to see if these types of items are on sale on Cyber Monday. You could redecorate your home for less than you might think.

If the past is any indication of what shoppers can expect from Vera Bradley on Cyber Monday 2020, the sales will be big.

Vera Bradley Cyber Monday FAQs

Will new Vera Bradley items be on sale during Cyber Monday?

Vera Bradley always has lots of items on sale during their Cyber Monday sale. Some of them are usually new products, while others are items that haven’t sold and are put on an extra discount so they can get rid of extra inventory. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Checking out the discount items can get you a quality bag or wallet at an amazing price.

How should I prepare for Vera Bradley’s Cyber Monday sale?

The best way to prepare for any Cyber Monday sale is with research. Search the internet for Cyber Monday sales and see if any of the ads or deals have been leaked. They usually are every year. Sign up for Vera Bradley’s emails so you can learn about discounts and promos right from them. Call your local store to see if they know about any extra deals they can offer you.

Is it safe to go to my local Vera Bradley store on Cyber Monday?

Vera Bradley is taking lots of precautions to ensure their customers are safe in their store, but the best way to not worry about COVID-19 concerns is to stay at home. That’s what makes Cyber Monday so great. You don’t have to go into the store to get the best deals. You can sit at home, shop online for all the sales, and have everything sent right to your door. It beats going from store to store for all the items on your list.