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Buy One, Get One Free on Select Smartphones

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Buy Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, Get a Free S10e

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Up to $400 Trade-In Credit with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Purchase

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Get $300 Reward Card with Select Smartphones

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AT&T Wireless Info & Tips

Affordable Payment Plans for Smartphones

It’s no secret that the wireless cell phone carriers are trying very hard to make it easy for consumers to afford new phones and calling plans. They’re working diligently to understand customer’s needs and develop strategies that cater to our busy lifestyles and tight budgets. Most carriers offer a monthly payment plan where you can pay installments for a new phone. We briefly take a look at the two plans AT&T Wireless provides, AT&T Next and AT&T Next Every Year.

For both plans, qualified buyers can enjoy $0 down, with the price of the phone being split into equal monthly installments of either 24 or 30 months. Those who do not qualify for the $0 downpayment, may have to put a 30% deposit on the smartphone of their choice. For either plan, if you want to lower your monthly payments, you can always put more money down up front.

AT&T Next is comprised of 30 monthly payments, but if at some point you want to upgrade your phone, you can trade it in once you’ve paid 80% of the retail value (another good reason to put more money down up front). Customers who choose AT&T Next Every Year are on a 24-month plan, and are eligible to trade in their smartphone when half of the price has been paid. For both plans, sales tax is payable at the time you place your order. You’ll also pay a $20 activation or upgrade fee with either plan, but it’s well worth it to have low monthly payments for a high end smartphone.

If you’ve been daunted by the idea of having to pay a high price for the smartphone you have your eye on, skip the exorbitant one-time payment that all wireless carriers first offered. They’ve now made it simple to afford a great phone by making low monthly installments. To save the most on cell phones and accessories, use a promo code whenever you can, and consider a pay-over-time plan to keep costs low.

Buy A New Tablet Through Your Wireless Carrier? Yes!

We all have our ways of shopping online to get the best price on mobile devices, but we’re usually pretty busy, so that limits our time. One source that many consumers overlook when it comes to buying a new tablet or upgrading your old tablet, is their wireless carrier. Websites like AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless carry tablets from all the technology leaders, including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG; and you might even be able to use a coupon code for a discount, so it’s worth checking out.

One of the great bonuses of buying a tablet through your wireless carrier is that you will often have the choice of paying for it all at once, or making monthly payments. By paying for it over time, it becomes more affordable. Can you imagine paying just $10 or $20 per month for a Galaxy Tab or an iPad? With well-qualified credit, you may not need to make a downpayment, either. There may be an activation fee, but it should be outlined in the details, so you’ll know this up front. You’ll be able to choose a two-year contract, no contract, or only buy the tablet without signing up for a plan. Take note that you’ll probably pay less if you get a two-year contract, but be sure to explore all options to make the best choice. Many times you’ll score free shipping, too, so you’ll want to factor in that discount as well.

Now you have another resource to look into when you’re ready to buy a tablet or upgrade your old one. But instead of beginning with any others, your carrier is where you should start, since you’re probably going to want a good data plan that allows for smooth movie and music streaming, right? You may decide this is exactly the way you always want to shop for your mobile devices in the future – quick, convenient and affordable.

Did You Know?

From facilitating human communication across the globe to creating more of the media you love, AT&T has been helping people become closer for decades. With AT&T Wireless, you can stay in contact with other people using your cell phone, anytime you want. It offers plans that allow you to choose exactly what you want without paying for things you don't, and its service is continuing to grow and change. In fact, it's planning to expand its 5G services, allowing people to surf the web even faster and connect on an unprecedented level. With the nation's fastest wireless network and an incredible reach, AT&T Wireless could be a great choice for you.

Of course, a phone is very important when you sign up for wireless service. With AT&T Wireless, you have all sorts of options for your wireless service. You can choose the Bring Your Own Device plan, which allows you to switch from another network and bring your device along, so you don't have to pay for a new one. You can also get contract-free service, so you're free to change things around whenever you want. If you don't have a phone, no worries; AT&T Wireless carries the newest and best phones on the market. You can finance your phone, so you only pay a certain monthly fee, and with some plans, you can pay 0% APR.

One of the newest AT&T perks is its Unlimited &More plans. With these plans, you get unlimited data, talk, and text, as well as additional options like limited TV channels. If you want to upgrade to Unlimited &More Premium, you also get premium entertainment channels and hotspot tethering added to your base package. There are many options with AT&T Wireless, and it's one of the reasons so many people love the service. Whether you're a huge data user or you just love the variety of options you get with AT&T Unlimited &More, it's an option to consider along with the other opportunities you have with AT&T Wireless.

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