The Best B2B Deals for Business Owners in 2022

Written by James Moore | July 18, 2022

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Growing a business can be a challenge — be it a mom-and-pop shop or a national chain. Whether you’re establishing your first contacts, printing an army of onboarding documentation, or protecting your virtual property from leaks, every step is a test of tenacity, grit, and adaptability.

Make things a little easier with these five companies committed to the growth and success of your business:

  1. 4inkjets - Get 10% off LD-brand ink & toner and free shipping on orders over $50.
  2. Constant Contact - Save up to 15% off your Digital Marketing plan when you pay in advance.
  3. LastPass - Enjoy a FREE 14-day trial on all business plans for your password management and data protection needs.
  4. Remote - Take 14% off when you pay for an annual Employer of Record plan.
  5. Uber Eats for Merchants - Enjoy 30 days free with 0% commission.

Keep on reading for some of the best business-to-business deals and level up with powerful insights, tools, and services tailored to your company’s needs.

Boost Your Business With B2B Discounts

Person pulling ink cartridge out of box

1. 4inkjets

The Deal: 10% Off LD-Brand Ink & Toner + Free Shipping on Orders Over $50 (expires 9/30)

With more retailers and offices making the shift to the online marketplace every day, it can be easy to overlook the needs of brick-and-mortar businesses. 4inkjets has heard the cries of your lonely, ink-starved printers and decided to offer a seasonal 10% discount on LD-brand toners and inks to freshen up those faltering feeder trays. Stock up on select LD-brand bulk products and save even more; plus get free shipping on all orders from 4inkjets. Just use code “4AFLQ3" at checkout and add any LD-brand ink or toner to your cart — 4inkjets will take care of the rest.

Person typing on laptop

2. Constant Contact

The Deal: Up to 15% Off Digital Marketing Core/Plus Plans When You Pay in Advance

It might sound like an introvert’s worst nightmare, but Constant Contact (CC) is here to make your digital and email marketing campaign run like a dream. From the first conversion to targeted automation, CC helps businesses with thousands of built-in sales integrations and helps generate an average of $36 from every dollar their customers spend on email marketing. With a free no-card trial and up to 15% off plans paid in advance, CC makes growing, personalizing, and automating your media campaigns easier and more affordable than ever.

LastPass Dashboard

3. LastPass

The Deal: 14-Day Free Trial on All Business Plans

With data leaks and repeat passwords becoming more of a problem than ever (looking at you, “Password123"), LastPass has a revolutionary solution: ditch digital passcodes altogether. With over 100 administrative features and optional authenticator support, Lastpass can lock down your employee login info in an encrypted digital vault, minimizing the risk to your data and streamlining your workflow. Step up your security with a free 14-day LastPass trial and try out password-less protection risk-free.

Remote Dashboard

4. Remote

The Deal: 14% Off Remote Annual Employer of Record Plans

The landscape of remote work is changing faster than ever — whether your team is across the street or across the Atlantic, Remote is here to help manage them. Remote offers everything a business needs to manage distributed teams. From global payroll in local currencies to regionally-tailored benefits packages, compliance and liability protection, and 24/7 HR support, your team can get help no matter when you sign off for the day. Even better, Remote is offering a 14% discount on annual plans for savings of $50 per employee per month. Get started today and say goodbye to your Tuesday night study sessions on international tax law.

Person stapling receipt to Uber Eats bag.

5. Uber Eats for Merchants

The Deal: Restaurant owners partner with Uber Eats and enjoy 30 days free with 0% commission. Offer subject to change per the terms of the restaurant agreement. Click through to sign up.

Let’s face it — social media isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for new ways to attract customers to your restaurant without learning the latest TikTok dances, let Uber Eats help you with a suite of marketing features, helpful data, and Uber Eats’ global platform. Get noticed faster with Uber’s independent review system and take advantage of their customizable loyalty programs to keep customers (drivers) coming back again and again. Who knows? You might be so happy you’ll do a silly dance anyway.

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