Everything You Need to Know About Caviar – The Former Food Delivery Service Rival of DoorDash

Written by Deanna Nguyen | April 21, 2023

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Many of us enjoy the convenience of food delivery services on days when we don’t feel like making the drive to our favorite restaurants. We’ve heard of Uber Eats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates, but Caviar goes the extra mile to partner with the best restaurants to deliver premium cuisine straight to your door. They also have in-house nutritionists to put together diet-specific collections so it’s easier for you to find healthy food in less time!

If you didn’t know, DoorDash acquired Caviar in 2019 — the two used to be rivals before the former decided to buy the latter and merge together. Caviar still operates as a food delivery platform, but now they’re backed by many of DoorDash’s best policies and features!

We’ve listed the differences between Caviar and DoorDash and provided a rundown on the pros and cons of using Caviar, how to work for them as a Dasher, and whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

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Caviar vs. DoorDash

Caviar vs. DoorDash

Caviar works just like all the other food delivery service apps (no, it’s not for delivering fish roe). It has a user-friendly interface and optimized search tools similar to DoorDash. Acquisitions can be confusing for consumers, especially when you’re not sure if the smaller company that merged with the bigger one will stay the same. Fortunately for Caviar, it remains its own separate food delivery service with the exception of adopting some of DoorDash’s policies and features like DashPass. Your accounts also have a shared login, but the accounts for each service will remain separate (addresses, saved credit cards, and order history).

Side-by-Side Comparison

Caviar DoorDash
Only available in certain cities/regions Nationwide coverage
No loyalty program or student discounts Has loyalty program and student discounts
Simple, user-friendly mobile app Search by item can get confusing
Slightly more expensive Prices and fees are within a more competitive range
Highly selective of restaurant partners Over 300,000 local and popular restaurants
Not the best alcohol delivery Better alcohol delivery

While Caviar and DoorDash do have their differences, they share a lot of similarities given their recent merger. Caviar’s website has the exact same layout as DoorDash. One thing to keep in mind when using one or both is that gift cards and credit are non-transferable, meaning any credit or gift cards you received for one company cannot be used for the other.

Essentially, both Caviar and DoorDash work in tandem to deliver food and drinks in the most efficient way possible while catering to the needs of the customer wherever they may be. You can try out both and see which one works the best for you — you might prefer more niche and fancy restaurants with Caviar or may just want to play it safe with DoorDash’s more open availability. Either way, food will get delivered straight to your doorstep!

Caviar Sign In

How Does Caviar Work?

In short, Caviar works pretty much the same as DoorDash. You create an account or log in using your DoorDash credentials and then enter your address to find restaurants near you that are available for delivery. You can order through either the website or the mobile app, which is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Pickup is also an option!

First-time users will automatically get $0 in delivery fees. If you have a discount code, apply it at checkout. Try DashPass for free to enjoy $0 delivery fees on all orders and lower service fees. It’s a subscription that saves you more money in the long run if you frequently use either Doordash or Caviar. You can schedule orders too!


Where Does Caviar Deliver?

The only downside to using Caviar is that, as of 2020, delivery is only available in 20 cities and regions. Here’s the full list of Caviar’s service areas:

  • Boston
  • Brooklyn & Queens
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Greater Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
  • Manhattan
  • Marin County
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland
  • Sacramento
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • SF East Bay
  • SF Peninsula
  • Seattle
  • Seattle East Side
  • South Jersey
  • Washington D.C. Metro

The best way to find out if Caviar delivers to your area is to search for participating restaurants on the website or the mobile app. Payment methods include PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Basically, if you want a premium service with only highly-rated restaurants to choose from, Caviar is your pick.

Caviar Dasher

How Do I Become a Dasher?

Becoming a Dasher is basically becoming a freelancer. You set your own hours, dash in your area or a different city, and know exactly how much you make. Not everyone can become a Dasher though — take a look at the requirements below:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must have a car, scooter, or bicycle (in select cities)
  • Must present your driver’s license number
  • Must present your Social Security number (only in the U.S.)
  • Must consent to a background check

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Submit an application
  2. Choose a driver orientation
  3. Complete signup
  4. Download the app and get started on deliveries right away

Once you’re on the app, you can choose “Dash Now" to receive orders in your area or tap the “Schedule" tab to set times for later. Caviar will send you orders to accept with guaranteed pay — just hit “Accept" and you’re good to go. The app offers instructions on how and where to pick up the order and deliver it to the customers based on any special instructions. Once complete, Caviar will pay you each week. You can track your earnings on the “Earnings" tab.

Food Dish

Caviar: Worth It or Not?

Because Caviar is linked to DoorDash, it is 100% worth a try. Whether or not you order food for delivery often, you’ll want to take advantage of first-time offers like $0 in delivery fees as well as other discounts to reduce the total amount you owe to the food delivery service. We all know that picking up your food is a lot cheaper than having it delivered to your home, but it’s easy to choose convenience over affordability on those lazy days!

In the end, try out Caviar if it’s available in your area. Check to see which restaurants they’ve partnered with and compare the total costs with DoorDash, if possible. Besides saving money, eating your favorite delicious meals is one of the best feelings in the world!

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