Celebrate Easter With These Economical and Fun Family-Friendly Activities

Written by Dania Asmar Mohammad | April 1, 2021

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Easter is a time for family and friends to come together with spring in full bloom. Whether you celebrate the holiday with religious intentions or not, we’re determined to help you build your best Easter celebration yet, and we’ll bet it’ll be at a fraction of the typical cost. Amid the pandemic, celebrations this year may be more intimate, which calls for more effort and interaction to make the day special, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fun! This Easter day guide will keep the family entertained all day long and become a staple to your yearly festivities.

Ready set… I’ll Egg You on!

egg relay race

In the spirit of eggs, remaining economical and inclusive to adults and children alike, what better way to continue the afternoon celebrations than with an egg relay race? Though obvious, this classic game needs no introduction: grab an egg, place it on a spoon, and run to your relay race partner as fast as you can!

Carrot Eatin’

Carrot Eating

Ever heard of donuts on a line? Let’s replace it with Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Carrots Candy to honor the Easter bunny. Grab any string for this interactive activity that’s guaranteed to get some laughs out of the family. All that’s needed is a string hung up in any desired area and carrots to dangle along the line. Whoever is participating in the game simply needs to stand underneath the string and eat their allotted carrots from the bottom up as fast as they can until they get to the finish line. Scrumptious mini chocolate carrots are the perfect vehicle for a good old fashioned carrot-eating race!

Make Your Own Bunny Piñata

Bunny Piñata

Staying indoors can still be fun on Easter. Grab your piñata stick and hop it out to knock it out! A DIY piñata kit will enable the family to get creative with whatever individualized Easter-themed symbols they want to create. This activity is sure to get the creative juices flowing, not to mention the excitement of cracking open wads of Easter goodies.

Candy Mania

Candy Mania

Charcuterie boards have been trending for quite some time now, and a candy charcuterie board can be the perfect centerpiece to bring the family together. An Easter charcuterie board has all the best goods: bunnies, chocolates, eggs, and peeps to go around. Instead of simply laying out the charcuterie board for your family to enjoy, take them on a little adventure by laying the candy out like a scavenger hunt. Each member of the family will work together to assemble their portion of the charcuterie board once they solve their clue and enjoy it just as much afterward. We love getting an Easter Candy Variety Mix, and this top-rated variety bag works wonderfully for the board.

The Traditional Egg Hunt

Traditional Egg Hunt

No Easter holiday would be complete without a good old-fashioned egg hunt. In case you missed it, Easter can be equally fun for adults. This game satisfies those who have a competitive spirit and love the suspense of a race. Better Homes and Gardens recommends this awesome charades egg hunt by splitting the group into two or more teams and have each competitor find one egg at a time, running back to their team once they’ve solved their egg clue.

For the kids in the family, hide a prized golden egg in your family’s Easter egg search, and whoever finds the golden egg gets a surprise Easter gift tower filled with delicious treats that honor the holiday well. We can’t resist sharing this elevated but inexpensive bundle that includes both cookies and chocolate—the best of both worlds.

Backyard Egg Freeze Dance

Backyard Egg Freeze Dance

To keep in touch with Easter’s origins, an egg dance is a tradition where eggs are laid down on the ground and the goal is to dance without stepping on any of the eggs. Add a bit of spice to the tradition by turning it into a freeze dance; you have to pause when the music stops! The significance of this game is beautiful, but the possible mess can make it less appealing, so consider using these Blue and Green Pastel Easter Egg Bowl Filler for the dance. They can also serve as a seasonal decoration around the house.

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