Egg-cellent Gourmet Cookware to Celebrate National Egg Day — All Under $40

Written by Rebecca Carlyle | June 2, 2021

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If you love breakfast foods as much as we do, then National Egg Day is the ideal holiday for you. National Egg Day falls on June 3rd every year. Whether you like to start your day with a poached egg or end your day with an omelet for dinner, we wholeheartedly support you. From sandwiches and salads to casseroles and quiches, eggs are pretty versatile and they can come in handy any time of the day. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also healthy. They are packed with protein, vitamins D and B12, and are only approximately 75 calories—a healthy way to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

If you are looking to take your relationship with eggs to the next level this National Egg Day, take a look at these cookware products that’ll give you a perfect egg dish on the 3rd of June — and everyday after!

But first, what egg-actly is National Egg Day?

The History of National Egg Day

The tradition dates back to 1921 when the first National Egg Day celebration took place in Washington State in response to a new highway designed specifically for transportation of poultry products and eggs. Back then, this industry was new and a few entrepreneurs in the town of Winlock aimed to capitalize on it by throwing an annual egg day festival. The town still observes this festival every year and brings their best eggs forward.

Although you don’t need a special day to eat and honor eggs, National Egg Day is a great excuse to cook up an egg storm! Besides, you don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay—you just need the right tools. Take a look at the cookware we’ve collected and you’ll be well on your way to making the best frittata you’ve ever had.

The Best Cookware for Eggs

Elite Gourmet 7 Egg Automatic Egg Cooker

Elite Gourmet 7 Egg Automatic Egg Cooker

Price: $16.99 at Best Buy

This automatic egg cooker can cook up to seven eggs at a time in a variety of ways, including poached, hard-boiled, and omelets. A measuring cup for water is included to assist you in calibrating the water level of the cooker so that you can cook your eggs to your specifications: soft, medium or hard-boiled. The cooker is available in eight different fun colors in case you want to match it to your kitchen decor. If you order online, make sure to select the free pick-up option.

Egg-tastic Features
Built-in cooking timer with automatic shut off
Removable egg rack
Piercing Pin to prevent eggs from cracking while cooking
Poaching and omelet trays
Indicator beep when your eggs are ready

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Egg Bite Maker

Egg Bite Maker

Price:$24.99 $19.99 at Macy’s

Who else has been obsessed with the egg bites at Starbucks? Now you can make them at home with all fresh ingredients. This egg bite maker can make four at a time, perfect for meal prepping your breakfast and mid-day snack. Simply add eggs, your preferred vegetables and/or meats and cook for 10 minutes. The small kitchen appliance is available in three different colors at Macy’s and qualifies for Klarna’s four interest-free payment plan.

Egg-tastic Features
Four silicone cups that easily release the egg bites
Heating plates that heat quickly and cook evenly
Comes with a recipe guide
Easy to wipe clean

4-Egg Teal and Stainless Steel 2-section Omelette Maker

4-Egg Teal and Stainless Steel 2-section Omelette Maker

Price: $18.94 at Home Depot

Omelets are the perfect meal any time of day. If you love them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then this omelet maker is your dream companion. Not only does it cook evenly all the way through, but you won’t have to flip it over! No more sloppy folded over omelets! Plus, for larger households, it helps save time by cooking two omelets at once. This omelet maker is available in three colors, although the bright teal has caught our eye.

Egg-tastic Features
Nonstick coat
Compact design for convenient storage
Cook two individual omelets at the same time

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Cuisinart Egg Central

Cuisinart Egg Central

Price: $69.99 $39.99 at Belk

If you need to make a large batch of deviled eggs to bring along to a party, then you will want the Cuisinart Egg Central on your countertop. It fits up to 10 eggs at a time and will cook your eggs to hard, medium or soft. It comes with a measuring beaker to ensure that you have the right amount of water so the eggs cook to your preferred consistency. You won’t have to stand over them and watch since this handy device has an audible alert when the eggs are ready. If you’re not within earshot, there’s a standby mode that automatically activates to make sure it doesn’t overcook. Plus, save $30 off the original price when you buy the Cuisinart Egg Central at Belk — it’s a deal that won’t last for long!

Egg-tastic Features
Porcelain steel-enameled finish
Audible alert and standby mode to prevent overcooking
Poaching tray and omelet tray
Three-year warranty

Solid Egg Separator

Solid Egg Separator

Price: $2 at Shein

We’ve all had that one recipe that calls for egg whites and most often than not, separating the yolk from the whites leaves us with messy fingers! Yep, dropping the yolk from one half of the shell to the other isn’t as easy as it looks and there’s plenty of egg white that gets lost in translation. That’s where the egg separator comes in handy. Simply crack open that egg, empty it into the separator and let it do the rest. This useful little tool is available in four different pastel colors. With the high ratings and the cheap price of $2, you’ve got nothing to lose by taking a chance on this egg separator.

Egg-tastic Features
The ultimate egg divider
Compact design for convenient storage

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12" Stone Earth Frying Pan Nonstick

Price: $29.98 at Sam’s Club

This Ozeri 12-inch pan is your new go-to pan. Pick this off the rack whenever you need to make a large batch of scrambled eggs for the whole family. The nonstick surface is scratch resistant and easy to clean. It’s made from a heavy-gauge aluminum core that allows for even cooking without hot spots. The pan is available in seven color combinations. Plus, did you see that price? You don’t need to wait for a sale when you’re getting such great value at this low price from Sam’s Club!

Egg-tastic Features
Nonstick surface without risk of chemicals
Scratch-resistant coating
Comfortable heat-resistant handle
Magnetized base for easy use with induction stoves

OXO Good Grips 2-pc. Egg Poacher Set

OXO Good Grips 2-pc. Egg Poacher Set

Price: $13.99 at Kohl’s

This set of two egg poachers from OXO is fantastic for a small household. If you’re making a snack for just one person, you don’t want to haul out your large egg cooker. The holes in the bottom half of the design allows for optimal water flow so the eggs cook evenly. They are dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and collapsible.

Egg-tastic Features
Markings to show best water level
Made of high-heat resistant silicone
Funnel shape holds the egg in the perfect position so the yolk doesn’t break

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GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 10

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 10" Frypan

Price: $29.99 $26.99 at Camping World

If some of your favorite memories growing up are waking up on camping trips and making a batch of eggs over the fire, then you need to check out this stainless steel 10-inch frying pan sold at Camping World. The nonstick surface makes it easy to clean, so you won’t waste your day in the great outdoors scrubbing. The pan is made from heavy gauge aluminum core, so it heats quickly and evenly, perfect for campsite cooking.

Egg-tastic Features
Stainless steel exterior for durable use
Heavy gauge aluminum core for quick heating and no hot spots
Folding handle for easy storage

Imusa 6

Imusa 6" Mini Casserole Egg Pan with Lid in Assorted Color

Price: $5.97 at Walmart

If you live on your own and don’t want to dirty up an oversized frying pan, then this six-inch Imusa egg pan is perfect for you. You can easily whip up huevos rancheros for one. With the nonstick coating, it’s easy to serve directly onto your plate. This adorable mini-pan is available in three bright colors that are sure to cheer up your kitchen. Make sure to sign up for Walmart+ to get free delivery!

Egg-tastic Features
Nonstick surface
Small aluminum size allows for heating quickly and evenly
Handle that remains cool to the touch

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