Redbubble’s Sitewide Discounts: Get up to 50% Off Stickers and Bags

Written by James Moore | June 21, 2022

Thanks for reading! This article is sponsored by Redbubble. All products featured were hand-picked and thoughtfully chosen by our editorial team, and any items listed below were in-stock with accurate pricing at the time of publication.

Show off your favorite fandom and make a statement with handmade stickers and bags from Redbubble. It’s always great to support creators, and the independent artists and designers Redbubble connects customers to offer cool crossovers, innovative images, fantastic fan art, and more. Take advantage of Redbubble’s amazing 50% off deal when you buy 10 or more stickers for your laptop, water bottle, or favorite flat surface. Plus, order two or more custom art-adorned tote bags, and snag 15% off your new carrying companion.

Keep reading for some of our favorite designs from amazing independent artists, then pick up a few Redbubble stickers (or a bunch — we won’t judge).

Our 10 Favorite Redbubble Bag Designers and Sticker Artists


1. chestify

Products: stickers, tote bags, clothing, wall art, etc.

Chestify’s message to the introverts of the world is one we’ve all needed to hear: “Use your chest. Testify." True to their motto, chestify’s designs feature 151 hilariously sarcastic statements and socially awkward puns like “my favorite plans are canceled plans" and “namaste away from me." Drop by chesitfy’s page to help your inner hermit find their voice.


2. cheezup

Products: all Redbubble products

Cheesy names? Check. Cheesy puns? Check. Puns aren’t for everyone, but we absolutely love Redbubble-featured artist cheezup’s designs. Cute food and animals abound on cheezup’s profile, so grab a few totes for 15% off, and share your favorite animal puns with the world.

Savings Tip: Love stickers but don’t need 10 of them? Buy four or more for a smaller 25% discount instead.

3. redblueyellowd

Products: clothing, stickers, phone cases, accessories, etc.

Redblueyellowd’s designs give off pretty strong ’90s’ kid vibes. From vintage cartoon designs featuring the Fairly Oddparents, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Doug to Arthur memes and Miles Morales stickers, this is an artist who knows their audience. Redblueyellowd joined Redbubble in 2020, and you can browse over 300 designs on their profile page. Showcase your favorite ninja turtle (Michelangelo’s the best seller), or assemble the whole team and pay homage to the pre-2000s’ unique brand of awesome.


4. cronobreaker

Products: stickers

Cronobreaker is a sticker-exclusive artist on Redbubble, and it shows. Every one of cronobreaker’s silly, cute, sometimes downright weird designs is designed and cut perfectly for use in sticker designs. Whether you’re after a food/animal hybrid like the pizza cat or a spooky-cute zombie cupcake, cronobreaker won’t let you down.


5. MattAbernathy (@Matt_Abernathy)

Products: T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, phone cases, etc.

Nerds, harken unto our words: A true paragon of nerd culture has emerged from the land of Redbubble! This hero’s name is Matt Abernathy, and you’ll find his profile chock-full of D&D references, League of Legends jokes, and other geeky godsends. Our favorite is a tote bag designed to look like D&D’s magical Bag of Holding. Just don’t mix it up with the Bag of Devouring, and everything will be just fine.


6. SeerStuff

Products: all Redbubble products

If we had to describe SeerStuff’s collection as a StuffSeer (see what we did there?), we’d describe most of their designs as a thought-provoking combination of fantasy and vaporwave aesthetics. Wonderfully retro and incredibly creative, SeerStuff’s designs capture a totally unique look that’s sure to start conversations. Check them out, and don’t forget to save 50% by snagging 10 or more stickers while you’re there.

Savings Tip: For additional markdowns, be on the lookout for select Redbubble discount codes to apply during checkout.

7. meandthemoon (Evelyne van den Broek)

Products: stickers, wall art, tote bags, etc.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Evelyne van den Broek wins the award for our favorite 2020 description captured in a sticker: a medal that reads “cried, but did the thing anyway." With a wealth of hand-lettered prints and punchy quotes, Evelyne brings a rebellious positivity to the world of Redbubble and weaves it seamlessly into each design.


8. SaradaBoru

Products: all Redbubble products

We’re back in the land of cute animals with a much-needed but rarely acknowledged niche: sloth art. SaradaBoru boasts a mind-bogglingly huge collection of over 5,200 designs, and a significant portion of those contain sloths of every type and composition. Watermelon sloths, ice cream-hugging sloths, and balloon sloths are just a few of their best-selling designs, but SaradaBoru’s also dreamed up mermaid pugs, a few lemur designs, and way, way more that’s worth exploring.

Savings Tip: Find a huge selection of affordable gifts, including top-rated stickers, buttons, and mugs, on Redbubble's inexpensive gifts page.

9. linalavonne

Products: stickers, aprons, tote bags, phone cases, etc.

Every good art list needs a good Disney-themed piece or two (unless it’s a list of the top 10 non-Disney artists; then we understand). Fortunately, linalavonne’s come through for the world with a delightful selection of Disney stickers featuring characters from Up, The Lion King, and The Emperor’s New Groove, among others. If Disney isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Linalavonne’s also got an eye for beautiful wildlife photography and colorful fruit designs. Check her out and enjoy a daily dose of happiness.

Studio Nine Prints

10. Studio Nine Prints

Products: stickers

If you’re looking for a creative new way to rep your favorite celebrities, Studio Nine Prints is the way to go. With 59 designs featuring real-life celebs and fantastical icons alike, you can grab a bunch of your most eclectic favorites and create your own custom sticker celeb crew. (Snape x Money Heist, anyone?) If you get maximum enjoyment out of minimalist art, stop by Studio Nine Prints for everything you need.

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