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What are Foot Locker's best coupons?

Up to 50% Off Sale Items - Get Deal

Up to 40% Off Footwear - Get Deal

Foot Locker Info & Tips

Choosing the Right Sneakers
You’re looking for a new pair of casual sneakers but aren’t sure which color to choose. Should you get a standard white, black or grey pair that goes with just about anything you wear? Should you attempt a bold color move with pink, bright yellow or neon green? Or, maybe you’re even thinking of going with a pattern such as camouflage, leopard print or hibiscus. Regardless of what you choose, you know you want a quality-made shoe from a brand name manufacturer, but you don’t want to pay a fortune. Unless your feet are still growing, with moderate use, well-made sneakers will last you several years. So, ask yourself why are you limiting yourself to just one pair? Can you afford two or three pairs purchased over the next month or two, but will last for years to come?

The first pair you get should be your go-to, wear-with-anything, basic everyday sneaker. It doesn’t matter if you choose Nike, Adidas, New Balance, or another brand, but just be sure to choose a solid color – or mostly solid color, so that you can wear them with your jeans, as well as your shorts and sweatpants. Go with leather, canvas, mesh or synthetic materials – whichever your feet are most comfortable in.

If you can swing the cost of buying a second pair of athletic shoes, get a little more daring, but pick another solid color that matches the most popular color in your wardrobe besides the basic black and white. If you wear a lot of navy blue or red, you might want to stick with those colors; then you’ll always have two choices of footwear every time you put on those colors. If you go with a bright yellow sneaker and you have no clothes of that color, then you’ll mostly be limited to wearing them when you wear basic colors, like with a white or black T-shirt. However, you can mix it up and get your own look wearing green shirts with blue shoes. Only you know what your clothes closet contains, just ask yourself if what you’re going to buy will go with several of your favorite outfits.

Because patterns can tend to look dated after a few years, if you have the luxury of being able to afford a third pair, this is when you’ll feel comfortable opting for a patterned pair of tennis shoes. While it’s important that you like the pattern and style of the shoe, what’s key here is that you choose colors that complement your current wardrobe. Purple and blue zebra stripe shoes may not look so good with your mostly green and yellow clothes. Unless that’s exactly the look you’re going for. The point is that the sneakers you choose should be your choice. Color and pattern don’t really matter, as long as you like it and can carry the look you’re seeking. Footwear comes in all styles, colors and patterns, and if you’d like to explore some new designs yourself, check out the latest selection of deals on men’s, women’s and kids’ sneakers at Foot Locker.

Making Basketball Shoes More Affordable for your Wallet

Not all basketball shoes are created equal, whether you’re talking about men’s or women’s shoes. These days you can choose from high tops or low tops, leather or canvas, conventional or unconventional, and in just about any color or pattern you could dream of. When choosing a shoe, you must first decide whether you’ll be wearing them on or off the court – or both. Comfort, flexibility and color choice should also be a factor. And then there’s the price. How much does a new pair of basketball shoes cost? Depends on the brand and style you’re looking for, and whether you are an impulse buyer or can wait for a sale.

The price of affordable new basketball shoes can range from as little as $25 to well over $150, and that alone can determine whether you go with the latest Air Jordans or get a pair of PUMA classics. If you haven’t got your mind set on a particular pair, begin by shopping the sale section at your favorite online shoe store, such as Filter your results until you are looking at selections that meet your criteria. Find a pair that you really want, add it to your shopping cart, then enter the best coupon code you can find on top of the already-discounted sale price. Suddenly, a $120 pair of Nike’s on sale for $80 now costs you $65, making them very affordable. But that pair of $225 shoes that are newly released, yet not on sale, or combinable with any other discount, they’ll still cost you $225. So, can you wait for a sale in order to save a little money? At those prices, you bet you can.

Did You Know?

One of the leading footwear brands in the world, Foot Locker has a lot to live up to every day. In fact, its brands stretch across all sorts of categories; there are nine brands under the Foot Locker umbrella, from family-friendly Kids Foot Locker to trendy Six 02 to athletic Runners Point. The company is an incredibly popular one; it grossed nearly $8 billion in 2018, and it's on track to break that number this year. Over 3,200 Foot Locker stores span the world, with stores located in 27 countries, so you know that this global phenomenon is something that you'll love. At Foot Locker, the parent company of all these offshoots, you can get the best of it all, browsing across different sneaker subgenres to capture just the right fit.

The right fit, as it turns out, is right around the corner with the Foot Locker Fit Guarantee. All purchases made from within the continental United States on general footwear fall under the Fit Guarantee, which allows for free returns or exchanges within 45 days if your shoes don't fit the way you like. As long as the shoes are in original condition, feel free to contact customer service to start an online refund. You can also take them to any physical Foot Locker store near you. At Foot Locker, your comfort is top priority, whether you're talking about shoes or convenience.

Though it's definitely a general sneaker retailer, that doesn't mean that Foot Locker only carries run-of-the-mill shoes. In fact, it has enough connections to carry highly anticipated shoe releases, with some of them only being available in physical stores in limited quantities. If you're interested in finding one of the newest, trendiest shoes, check the Launch Locator. Choose the shoe you want to buy and your city, state, or ZIP code, and you'll be shown a list of stores in your area that'll carry the shoe. Some shoes are so heavily anticipated that Foot Locker gives out tickets. Check the website to see if you can get in.

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20% Off Orders Over $100


15% Off Orders Over $75

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