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How to save money at Lululemon this Mother's Day

Is your mom the kind of mom who likes to get up early, stretch her joints, and go on a run? Do the two of you do yoga together to keep active? If so, why not explore the inventory that Lululemon has in stock come this Mother’s Day? Lululemon prides itself on being a one-stop-shop for everyone looking to make their workouts a little more fashionable these days. If your mom is the type to color-coordinate her yoga gear with her outfit, or if she’s just looking for a better water bottle than the ones she’s used in the past, then a Mother’s Day 2021 gift from Lululemon may be just the thing for her.

Established in 1998, Lululemon sells technical athletic and athleisure wear to people around the globe. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, the company prides itself both on its practical inventory and on its global reach. Its founders cite yoga as the core of the business, both in terms of practicality and philosophy. With that in mind, you can find all manner of high-quality workout outfits as well as the accessories you need to make your mother’s workout a little more accessible.

First and foremost, Lululemon is designed to connect exercising moms with the outfits they need to stay comfortable and in shape. This means that the bulk of the outfits available through Lululemon aren’t just fashionable—they’re sweat-wicking as well. The Mother’s Day collection available through Lululemon balances style with sensibility, providing your mom with access to jackets, sweaters, shorts, leggings and other accessories meant to make her morning or evening workouts all the more enjoyable.

If it’s not an outfit that your mom is after, you’re not out of options. You can also browse Lululemon Athletic for the gear she needs to take her workout to the next level. This platform offers more than just yoga mats, though the mats themselves are both comfortable, stylish and sweat-wicking. When you shop Lululemon’s Mother’s Day 2021 sale, you can gift your mom:

  • Bags
  • Gloves
  • Hair ties and headbands
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Water bottles
  • Yoga accessories

Lululemon even has a corner in the self-care market. If you’re looking to treat your hardworking mom, then you can explore the different deodorants, balms, and shampoos that go on sale as Mother’s Day draws nearer. You can purchase these accessories as solo bottles or in kits. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured knowing that the products have been safely tested and proven to help your mother decompress or otherwise improve your morale as she heads out for her daily workout.

If you really want to go all out, especially in these unprecedented times, then you can always take a look at the Mirror. While it isn’t apparel in any sense of the world, the Mirror is the next big thing in home workouts. The Mirror connects its users with other people who are exercising all over the world. Essentially serving as one part television, one part Zoom call, and one part actual mirror, the Mirror allows moms who are quarantining at home to maintain their workouts and even their social connections. If your mom’s been worried about staying in shape in the face of these strange and unusual times, or if she’s been missing her morning yoga class, why not give her the safe escape she needs? You can purchase the Mirror through Lululemon and make your mother’s Mother’s Day all the more special.

*If your mom’s the type to try out new sports all the time, then it may be difficult to pin down the gift that will suit her best. Even if she’s a one-sport kind of girl, you may still not be up on her favorite workout materials or the styles of attire that she likes best. In these cases and more, it may be in your best interest to forgo a traditional present altogether. Instead, you can get your mother a Lululemon gift card. Gift cards can feel impersonal, but in the case of a Mother’s Day gift for an athletic mom, they’re not. A gift card allows your mom to find the kind of athletic wear or gear that she likes best without having to worry about the cost. You are effectively giving your mom an all-expenses pass to buy something she’s had her eye on for a while. What present could be better than that?

*Of course, there’s no present that will make your mom happier than the reassurance that you know how to shop smart. Your mom probably taught you to budget as you were growing up, so why not put some of those tips to use now? If you’re looking to save money on your mother’s Mother’s Day present, you can start by signing up for Lululemon’s email newsletter. This newsletter does more than help you stay on top of new developments in the world of athleticwear. You can stay on top of new sales dates, instead, and even take advantage of subscriber-only coupons that the shop makes available to you.

*You can even take a gander at and its vast array of online coupon codes. After you’ve found the present that you think your mother will like best, you can plug in one of these coupon codes in the Lululemon checkout promo box. This way, you can double down on savings offered to you by the company and by the sales you’re already taking advantage of.

An active mom is a happy mom. Why not make her exercise routine a little more colorful? With Mother’s Day coming around the corner, you can shop Lululemon and find deals on the athleticwear, gear and accessories that will help your mom meet her fitness goals.

Lululemon Mother's Day FAQs

How do I save money while shopping at Lululemon for Mother’s Day 2021?

If your mother taught you anything, you probably know all about the power of coupons. Come Mother’s Day 2021, you can use coupon codes from to give your mom the gift she wants most. After you’ve browsed Lululemon’s stock, head into your cart and plug your code of choice into the “promo codes" prompt.

When will Lululemon announce its Mother’s Day 2021 sales?

Lululemon tends to advertise its Mother’s Day discounts a few weeks before the holiday itself. Instead of guessing when items will go on sale, you can be in the know. Join up with the Lululemon email newsletter, and news about the latest sales will come straight to your inbox. You can also receive special coupons designed to help you save even more on your purchase.

Are there any Lululemon products that I won’t be able to get a discount on this holiday?

It’s always nice to stack coupon codes with Mother’s Day deals. There are some products, however, that Lululemon either won’t discount or won’t let you purchase with the benefit of a coupon. These products are prestigious among the company’s line and make amazing gifts, even if they don’t benefit from a discount. Not sure whether or not the product you’re interested in can be bought on sale or with a coupon? Read through the terms and conditions for both to go into your shopping trip better prepared.