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How to save money at Staples this Cyber Monday

There are a variety of ways to benefit from Cyber Monday every year, and extremely savvy deal hunters will know that people love Cyber Monday for that exact reason. If you’re looking for a way to save during Cyber Monday 2020, the good news is that Cyber Monday provides plenty of ways to save money without ever leaving your home.

At Staples, Cyber Monday is a huge event, with a variety of products and opportunities available for anyone who’s looking for those opportunities. During Cyber Monday 2020, checkout the Staples coupons to maximize your savings.

One reason Cyber Monday might be so prominent in 2020 is because of COVID-19. Many people are worried about shopping in person because of COVID-19, which is why Cyber Monday might rise as a hugely prominent sale event. Here’s how Staples is helping people avoid issues with COVID-19 this year.

  • To help business owners welcome customers back more safely, Staples is offering a variety of discounts on posters, banners, floor decals and more. You may even be able to pick some of these up the same day from your local Staples stores. It’s a great way to save money and boost your business a bit more.

  • Curbside pickup is becoming a more and more effective method of getting what you need when you need it. It’s a great way to make sure no one exposes anyone else to COVID-19, but you’re still able to get the products that you’re looking for. Plus, it’s typically less expensive than having the company ship things to you directly.

  • Staples stores will require you to wear a mask if you’re going inside for the most part. If you’re not sure whether your local Staples store has this requirement, just call. Additionally, if you don’t enjoy wearing a mask, you can always shop from home during Cyber Monday.

Getting the most out of Cyber Monday is something not everyone really knows how to do. It’s true that making sure you have the best Cyber Monday deals isn’t inherently easy. However, there are a number of different ways you can do it. Utilize these tips and tricks for a better Cyber Monday experience.

  • Cyber Monday almost always utilizes mostly online purchases. If you’re thinking about how you can get the most out of your Cyber Monday experience, just go on the Staples website to see what the company’s advertising directly.

  • Always check to see what Cyber Monday deals are going to be available through coupon codes and which ones will be available as a sitewide discount. If you’re able to bundle a general discount with a Staples coupon from, you’re more likely to end up with a truly incredible deal on your whole order.

  • More than anything else, just about the best thing you can do during Cyber Monday is make sure you have the most information available about Cyber Monday deals. Whether that means following Staples on social media, signing up for the company’s emails, or just checking, knowing more is always better.

Staples is most well-known for its basic office supplies. It’s common for people to purchase from Staples when they need important things like the company’s namesake. However, this Cyber Monday, you might want to consider branching out and trying some other products like the products from these categories.

  • Cleaning supplies are surprisingly popular at Staples. You may never have considered it, but cleaning supplies are an important part of the office and the home. Regardless of why you’re using it, stocking up on cleaning supplies this Cyber Monday is never a bad thing.

  • You can purchase a variety of protective equipment from Staples this Cyber Monday. That includes first aid kits, masks, eye and ear protection, smoke alarms, and more. Whether you’re outfitting your business or you’re just crafting a home office, these products might be important for your home to thrive.

  • There are actually entire areas of furniture you can look at during the Cyber Monday sale this year. This is a useful option because furniture tends to be very expensive. That means it might be easier than ever before to purchase furniture for your office, regardless of what that means for you.

Knowing more about future Staples Cyber Monday deals starts with understanding past deals. That’s because companies typically utilize the same groups of deals over and over again. When you know a bit more about past Cyber Monday sales, you can take an educated guess at what Staples might end up doing for future sales.

  • It’s common for Staples’s Cyber Monday deals to run for longer than just the official Cyber Monday sale day. You’ll often be able to get Cyber Monday deals for two to three days. Just check to see when Staples itself has noted that Cyber Monday will begin and end.

  • Much of the time, Cyber Monday has different deals for different types of customers. This is also true with Staples. There were different deals targeted toward general consumers and targeted toward businesses; businesses got a great coupon for specific types of services.

  • Some Cyber Monday deals may be available online as well as offline. Although Cyber Monday tends to indicate that the deals are available offline, you might want to check and see whether you can gather certain elements of the Cyber Monday experience at a local Staples store.

Staples Cyber Monday FAQs

Can I get Cyber Monday deals from local Staples stores?

The whole idea around Cyber Monday is that it’s a largely online opportunity to save. Although some Staples stores might be able to offer you special discounts during Cyber Monday, it’s a much better idea to just shop online and get your Cyber Monday discounts that way. Stick to the spirit of Cyber Monday and make your purchases online—it’s safer because of COVID-19 anyway.

What delivery options does Staples have available?

There are a number of different delivery options available through Staples. You can choose to have Staples deliver your order to your home directly using one of many different delivery processes or you can instead pick up your Staples order from a local Staples store. It’s all about which delivery option makes the most sense to you personally, as well as which one is the most time-effective and cost-effective overall.

How can I make sure I’m getting the best deals at Staples this Cyber Monday?

Your best bet for maximizing your Cyber Monday deals at Staples is in making sure you’re up to date on all the latest developments in Cyber Monday for Staples. That means paying attention to Staples’s social media sites, signing up for the Staples email newsletter, and checking for information about Cyber Monday. With all these things, you can make sure you’re getting amazing Cyber Monday discounts and deals throughout your Staples purchase.