Best Things to Buy in January 2022 — and 5 Things to Skip

Written by James Moore | January 1, 2022

The holidays are over and 2021 is retreating further into our rearview mirrors. The new year brings all kinds of questions and mysteries but is also chock-full of new chances, fresh ideas, and (the reason you’re probably here), deep discounts from a plethora of 2022 New Year’s Sales.

We’ve compiled our top recommendations on which items to keep an eye out for in January, as well as a few to skip as you continue the hunt for the greatest deals out there.

Things That Always Go on Sale in January

Linens and Soft Home Goods

Linens and Soft Home Goods

White sales have been a time-honored retail practice for over 100 years, and there’s more reason than ever to take advantage of them. Snuggle into a new set of sheets or plop your head onto the perfect pillow when you shop at Kohl’s, Target, and other home-good retailers this year. Kohl’s offers attractive bargains on products like these super-soft flannel sheets when you combine white sale prices with code “EXTRA20" at checkout.

Gym Memberships, Fitness Equipment, and Workout Apparel

Gym Memberships, Fitness Equipment, and Workout Apparel

We all knew this one would make the list — from clothes and memberships to shakes and smoothies, New Year’s resolutions are a huge part of the fitness industry. Capitalize on the season with deep discounts on workout gear from major fitness retailers like Nike — the “Just Do It" brand regularly drops prices and features deals of 40% off or more on their top-notch workout apparel. Treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise mats are some of the equipment that routinely goes on sale for those who prefer to get in shape at home. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart offer unbeatable deals for fitness equipment at the beginning of the year, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

For additional shopping (and saving) inspiration, peep our roundup of top Health & Fitness Products That Will Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Holiday Decorations & Decor

Holiday Decorations & Decor

Santa may have already packed up and skipped town for the season, but most retailers aren’t as quick as old Saint Nick. Check retailers like Home Depot for discounted holiday goods like this Santa inflatable or these multi-colored net lights at incredible prices this month.



Most stores stockpile more toys during the holiday season than 2020 shoppers did toilet paper. Toys sales slow down after the holidays, which means the savvy shopper can snap up toys for a fraction of their Yuletide prices. Check out Target and other retailers for deals on toys throughout the month of January.

Winter Clothing

Winter Clothing

Winter clothes are hot-ticket items during the holidays. With the gift-giving season over and Frosty’s demise quickly approaching, January is a great time to save on overstocks as stores let go of extra inventory. Winter clothing items such as coats, hoodies, jackets, socks, scarves, and boots are must-haves to combat the chilly weather. Look out for apparel deals on popular clothing sites like Macy's and Amazon to find the best deals in January.

5 Things to Skip in January

1. Mattresses

It may be tempting to look at the amazing white sales going on and jump into replacing your entire sleep setup, but don’t be fooled. Instead, wait for President’s Day — the holiday brings some of the year’s biggest sales on mattresses and bed frames. You’ll sleep much easier after seeing the savings you snag in February.

2. Luggage

Thinking of snagging some new luggage to stuff unwanted presents and toss into the attic until you unleash an unapologetic wave of re-gifts in four or five years? Think again — early spring is a much better time to shop, as retailers off-load their inventory to make room for summer goods. Hang onto that unintentionally ugly sweater for just a little longer and do away with the evidence once the weather starts to warm up. Or, wait it out before you decide to plan your next summer vacation.

3. Computers

This one is a blow to the #NewYearNewGear crowd, but delaying your battle station build may save you some cash in the long run. Black Friday and Cyber Monday remain the monarchs of machine sales — try to wait if you can, though you may find the occasional deal on websites like Best Buy or HP if you’re lucky.

4. TVs

We could go either way on TV sales in January. As diehard fans gear up for the Super Bowl, many retailers offer savings and bargains on the previous year’s top TV models. That being said, you’re much more likely to get a good deal during the holiday season. We recommend you wait on TV deals, especially if football isn’t your thing.

5. Spring Clothing

As a general rule of thumb, the worst time to buy anything is right before everyone needs it. January spring clothing is an excellent illustration of this rule; as stores shed their winter coats, spring gear will quickly become both highly available and heavily in demand. Don’t go along with the hype! Try to buy spring clothing off-season (the summer or fall months) to maximize your savings and your wardrobe.

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